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News Flash

British Fusion Food Festival@ Sheraton

"Fusion” is the name of the game. The very word carries a lot of weight these days, be it placed in the context of food, music, literature, university courses and what not. At any rate, the society seems to be doing a rather commendable job and a good business out of it. To stop myself from babbling and get to the heart of the matter, a worthy mention from last week- the British Fusion Food Festival at Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka.

The much publicised event raised much expectation in the guests, mostly elite diners around the city who would not compromise on quality for a little bling bling. And for a good part, it lived up to it.

This is the fourth round of the British Fusion Food Festival, and as before, the food was prepared by a group of four award-winning British-Bangladeshi chefs from the United Kingdom. For some preliminary information, the event stretched from the 5th to the 7th of November, 2007. The Festival consisted of buffet dinner at Sheraton's Pool Top Patio, from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. The British culinary magazine Curry Life collaborated with Sheraton to pull off this feat.

As an article by Syed Nahas Pasha in the latest issue of Curry Life proclaims, there has been many Bangladeshi chefs who have been doing a great job in serving Bangladeshi food all throughout the United Kingdom and drawing in a substantial volume of clientele. Yet their talents and skill are going unacknowledged… the Festival aims to showcase that very talent.

The chefs for this round were: Atikur Rahman of South Wales, Syed Zohorul Islam of Durham, Jamal Uddin of Kent, Shahidur Rahman of West Midlands and Mohan Miah of York. The Festival was sponsored by Gulf Air, Bangla Beer, The Red Fort, Bangla Town Cash and Carry, Aerolex UK Ltd., Bangla Station, Radio Today and Nandan.

Coming to the most important part of the Festival- the food, itself- honestly speaking, I was slightly skeptical of the word “fusion” tagged to describe the arrangement. Generally, Bangladeshi food crossed over with anything Western would conjure some rather unappetising result- the spices would be toned down for the Caucasian taste buds and the food would lack its usual flamboyance, looking lumpy and uninviting. However, this was not the case and a pleasant surprise that was. All the right spices found their way into the dishes and the original local flavour was left intact. While there were traditional items like kacchi biriyani and tandoori chicken, an assortment of some typical British dishes also graces the table like the Potato and Meat Pie and macaroni salad.

To top it all of, the food was accompanied by live entertainment that included several dance and musical performances.

All in all, the Festival was a success. To everyone behind the success of it all… hats off to you!

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky

Kay Kraft Bridal Collection

Wedding season is soon to dawn upon us and Kay Kraft, as always, has brought out their unique bridal collection to be part of the momentous occasion. Gaye holud to the last wedding program, Kay Kraft has a new design for the prospective bride and groom to chose from. Made from dupion, joy silk, bolaka silk, cotton, endy and yarn dyed endy, the groom's line features panajbi, sherwani, long koti and prince coat. Priced at a reasonable rate, the collection also offers the scope of purchasing made-to-fit garments based on their designs. The bridal collection is available in all Kay Kraft stores- Banani, Shobhanbag, Rifles Square, Malibagh, Mirpur and others.

Beef Festival @ Buckaroo:

For those hard-core lovers of beef, good news aboard! Particularly, in our Subcontinental gourmet, beef has become an essential standpoint for the table... and the appetite. On that note, Buckaroo will be hosting a Beef Festival with highly globalised menu- ranging from the Italian beef pasta, Sri Lankan Spicy ribs, Japanese Spicy Beef and Teriyaki Steak, Greek Salad and different sorts of kebab. The Festival will run from the 15th to the 31st of December from 1 pm to 5 pm, and every Saturday and Tuesday from 6 pm to 10 pm there will be musical performances for the guests to enjoy. So, swing by: Buckaroo Steak and BBQ, H-6, R-2/A, Sector- 11, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.

-LS Desk

Talking Tech


Are you having problems with your computer? Have you been suffering recently and need an upgrade? Well, if your answer is yes, then we have a complete guideline to get you the best accessories. Technological advancements have made it possible for us to get the ultimate gadgets and since a computer is a necessity, it just has to get the top most priority. As for the gamers, there's no fun playing if the performance isn't at top notch.

First you need to have a fast processor, and for that matter Intel should be the best choice. The Intel Pentium dual Core is available in the market between 1.6 and 1.8 GHz. The price for 1.6 GHz will be Tk 5,500 and for 1.8 GHz its Tk 6,500. If you are not satisfied, then Intel Core 2 duo will serve your purpose. Although the cost (about Tk 9,600) is a bit high, it's still way faster than the other models. Besides this, a computer also needs a good motherboard to support all the other devices to work in it properly. Brands like FOXCOM, GIGABYTE, ASUS and Intel are the most reliable ones. FOXCOM and GIGABYTE will cost around Tk 4,500 whereas ASUS will be of Tk 4,600 and Intel on the other hand will be Tk 5,500. For the gamers, a computer with an amazing graphics card is a must and keeping that in mind graphics cards with shared memory system has arrived in the market. These cards use their own megabytes and also share that of the RAM to give a better performance. Though the PC may get a bit slow, yet it pays off in the sense of getting high contrasts. ASUS, Palite, and Sapphire are the brands found in plenty; the price of ASUS remains high with Tk 5,200 whereas for the latter ones it is Tk 4,500 and Tk 4,000. The price of RAM has reduced drastically and now TWINMOS, Transcend are available with a price ranging between Tk 1000 and Tk 1200.

Apart from these, HDD are now ranging from 80 to 500 GB and the price goes up starting from Tk 3,400. If anyone wants to have a better outlook, then do not miss the flat screen monitors, which are between Tk 13,000 and Tk 15,000. Samsung provides the best monitors of 17”, which give a very sophisticated look to the machine. As for tidbits, optical mouse can be of preference and A4 Tech can be a good choice. The cost will be of Tk 200 to Tk 500. Most people do use the built-in soundcard system providing the option of using 5:1 or 7:1 speaker compatibility. Creative Audigi-2 will be a good sound card if you want a better quality, having a price of Tk 3,000. Your full entertainment will be complete within Tk 25,000.

Now that you have all the information you require to get a good computer, do not wait any longer! These products are available in almost every computer shop, but if you need to get a good buy, do visit Business Land at BCS Computer City, Agargaon, but remember a good bargain is always a benefit!

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

On The Cover

As the old Offspring song goes, “The kids ain't alright.” The question is, to what extent are we responsible for this? Check out our stories on the Centrefold and Page 3 and 6 to find out.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayeed


What's in your closet?
Often nothing puts a person in a better mood than a new outfit. Shopping for clothes is often like a tub of fudge ice cream- it's therapeutic. Whatever the reason for buying new clothes- special occasion, or replacement- studies have shown that people only wear 20% of what's in their closet. So how does one get the most out of what they have?

Little reminders
One of the reasons why people buy or make outfits and then forget about them is because they store them. Make it a point to hang all your clothes facing the same direction. And every time you wear one, flip the hanger when you put it back so that it faces the opposite direction. That will help you figure out what you've already worn.

Know what you have
Always do an inventory of your closet before buying a new outfit. An inventory helps because often it inspires you to mix and match your existing pieces to create a totally new outfit. When you do buy a new outfit, it is often wise to buy separates because individual pieces are more versatile.

Out with the old
If you haven't worn a particular outfit in a year or more, chances are you won't be wearing it anytime soon. It is best to give it away. If you're on a diet, alter or give away the outfits that are now loose-fitting. Keeping them as they are only clutters up your closet and gives you an incentive to go back to the old cycle.

Don't keep on buying outfits while there are new ones still hanging in your closet. After all if you looked cute in something in a trial room, chances are you still look cute in it now.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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