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Scrumptious delights of Bailey Road

Bailey Road one of the few places in Dhaka city that is continuously abuzz with activity. Though the Mohila Shomity and various sari stores, including the famous Tangail Sari Kutir, make this road a prime attraction to many theatre lovers and ardent shoppers, one of the main reasons for the incessant hustle and bustle is the food. Bailey Road is lined with food stores on either side, ranging from age-old bakeries to normal street food, making it a favourite hang out spot not only for teenagers and young adults, but for whole families as well.

The chotpoti and phuchka is what mostly attracts so many people to this area, rivaled only by the similarly tasty, extra spicy ones of Dhanmondi. Young couples and groups of friends sitting on the footpath and enjoying these delicious treats, which are now priced at Tk. 15 per plate, are a common sight in Bailey Road during the evenings. But if you are bored of this typical treat, then you can taste the thai & corn soup sold in Bailey Road. These are sold in stalls similar to the phuchka stalls and cost Tk. 10 to Tk. 20 per serving, but can contend with soup served in big shot Chinese restaurants any day.

Further down the road, there are slightly different but equally scrumptious snacks found in small stores clustered together. These serve many different types of fried food, all of which are guaranteed to be extremely delicious and extremely unhealthy. The snacks are fried on large stoves which are basically out in the open, so there is no way you can stop yourself from being tantalised by their inviting smells. One of the best stores is Shahi Mama Piaju(!), which specialises in selling piaju, as well as beguni, pakora, fried chicken, chop, French fries and so on. These delightful munchies are all made right in front of your eyes upon order, and cost no more than Tk. 25 to Tk. 40 per plate. You can even find biriyani in these stores, priced at Tk. 30 per plate, which might not be able to compete with Fakruddin's goodies but are quite good compared to most other street shops.

But the abovementioned street foods are not the only items which can appeal to your taste buds. If you have a sweet tooth, then a trip to Bailey Road will not be wasted, for it houses one of the best sweet shops in town, Rosh. This place displays a mind boggling array of sweets and always manages to collect a small crowd there. The same goes for Pitha Ghar, another place where you can dig in with your sweet tooth. Pitha Ghar usually has more than 20 different types of traditional pithas for sale, but its real delicacies are bhapa pithas, which taste the best in winter. Just imagine shivering on a cold evening while the seller makes pithas, feeling the rising anticipation and the warm glow of the furnace, and finally getting your hands on those rare gems. Then that excruciating wait for the smoke to clear, and the moment comes when you swallow the yummy stuff, savouring the sweet taste in your mouth and the warmth spreading inside you. Ok, I'm getting carried away. But trust me; once you taste them, you won't regret it.

More recently, the opening of popular outlets like Helvetia, Dominoes Pizza and Jolly Bee have increased the variety of appetizing food available in Bailey Road and drawn in more crowds, although these are a lot pricier than the usual stuff found here. So what are you waiting for? Whet your taste buds on the many scrumptious and palatable dishes found on this Road and satisfy your endless appetite!

By Shuprova Tasneem


Want to ace your next exam or presentation at work? Ditch the soda, cookies, and candy.... Instead, load up on the following winning foods!

With Ramadan over, the grind of the exam season is back at full throttle. Whether you’re appearing for your GCE’s or gearing up for end-of-term finals and presentations, you won’t get far without brain food. Here are a few tips on eating for success. These tips are not only handy for the students concerned, but also for their concerned mothers, who can arm themselves with culinary armour to help their children win the exam battles.

Your pre-test meal should consist of slow-release carbohydrate plus high-quality protein. This winning combination will help stabilize your blood sugar while fueling your brain with continuous glucose. Bottom line -- you remain sharp, alert, and ready to conquer.

Pre-exam breakfast ideas
Oatmeal with Berries: bowl of oatmeal topped with 1-2 teaspoons sugar, fresh berries, and a glass of skim milk.

Egg Sandwich: 1-2 scrambled eggs between 2 slices of whole wheat toast; enjoy with a sliced orange.

Breakfast Burrito: whole wheat tortilla stuffed with a scrambled egg, shredded low-fat cheese, ½ cup black beans and optional salsa.

Waffles with Peanut Butter and Bananas: whole-grain waffles, toasted and topped with peanut butter and banana slices.

Pre-exam lunch ideas
Turkey/cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with baby carrots and an apple
Cold pasta salad tossed with light canned tuna, vegetables and low-calorie dressing.

Leftover dinner; chicken stir-fry with rice.
Bowl of hearty lentil or black bean soup with whole grain crackers.

After-school homework helpers
Low-fat popcorn
Grapes (chilled or frozen)
Apple slices with peanut butter
Soy crisps
Healthy dry cereal (Chocos, Corn Flakes, Multi-Grain Cheerios)
Baby carrots
Pepper sticks (red, green, and yellow)
Cherry and grape tomatoes
Raw almonds or cashews

Extra credit for overall brain health
Hydrate with plenty of water
Load up on omega 3 fats (fatty fish for omega 3, eggs, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts)
Eat foods rich in folic acid (spinach, oranges, broccoli, and fortified breakfast cereals)
Get plenty of exercise

By Hasan Imam Shiplu

On The Cover

Festivities are well on their way to the book of the past, and it is time to let go. Lethargy, gluttony and cranky unscheduled routines can no longer be your excuse... it is time to come back to the civilised world of old schedules. Get ready for school/work and another round of hard work...


Most people find it quite unpleasant to have to wake up very early every morning to the shrill, heart-rattling sound of an alarm clock going off right beside their heads. And if you've had a restless night's sleep, then that unpleasant sound will escalate to a degree where you will feel like you're having your head hammered, and will no doubt, have to spend the rest of the day with an increasingly throbbing headache!

Therefore, this week we have listed a few ways to tackle this unpleasant, yet unavoidable problem, because lets face it, there's no way one can put off having to wake up in the morning!

Dawn simulation
Scientific studies have shown that waking up gradually improves sleep quality. In these trials gradual wakening was done through dawn simulation, which is a technique where light is gradually increased in imitation of a natural sunrise. The biological rhythms of our body are in tune with that of our environment. Dawn simulation helps to reset the body clock in a way that allows our bodies to start waking up the way the body naturally wants to wake up. To replicate this exact effect in your own home, just keep a part of your bedroom curtains undrawn, so that the sunlight coming through that opening will help to naturally wake you up in the morning. It has been proven that dawn simulation not only improves sleep quality, but also increases overall well being!

The latest in wake-up calls!
There was once a time when computers used to be man's best friend. However, today, what with the latest gadgets and gizmos being developed almost every two months or so, we must admit that the cellular phone is quickly taking that most important position in our lives! Cell phones today can do pretty much anything- from word-processing to browsing the Internet! And some of its many amazing features are downloading songs and ringtones and the organizer option, where there is also an alarm clock. One can simply use a soothing ringtone or music as the alarm bell. At the desired time of the morning, you will wake up to the pleasant sound of soothing music instead of that most head-rattling alarm and you can start the day with a smile on your face, instead of a frown!

How you wake up is how your mood is going to be for the rest of the day! So making sure that you have a good night's rest, and waking up the right way in the morning is crucial to your well being, as well as of those around you!

By Farina Noireet



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