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fashion boundaries on eid

In our own way, we all look forward to Eid, which means different things to different people. Homemakers associate it with the cleanliness drive; working women and dads probably love the fact that it is time out from work; and grandparent savour it as a time to honour tradition.

Eid shopping is a particularly special occasion. The whole family sharing the fun times is undeniably a grand feeling. You are on a roll, buying special little things. There is real pleasure in the entire process and it can get you hooked.

You can shop in Dhaka today with a whole range of options. Retailers are catering to all your needs. You can go up market, middle or low. The price is definitely a factor for anyone with a budget. You will need to categorise your shopping needs. In the Bangladeshi business of fashion, designers are showcasing prêt-a-porter and crossover couture. The collections are improving with better fabric, style and innovation. Western silhouettes meet Bangladeshi sensibilities. Moreover metro sexual utilitarian styles for both men and women have been given new orientation. The clothes are showing a successful mix and balance, which divulge an identity stamp that reveals that the collections are coming of age.

Men's wear
This Eid men's wear will stand apart in elegance, in style and in simplicity. The colours are muted and toned down. Tan, ivory, sand, coffee are right on but this autumn Eid men's wear will also go plum, slate, and black. Grunge is out and you are not going to look cool in your artfully dishevelled crushed shirt or panjabi. Instead if you want to speak your mind and command attention then you better look stylish while you do it. This season is for the sleek look; smart and clean with a chilled out attitude. Go for streamlined suits, with a structured finish in a slim fit. The look is conservative yet unassuming. Single cut panjabi in khadi, endi, khadi silk, fine addis, cotton weaves textured will be hot. Those of you who want to hang out in your comfortable denim and tee's can also explore by sporting slick styles with softer controlled contours. Garner detailing on them which will be instrumental in making you fashion forward.

Women's Wear
Women take to traditional clothing accessories. Churri, specially glass bangles, a teep on the forehead and jhumkas; very typical jewellery. Eid is the time for style reflections. Vintage is in vogue right now. This means you might want to look conventional yet stylish. The festival brings with it the chance to revel in the warmth of memories.

This Eid, go for rich warm colours. Dark chocolate, pomegranate red, deep violet, saffron, terracotta, grey, and black are some of the colours this season. Wear a simple understated sari with a sharp severely bold blouse. A cotton sari is recommended as day-wear. But you can shift to a silk sari for the evening. Stick to an authentic weave; imitation chikan or bareezey has become passé. A beautiful woven saree is the timeless favourite for the festival. In traditional suits which are the most fitting outfit for Eid stay with crafty layers of fabrics or design applications. Keep your designs deceptively easy and effortless with a beautifully compiled dupatta. You will surely be able to express your underlying intellectual complexity. I would suggest something where the story of life is embedded in the pattern and motif. Weaves sustain more than just a generation and weavers weave a harmony in diversity.

The fusion look is also going strong, with fun shapes. Team a shirt-style open front, short kameez with pleated or draped salwars. The top can be ruffled or ruched with tie-ups on the side. Try to reinvent with circular hemlines or fringes that imitate street wear; it will be surprisingly refreshing and raw edged. Combine the sensuality of Bangladeshi drape, wrapping and tucking around the body with a new volume for a look that is incredible, with a lot of bounce, that moves to your rhythm. You can also wear exquisitely constructed garments with jewel tones as separates. Skirts or cropped trousers with fitted jersey shirts are young, and bespeak creativity and a carefree attitude. Smocked or baby doll styles with the right touch of embroidery and crinkling are also a great concept to pick up for the adventurous types. If you are in an edgy, inspirational mood you can also get inadvertently colour happy. This Eid you have a wide choice of concepts to choose from. You can be conservative or funky.

Children's wear
Dressing children takes on a whole new level during Eid. The little ones also have their demands, and this is the time we can conform to their wishes within reason. A traditional festival calls for formal wear. Little boys who are usually grime magnets are cleaned up, and can be made to look like little Nawabs in a sherwani churidar combo. Cotton punjabi sets are good, considering the weather, and shall provide easy comfort to the little one.

This is a special event and though we might want to put them in suits they simply might refuse to wear one. In that case we need to go with plan B. For your boy you may need to stick to oversized shorts or knee length pairs with a shirt or fatua. A girl child is different and as nature would have it they are created as angels with flair.

Dressing girls can be challenging and exciting. There is a whole range of styles to choose from for the festivities. Separates with pairs of trousers or churidars in a riot of cheerful colours are simply great. Accessorised with an embellished or crinkled flowing dupatta the suit is complete. They also look simply delightful in a ghagra or a lehenga as it moves to their pace and beat dancing with their every motion. You can dress them in layered or even ruffled skirts paired with little eclectic blouses, which are Western, yet has Bangladeshi sensibility.

Some of us must content ourselves with memories with days gone by while there are others who believe in stepping wholeheartedly into the new start that Eid promises. We are able to share and give an incredible feeling that is a God's way of blessing us. The revelry is there, the mood may fluctuate but it remains a festival of the heart and of great memories to be relived in modern times.

By Maheen Khan
Photos: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Women's Wardrobe: Mayasir
Men's Wardrobe: Cat's Eye
Men's Photo courtesy: Cat's Eye


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