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Fine art of jewellery that rocks

We love to wear jewellery as an important accessory. It moves, mingles, and bedazzles the dimness out of our system. It can easily hike up your glam quotient. Jewellery is a real charm; it can be divine or even cute. But it comes down to who is wearing it and how it is being worn. The styling is therefore vital to do justice to any kind of jewellery, simplest to the most elaborate. The right attitude and the kind of impression as to how you want to be perceived will provide direction to you for your jewellery. This Eid wear yours with élan.

This particular piece of element is derived from nature in its natural or cultured form. Pearls such as the South Sea variety is associated with precious fine jewellery fit for royalty or for those who can fish out the bucks. They are considered rare and prized even today. China produces very reasonably priced cultured pearls. These pearls are mass produced. They are given many shapes and forms. They can also go from the smallest to fairly large sizes. Pearls come in white, grey, pink, even in certain shades of blue and green. It can be strung or set. They are probably the most versatile piece of jewellery one can own. If you want to dawn a classy look this festive season you could think about pearl. A single strand or three tiered neck piece, small drop earrings or a long chandelier all could be simply suave.

Jewellery accessories made with wooden elements is ultra trendy yet wearable in designs. Wooden beads are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Natural wooden beads come in light or dark browns. But they are also available in glazed colours. Wooden natural rudhrakho seeds strung into neckpieces are retro and eternal and go really well with deshi styling. Large wooden pendants strung on leather straps are contemporary in style. Earrings large or small are equally fun. Wooden bangles in large bold designs, round, oval, square in wide widths are stunning. Leather or cotton threads as wrappings or knots work well with wood. Think about wood this Eid as an amazing jewellery option as it is casual yet perpetual, never going out of style.

Terracotta as a material for fashion jewellery is fairly a new phenomenon but it has reached almost a cult status in Bangladesh. Although as a material for decoration and an applicable design idea, terracotta is regarded as one of the oldest Bengali heritage. Very tactile it can be made into the simplest to most detailed design piece. Terracotta connects you to Mother Earth, and that by itself is a great feeling. It looks best in its natural colour and can be combined with glass beads to enhance its character. Terracotta beads are traditionally strung together and looks best tossed around the neck. Terracotta could be your style this season. It is chic yet will make you seem like a carefree bohemian.

Silver Jewellery
You could get many options with silver jewellery. Small pendants, pendants threaded with cotton, bigger pieces hanging on twisted cotton ropes, neck pieces on silver rings the variations are endless. Small silver pieces put together with attachment sits well on your neck. Even a small single piece sitting on a fine silver chain is subtle yet elegant. Earrings are suitable with them but need not be a perfect match. Since silver is reasonable and within your means it is a good investment and I would suggest you to go further with it. Traditional pieces come in a wide range of designs: “hasholi”, hand hammered decorative pieces that are dimensional and shaped around the neck; “bichaa”, hand hammered flat an ornamental chain; “moff” chain, a very long chain patterned with design elements which can be twisted in place around the neck two three or even four times; “chokers,” which sit tightly on the neck. These retro influences are chic and do not go out of style.

You could take it to the next level. Craftsmanship is important for such vibrant bold pieces. Silver infused with old mine stones is a celebration of colour form and movement. Stones such as semi precious gemstones used with silver beads bring old world glamour in modern styles. Outlook and attitude powered with the shimmering stones can be especially fashioned with metalwork. Stones are again clear or opaque, cut or uncut. Those that are cut are shaped into oval, round, square, flat, cylindrical or in a diamond shape. The latest trend is having multiple stones on a cocktail ring. Unique and sometimes one of a kind these are ultra modish. As for the massive danglers, get one this Eid, with stones studded or a kundon set in silver. Long earrings are in fashion. It can be funky or classic both. Your choice will depend on your personal styling. This Eid use a brooch to hold your dupatta or achal in place. Brooches will make a statement with panache.

These are jewellery that speaks out to you. The shapes represents flowers like daisies, sunflowers or roses. These also come in the shape of fruits like cherries, apples or grapes. Animal shaped pendants are also very popular. Butterflies, birds, lizards and even ladybugs are great shapes to flaunt. The pieces are studded and embellished with stones and design ornamentation. These conversational jewellery are extremely sought after and all the rage. They look great as bracelets and sit well on rings. I would suggest that you wear a single overstated piece of jewellery with your Eid ensemble.


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