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Shop Special

Party perfect

When we plan a birthday party what do we look for? A big cake, good food, nice music and a very colourful environment especially if it is your child's first or second birthday. Party Shop is a great place for party decorations. Their line of decoration items will leave a party-shopper going back for more.

The shop has different sorts of balloons. Metallic balloons come in packets of 15 pieces (Taka 60) and 100 pieces (Taka 400). Matt balloons come in 15-piece (Taka 45) packets as well. They also have huge balloons (Taka 20- 30) that can be filled with glitter for popping afterwards.

A birthday cake without candles simply looks empty. But Party Shop has enough kinds of candles to light up the sky. They have numerical candles (Taka 30), letter candles (Taka 12), animal-shaped candles (Taka 50) and sparkling candles (Taka 30) that come in 15-piece packs. They also have special relighting candles (Taka 80) that keep on relighting as you blow them out. These come in 24-piece packs.

Party Shop's range of hats and masks is bound to make any birthday party fancier. You can choose hats from a bulk pack (Taka 60 per dozen) or go for foil hats (Taka 10 each), special crowns (Taka 35 each) or special birthday hats (Taka 30 each). The shop also sells a variety of masks (Taka 100) and disguise mask sets (Taka 150) that include a fake nose, moustache and glasses attached together. These come in a pack of six.

They also sell a range of birthday banners. The sticker banners (Taka 120) are between 4 and 4.5 feet long). Other banners include matt letter banners (Taka 100), glossy letter banners (Taka 150), and triangular banners (Taka 100) to name a few.

The shop has many other items like snow and ribbon sprays (Taka 80 each), colourful tablemats, piñatas, glitters and many other necessities for a birthday celebration. They sell costumes of super heroes, Halloween ghosts, as well as cartoon characters like Tweety. You can even order costumes, which they will try to avail for you.

Party Shop also takes orders for event decorations so that customers can get their venues professionally decorated in whatever theme they choose. Whether it's decorations or getting professional decoration assistance, Party Shop is an ideal place to visit before all those special occasions.

For more information contact Party Shop at Navana Tower, Gulshan 1 (9889169) or Dhanmondi Orchid Plaza, Mirpur Road (8123488).

By Tashmia Zaman

Shop Talk

According to our culture and tradition, hair is the single most important attribute that accentuates the beauty of our womenfolk! There is nothing more appealing and seductively mysterious than a dark-haired beauty! Therefore, in light of all that, this week we have come up with a list of a few must-haves when it comes to hair care, that will give you a professional, everyday look, which, is otherwise, quite impossible to attain unless one goes to a salon everyday!

Hair Potions/Serums
This is the number one step to getting your hair set and prepared for styling. Once you are out of the shower, it is essential that you rub about a coin-sized amount of hair potion into the wet hair. This ensures for smoother combing and untangles the hair without so much as a single hair fall! Serums are similar to hair potions except that they have a thinner consistency and come in spray bottles. Simply spray onto wet hair for smooth, shiny hair! Hair potions and serums are available in a number of brands such as Livon, Sunsilk and Loreal, at almost any departmental or retail store, with prices starting from Tk 60 and above.

Hair Dryers
This particular gadget has been around for quite a long time now, and is still, undoubtedly, the most important item when it comes to hair styling. Whether at a beauty salon or at home, one can never do without a hair dryer. These also come in a variety of brands, including Phillips, Braun, Black and Decker and still many others. The price for hair dryers ranges from Tk 1200 and above depending on the number of features available with each individual version.

Flat Irons/Straighteners
This is a must-have if you want a sleek and chic look, especially if you've got unruly, frizzy hair and you've styled it with bangs and fringes! The best thing about using a flat iron, however, is that you are not required to wet your hair beforehand. All one has to do is plug it in and let it heat for a couple of minutes and you can start right before going to a party. It is very easy to handle and gives you the glamorous look in a matter of minutes! Like the hair dryers, these are also available in a number of brands starting from Tk 2000 and many other not-so-famous brands which are cheaper, yet work just as well. Flat irons are available at brand showrooms and other departmental stores such as Almas.

By Farina Noireet

By The Way

Cool cold cures

At one time or another, every one of us succumbs to the common cold. The bravest, the strongest, the sweetest, the smartest our virtues matter not to these viruses as they set about reducing us to coughing, sneezing shadows of our former selves.

Worse yet, there's no cure. Antibiotics, champs at knocking out bacterial infections, are down for the count against cold viruses. So we sniffle on bravely, maybe take a cold pill or two, and hope the symptoms will disappear in the customary week or so.

Take C and see: Vitamin C works in the body as a scavenger, picking up all sorts of trash including virus trash. It can shorten the length of a cold from seven days to maybe two or three days. Vitamin C may also cut back on coughing, sneezing, and other symptoms. Short-term use of such high doses shouldn't cause any side effects. But you should get your doctor's okay before starting any supplement program. Better yet, simply get your additional vitamin C by drinking it. Orange, grapefruit, and cranberry juices are rich sources of vitamin C.

On The Cover

Popular music in Bangladesh has come a full circle, from classical to folk to modern, and now to folk fusion. Swing to the Centrefold for getting into the groove of it all and becoming a musician yourself...

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


A place to work
With an increasing number of people becoming more and more career-minded, that too from an early age, having a home office is becoming essential. A home office doesn't mean a whole room dedicated as such- after all in today's system of box-living, it isn't often feasible. But every home should have a little nook that can be dedicated to work.

If you're blessed with an extra room to turn into a study/office, thank your lucky stars. But if not, find a place big enough to fit a desk into. Opt for a desk with many compartments. It should be larger in height than in width. That way you can build up storage while saving precious space.

No to knick-knack
Evaluate how you want to use this space. Since space is limited, refrain from cluttering it with mementoes and knick-knacks. Allot each compartment to one specific need- a drawer for stationery, a shelf for files, and so on.

Clean routine
Don't forget to clean your home office once every week. After all you don't want it to get cluttered and look like you brought the office home.

A little space and some good organisational skills are all you need to make a home office. So give it a shot.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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