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men's grooming for Eid!

Who doesn't want to look lavish this Eid? Surely every one wants to. Money becomes less important when mind sets itself in a festive mood. People of all classes get more concerned about themselves and want to have a well-groomed, satisfactory and a different-than-usual look during the festivals. It's not always the women who want to spruce up; men are also joining the race. They do not like to lag behind from their counterparts any more. On a large part, looking better depends on your hair. It's the pivotal part of you, which really sets you apart. That's why from the upper most class to grass root all men like to go under the magical scissors of a barber.

Fashion trends have the greatest impact on hair styling today. Hair density, texture and length- all these determine one's hairstyle. Like women, men's hairstyle depends on their face shape, lifestyle and personal ability. Some factors such as age and clothing can have effect on which hairstyle will look good on you. Hairstyles for men are usually simple and follow the trends of the time. Hair straightening, hair rebounding, hair treatment, hair colouring, waxing, threading, body massage are other parts of men's overall grooming. Why should only women look better? In response, to furnish you with style, there are so many men's salons that have grown up all these years in big cities to give you the sought-after looks. There are other salons from the mediocre ones to mobile salons which can be availed depending on a person's economic ability. What you really want is a festive look for this upcoming Eid.

Some barbers are self-sufficient with their mobile salons and they are a great help for the low-income group. These itinerant barbers usually carry a box of hair-cut accessories, a wooden chair, a 2`/3` spotted mirror, a tattered towel and an umbrella. They are the cheapest solution for the poor people all over the country who can afford only Tk.10-12 for a haircut and Tk.5-7 for shaving. Mobile salons are often placed under big trees or in temporary sheds focusing on the public gatherings especially in market places, railway stations, rickshaw-stands etc. Workers, day labourers, rickshaw-pullers and others with minimal incomes are their regular customers. Mobile barbers offer very limited services only haircut, shave, and often hair dye (black) and use primal as well as cheap accessories like khur, old-fashioned scissors, broken-tooth combs, cheapest hair-dye and shaving creams, over-used towel and fitkari as antiseptic. But they never compromise with their efficiency and very devoted to their work. When the long waited Eid approaches, their business multiplies as the drive of grooming works equally among the low-income group. An experienced mobile barber Gopal Biswas, aged 55, says, “My fingers become stiff because of non-stop work during the Eid season. People queue up and test their patience, as they all want a haircut or dye. On the eve of the Eid day men like to be clean-shaven”. These barbers may not provide their customers with different fashionable styles but they are very handy as well as popular to the poor people who treat them as their hair-experts and depend on them. Sometimes they do copy on-going Dhallywood styles on the demand of younger customers.

Dhallywood and Bollywood heroes are more familiar to the mediocre salons. You can find them hanging on the walls, just some steps away from your home. These are the most common salons and have permanent sheds and more than one barber or worker, foam-coated comfortable chairs and modernized accessories. Some of them provide air-conditioning facility also. These salons meet up mass demand of men all over the country and provide a wide range of services from haircut to facials including hair dye, body massage and shaving. These normal barbershops will cost you as per follows: for haircutting: Tk25-40, shaving: Tk15-25, face washing: Tk50-60, hair colouring using different brands: Tk.120-180, bleaching: Tk.100 and massage:Tk.25-30. But these prices may vary according to their interior facilities and efficiency.

Persona Adams is a pioneer name in men's hairstyle. When you enter into Persona Adams, you instantly get the urge to suit yourself to its ambience. As they suggest, there nothing matters except you- yes, it's you whom they put more emphasis on. When someone looks good, he feels good and it creates a chain reaction, which is amazing to draw out the personality within. While talking about the ongoing trends in hairstyle, Mr.Khondokar Rowshanuzzaman Rana, Manager of Persona Adams, mentions that their clients are now inclined to do layer haircutting most .He adds that layer cutting depends on one's length of hair and it must match his face. People are also choosing their hairstyles from salon catalogues, especially the Hrithik cut is still popular. Lately, Close-up 1 star Rinku's hairstyle has become a trend among young people. There is a growing demand for facial, trimming and hair colouring.

Persona Adams offers haircutting both for adults and children, the rate ranging from Tk.150 to 300.Hair straightening with 3 months guarantee will cost you Tk.4000 and above, hair rebounding with 1 year guarantee around Tk.6000 and above, hair ironing Tk.400- 600, fashion colours range from Tk.1000 to 2200, and hair bleaching costs around Tk.800-1000.

As a Greek proverb goes, “Gray hair is a sign of age, not of wisdom”, there is a growing concern about graying hair among men. As we get older, our hair turns gray. It is better to colour your hair before you look older than you are. Persona Adams offers you hair dye with different world class brands like Loreal, Revlon and costs around Tk.600 to 800, and moustache dyeing is priced at Tk.100. Hair wash with normal shampoos, herbal, Habib's shampoo with special preparation ,conditioner ranges from Tk.100 to 125. Hair care and treatments, mainly hot oil therapy for healthy hair every 3 days, hair nourishing and conditioning treatment with vitamins cost Tk350-700. Skin care and treatments cost Tk.150-300. Facial ranges from Tk.600-1600 where skin toning with herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins are used to rejuvenate the skin. They also offer grooming packages for a day and for two days. One day package will cost you Tk.3,550 and two day package Tk.2250 and Tk.2000 consecutively. They also provide body care including manicure at Tk.200 and pedicure at Tk.300, foot massage ranges from Tk.400 to 550, mainly in normal and Thai styles. The price of fashion piercing ranges from Tk.200 to 450, Make up for parties and models ranges from Tk.500 to 800 and above. Three kinds of body massages are available: Indian, Thai and Swedish and rate ranges from Tk.800 to 1200. There are three sections inside the salon: 3 separate rooms for body massage, one room for facial, haircut section where ten persons can sit at a time. There is also a kids' room only for hair cutting. They emphasize on good service and manner. Their barbers are efficient and the trainers are mainly from Thailand and Javed Habib of India. They also suggest their valued customers on how to cut their hair and also provide catalogues for the right hair cut. Anyone can be a member by paying only Tk100 for a membership card.

Hairobics is another renowned name in the list of men's salons. They recently have done hairstyles and make overs for the show, D-Rocksters. Proprietor of Hairobics Mr. Shameem Mehboob informs that its better to do the hair straightening first otherwise any other haircut would look less stylish. They offer both normal and stylish hair cutting ranging from Tk.100 to 300 according to the customer's choice. Hair straightening ranges from Tk.1000 to 6000. Facials (regular, herbal, ayurvedic and fruit extracts) range from Tk.100 to 1400, shaving exclusive: Tk.100 and regular: Tk.60, hair washing: Tk.70 to 100, hair polishing: Tk. 40-100, hair dye: Tk.300-800, hair treatment with proper consultation: Tk.400-600, body piercing Tk.300-1000, skin polishing: Tk.200-300, eyebrows threading: Tk.50. Their specialty is tattoo drawing both temporary for Tk.300-2000 and permanent for Tk.3000-12000 and rate varies depending on the design. Bridegrooms' makeovers cost Tk.2500-6000. Kids are also included but only for hair cutting, for Tk.120. They are also providing body therapy in their salon. Their spa is not only for relaxation, but mainly for therapy massage in pressure points of the body. Tanjina Sarmin Muny, who worked for a salon in USA, now is a consultant in Hairobics. She provides regular consultation on makeovers. Hair treatments and facials are done on the basis of appointments. Hairobics will be open till 10 o'clock 3 days before Chandraat. They are also offering 20% discount on hair straightening for all and 15% discount on each body therapy.

Grooming has become yet another trend in this part of the world. Hair cutting is not only a matter of necessity, but of status and fashion. People are now more concerned about how to express fashion through various mediums. And, no doubt, hairstyling is one of the most important means.

By Md. Shamiul Haque and Sudipta Roy
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Special Thanks to Persona Adams and Hairobics

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