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Hara Leather
The real deal

While Dhaka has a whole area of the city dedicated to leather, it has a surprisingly low number of stores that specialise in leather products. While the market gets flooded with faux-leather shoes, bags and belts, it becomes quite a scavenger hunt for interested customers when it comes to the real deal. But for all those interested, Hara Leather (at Rapa Plaza and Gulshan Pink City) is definitely a place for you to check out.

The store specialises solely in leather products. Owned by Mr. Shams-uz-Zaman Noyon and run under the creative direction of himself and a team of designers, all products are locally made in Mirpur. The store has a variety of products and leather to choose from. All the products are generally made of cow, goat or buffalo hides.

The hottest items are probably the different kinds of footwear that range from casual to corporate and cost between Taka 1000 and Taka 2000. And what could any leather store be without a line of leather bags? Great for office use, Hara's bags come in a multitude of designs and range between Taka 3000 and Taka 5000. The store's more unusual ware includes leather clothing such as jackets and pants (between Taka 8000 and Taka 10,000) and leather upholstered furniture (between Taka 45,000 and Taka 55,000). Besides their own range of products Hara Leather also takes orders and can make things to an individual's specific needs.

While the market gets flooded with faux this and faux that, sometimes there is just no beating the real deal. For all those who want a pair of leather shoes or a leather jacket to go with that new Harley, Hara Leather is worth a visit.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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