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shoe fever

Eid is knocking on our doors and so shopping has become a necessity. There is good news for every shopaholic especially those who love buying shoes; the shopping centers have a commendable variety of shoes for Eid.

Ladies who love flats or heels, stoned-fitted, embroidered or plain can get them all. The stone-fitted ones are a bit pricey but they look absolutely gorgeous and are worth the buy. If the budget is between Tk300 to Tk1000, you can get amazing shoes to go with your Eid outfit! Flats are very “in” nowadays; with a bit of glitter lace or stone fitted they look just perfect on your feet. You can look in stores like Etcetra, Bata, Aarong, and Rakhee Shoes, or in the shopping centers in Gulshan-1, AR Plaza (Dhanmondi) and the other new malls.

The men's shoe collection also looks good even though it's hard to find variety. But shoe stores like Hera Leather Shoes (Pink City) Bata, Aarong or Rakhee Shoes can be among your choices for this occasion. The leather sandals are a bit expensive but worth the buy as they comfortable and stylish. Aarong has a good collection of men's sandal shoes and sandals and the prices are also very reasonable. You can check Rakhee Shoes, if you're looking for a nice pair of “nagras” to match your Panjabi for Eid and they are also quite reasonable.

Children's shoes can be found in any big shopping centers. Bata has a good collection of girl's shoes which are colourful and look great paired with jeans or skirts. They also have a nice collection of shoes for infants. Boys can also get a variety of shoes or even small “nagras” can be found in stores like Rakhee Shoes. Little girls are in luck this year as many of the stores are sporting stone sandals or glittered ones in small sizes.

By Tashmia Zaman

Talking Feet

Dorothy had a magical red pair that protected her and led her back home. Cinderella's glass ones won her a Prince Charming. Imelda Marcos raised eyebrows with her enormous collection, while Carrie Bradshaw can't get enough of them. That's right; shoes are more than just a fashion accessory. They protect our feet, support us in our various activities, and complete an outfit. They also reflect on our personalities.

Try this the next time you're sitting in a hospital waiting room, or an airport terminal, or any place where there's a lot of people and you have nothing better to do. Look at their shoes; see what they tell you. If you observe closely enough (and of course, take in the rest of the person's outfit into consideration before making the final inference), you'll be amazed at how close your guesses are to the truth. Your shoes speak volumes about your personality. Curious as to how people judge you by your shoes? Read on for personality traits associated with shoe types.

Loafers, sandals or ballet flats

The key word for these shoe types is 'comfort'. Characterised by flat heels, toe room, and breathing space for feet, they're perfect for those who do a lot of walking, and like to treat their feet well. If you wear a lot of these shoes, you convey the impression of someone who prefers comfort over trends.

Your appreciation for comfort shows not only that you are probably a very sensitive person, but that you have an ability to make others feel comfortable as well. Practical, logical and sensible, you have a sense of perspective that many would kill to have, and without even trying you can put others at ease with your comforting ways.

While convenience rates higher for these shoes, they're by no means lacking in style. Flirty sandals will go with any shalwar kameez set, loafers look great with jeans and kurtis, and ballet flats can be teamed up with just about anything.


Essentially a backless shoe, the mule is elegant, classy, and always stylish. Wear them often, and you make a great first impression, and leave an even greater one once people get to know you and your appreciation for detail. It reflects on an attention to quality and classic design, and your ability to easily pull things together leaves you appearing calm, cool and collected. Whether or not you believe it to be true, others see you as organised, worldly, and prepared for anything. Your innate sense of style and your sophisticated manner makes you the envy of many.

Mules with thicker heels can be teamed with kameez sets, or slacks, and even mid-length skirts; save the skinnier heels for saris.

Platforms and wedge heels

We're talking wild, crazy, and most of all, FUN. These are shoes that scream 'Look at me', and if you wear them a lot, chances are, so do you. Fun, trendy, and rebellious, you probably come across as someone who's the life of the party. Your fun sense of style and casual nature makes you a blast to be around, and probably makes you seem younger than you are, and your rebellious streak keeps people on their toes.

On the flip side, they might reflect on insecurities about your height (both types have high heels), a power trip, or a need to assert yourself. You might find some people will dismiss you just because you're hip or you have a bit of attitude, so be sure to back up your style with substance and confidence.

Plats are tricky shoes to wear, and can either really attract, or bomb. They look great with wide legged cropped pants, flared jeans, capris, and shorter skirt, but look really odd with long skirts, saris, and clothes that are tonally different from the colour of the shoe (dark coloured plats with light coloured outfit will look clunky).

Wedge heels go great with flowing skirts, bohemian styles, wrap dresses, and flared jeans. They'd bomb if you teamed them with pencil skirts, capris, pants with narrow or straight legs, or huridars.

Pump shoes

The staple of women's dress shoes, the pump is always fashionable and versatile, equally at home at any occasion, be it a wedding or a funeral, and can transit easily from one to another. If this is the shoe you wear a lot, you come across as being comfortable and confident in nearly any situation, therefore people believe you to be the type of person who would always know the right thing to say or do. While you may not feel this is true, or even like the responsibility of it, these are good qualities. It is these attributes that make you the person many people will turn to in a crisis.

Pumps are essentially dress shoes and look best with formal wear. Team them up with your saris, shalwar kameez or dress pants for that timelessly classy look.

Stiletto heels

The princess of women's footwear, the stiletto was made for sexy outfits, wild nights on the town, and all the attention it can handle.

Show up in a pair of these babies, and those that see you will have you tagged as a diva. You may be even be seen as a bit of a drama queen, but your fun-loving nature makes you irresistible to many. Dainty and delicate as they are sexy, stiletto heels go best with flirty, feminine outfits. Team them with your shorter skirts, saris and kameez sets, and get ready to turn heads. Beware, though, these shoes are not the most comfortable of options if you plan to do a lot of walking or dancing.

Granted, shoes are probably a superficial way to judge a person's character, but they're an important factor in creating that first impression, and in this age of presentation, we all know how important first impressions are. So treat your shoes right, and they'll never let you down.

By Sabrina F Ahmad
Photo: Bata Bangladesh



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