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Ramadan begins

The holy month has just breezed into our lives again. Fasting not only allows us to practice patience and self-control, but at the same time helps purify our body systems. However, we must keep an eye on our diet to make sure that fasting doesn't become a burden. So, here are a few pointers to make fasting a little less stressful.

Caffeine withdrawal is a common cause of headache for those who fast. Therefore, replace caffeine with herbal or caffeine-free tea days before Ramadan.

Avoid food fried in oil during iftar. Consumption of fried foods is a cause of indigestion, heartburn, and weight problems among those who fast. Also avoid foods that are rich in sugar. Opt for sherbet, fresh fruit juice and fresh fruits. Ensure that you have adequate starch and protein in your iftar menu. Include soup, haleem, baked items and preparations of seasonal vegetables in your iftar.

It is recommended that you drink liquids like water and fruit juice during the time between iftaar and bedtime. Drink plenty of water to avoid common health problems like constipation, lethargy and indigestion.

It is always suggested that you have foods that are rich in fibre during the month of Ramadan. The reason is that foods rich in fibre burn slowly unlike those rich in sugar. Eat complex carbohydrates during sehri so that the food lasts longer. Include dates and bananas in your menu as well. These are the fruits that are rich in potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates. Moreover, banana is available in Bangladesh all through the year. Finally, do not overeat during sehri. Most of us tend to think that overeating will make us less hungry during the daytime. Do not drink too much tea during sehri as tea makes you pass more urine, taking with it valuable mineral salts that your body would need during the day.

In addition to keeping a closer look at your diet, bring about a little change in your daily life to make fasting less hectic. If possible, relax for half an hour or so in the afternoon. Avoid working under the sun or doing heavy exercise while fasting. You cannot certainly avoid Eid shopping during Ramadan, so carry an umbrella to protect yourself from heat and dehydration while shopping during daytime.

Remember those who are not as fortunate as us not only during this month but all through the year. The spirit of Ramadan lies in patience, sharing and self-control. Let's set new goals of personal integrity and try to fulfil them during this holy month.

By Penelope

Special recipes



Just before the Ramadan season kicked in a new shop EMERGED to wow the customers with their clothes and accessories for the upcoming Eid. As you enter the shop you get the warm feeling of entering a traditionally artsy place with a dark wood-coloured interior and lanterns hanging from top.

They have skirts, shirts, fatua, etc. They have worked with very comfortable fabrics. They have striped shirts for girls with unstitched sleeves. They can either stitch it up or just sport it sleeveless. Along with that they have long skirts of which every girl seem to have at least one in their wardrobe. These are black with designs on the border and some are also scattered on all over the skirt. Men have trendy blue shirts to choose from, and the cotton material ensures comfort in this heat.

Apart from clothes they have home decor items such as rugs and candles. These are mainly jute rugs found in rectangular sizes, which look good when placed in front of the bed or in the sitting room teamed with soft, big cushions to sit on. They're easy to carry outdoors as they can be rolled up or folded. Candles always make a home look more cosy and warm. They have decorative and different sized candles.

This shop is situated at Orchard Point in Dhanmondi Rd. 7 on the third floor, shop number 324 and 325. So do give it a try when you are out shopping for this Eid.

By Fareen Farhee



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