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As usual I'm having mixed feelings about the up-coming bridal season. I look forward to it and dread it all at the same lime.

The rustle and bustle verging on the brink of chaos can get pretty nerve racking, but as long as the end result is a 'happy bride'- all is well! Of course things go wrong too- a blouse that won't fit, a missing petticoat, a fainting spell, a raging fever, a bride hating her outfit and refusing to wear it, I've seen it all! Oh, let me not forget the bride who forgot to be picked up to her own wedding and whom I dropped to the venue after work. Unusual but true! These little incidents are mini calamities while they are taking place but they never fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I think back. So whatever my work maybe, boring it is not! Transforming these young girls into lovely brides, helping them achieve the look they desire and being a part of the most important day of their lives, is humbling indeed.

I am forever bumping into girls who I have dressed up for their big day. I some times don't remember them but they never forget me and I find that really touching and wonderful.

A couple of months ago I dressed a young lady for her wedding, who was only 10 years old when I first met her at La Belle with her mom. To actually see her transform from a child into a grown woman and then dress her as a bride was really a unique pleasure, though it did get me thinking about my age!

Anyway I better stop before I get any soppier and go ahead and offer my advice to prospective brides and bridesmaids.

Please make your appointment well in advance. If possible meet your make-up artist for a pre-bridal discussion along with your clothes and jewellery so both of you know what to expect on the main day.

She can also advise you on skin and fair care or any other issues that need dealing with, types of make up etc. I have sometimes found that some girls don't want to wax their arms and legs. My advice to them is: please don't traumatise the grooms and me; get rid of the fuzz it is so not appealing!

It is also extremely important that you are calm and relaxed on the big day. Please allocate trivial nitty-gritty issues of organising the wedding to family members, so that you are not stressed. It is easier for us to camouflage spots on the face, not so with the stress so do be careful. Put your cell-phone off so no one can bother you. Oh, and don't forget to be on time; traffic is terrible these days, so keep that in mind.

La Belle specialises in Bridal and Party make-up. This season our Bridal package includes a free facial, threading and coloured lenses for the brides. So if your appointment is with us, come a few minutes early for the appointment to avail the facial.

It you are looking for exclusive attention, La Belle is the place to be. I do not deal with more their six brides per day, so I can give time and individual attention to each bride and do the entire makeup from start to finish myself. There are eight other make up artists trained by me to attend to the bride's companions.

La Belle is located at A/2/4 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, it is the adjacent building to Lab-aid. We are on the 3rd/4th floor. Tel: 9885850/8815974.

By Sadia Moyeen
Photo: Mukul
Model: Nabila, Munmun
Make up and styling: Sadia Moyeen


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