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Shop Special

Chic in shell

Old maybe gold and gems may sparkle, but there is something utterly mysterious about mother-of-pearl and such similar shells. Their multi-faceted hues, sudden specks of iridescence and overall smooth appearance give such shells a unique look. Thus it is only inevitable that jewellery made of shell will instantly be set apart to catch the eye.

Many people enjoy wearing out-of-the-ordinary jewellery and think shell trinkets makes style statements of their own. Shell Design is just the store for them. Shell Design first launched in 2001 and has now branched into four outlets, two at Bashundhara City, one at Metro Mall and one at Gulshan Pink City.

As the name suggests, Shell Design focuses mainly on shell jewellery. These pieces are brought in primarily from New Zealand and also from Korea and Hong Kong. The line of shell jewellery includes earrings, finger rings, bracelets, jewellery sets, mirrors, pillboxes, watches and shell-encrusted bags. The jewellery ranges from Taka 190 to Taka 780, the watches come at around Taka 2500 to Taka 3000 and the bags are within Taka 2000 to Taka 3000.

In fact this store almost has any accessory you want in shell. And because the prime focus is on shell, the motifs and colour combinations are done such that they all work together. From cute earrings to eye-catching timepieces, these shell pieces are great for a chic yet bohemian and beachy look. So if you're in the search for some fun and funky pieces, Shell Design is well worth a visit.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

News Flash

Bridal festival and jewellery exhibition

Mirror Fashion and Lifestyle magazine, a supplement of the Mirror Financial newspaper has organized the Fourth Bridal Festival and Jewellery Exhibition-2007. This year the festival has also included a wristwatch exhibition. Famous names in the field of fashion, such as Vasavi Fashion, Purobi Jewellers, Farzana Shakil, Mantra, Gem's Gallery, etc., will be participating in the event, which will have different sections, such as a fashion show, bridal make-up exhibition, precious wedding jewellery exhibition, etc. The title sponsor for the event was Samsung, and it took place from 26th to 29th November 2007 at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, Winter Garden.

CHT culture festival

The Chittagong Hill Tracts Cultural Festival, a two-day event, jointly organized by the European Union and UNDP, Bangladesh was held on 30th Nov and 1st Dec 2007, at Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre. The event featured themes such as the ethnic food, traditional music and dance, indigenous handicrafts that included handloom weaving and jewellery, as well as an exhibition of art, photography and artefacts of the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Shop Talk

Fusion Pour Homme
For most men shaving is more like a daily ritual springing out of necessity and for male teens it is the key to ascendancy from boyhood to manhood. Nevertheless, shaving can often be a hazardous and dreadful experience that leaves you with an irritated skin and razor bumps.

To avoid these perils, you need to invest in high-quality blades and contemporary shaving gel. Neither will break your bank account and you'll see a noticeable improvement in the comfort of your shave. Keeping that in mind, “Gillette, the best a man can get”, has in fact held onto its autocracy over the years. Their entire range is second to none whether it is razors, shaving gels or after shaves. And they are better now than ever.

Gillette Fusion
Gillette Fusion, the most current generation products are already available in the local stores adding to the shaving inventory of men who opt for the best. Fusion has five blades closer together and a truly innovative Precision Trimmer at the back. This distributes the shaving force across the blades to help reduce pressure for less irritation and more comfort. A manual Fusion razor would cost you Tk 1050 and a five cartridge pack Tk 1200.

Gillette Fusion HydraGel
Gillette Fusion HydraGel that comes in five different formulas tough beard, clean and fresh, clear skin, ultra sensitive and moisturizing is perfect for every skin type for Tk 550.

A Fusion set, however, would cost you only Tk 1350 that includes one razor, two cartridges and a 75 gm HydraGel. The Fusion aftershaves, though not much available in the stores, can be bought for around Tk 400.

While Gillette brings forth all those technological advancement to ease our shaving custom, attention should be given to buying the original products for maximum benefit.

Look for the security seal attached to the product even if you buy it from a major superstore or cosmetics den. At any rate don't buy tampered products or with broken security sticker.

The adverts don't always exaggerate; a good clean shave does make you confident and virile enhancing your look and personality at the same time. And with Gillette's new line up, shaving is indeed fun again!

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb

On The Cover

Timeless and classic, nothing adds a touch of allure like a sleek, all black outfit. Catch the glam of the wedding season on the Centrefold with Sadia Moyeen.

Photo: Mukul
Make-up & styling: Sadia Moyeen


Getting Away
A short winter vacation with the whole family would be a good decision and you can enjoy to your heart's content once you break free from your busy schedule. This is the season for holidays that provides an opportunity for students to have a sigh of relief from their paperwork. The chilly weather is also favourable and refreshing.

If you are planning a short day trip then any place nearby should do. Since the purpose is to relax and have fun, picnic spots like the Jamuna Resorts can be chosen. It is important to do a little homework on the places that you want to visit; asking peers or other people who had been there can be advantageous for you. You might be one for scenic sights, or a history person; choose accordingly. For longer vacations you can keep Cox's Bazar or places like Saint Martin in your list. Rangamati or Bandarban are places full of greenery and perfect for nature lovers.

Try Out
Once you are there, do try out the cuisine and delicacies. It's sometimes necessary to know the different cultures that exist in our country. In Cox's Bazar, try to visit the Burmese Market where you'll find a vast range of pickles, herbal products for the skin and even a variety of clothing, all of which are very affordable. If you are in the hilly areas, put in a bit of trekking and if you're around a water body, try out some fishing or go for a cruise. An important reminder is, never forget to take your camera with you, otherwise you may regret the moments if not captured instantly.

Now that all is said, we hope that you start packing your duffle bags after reading this article, because you never know may be your opportunity is coming soon. Put a lid on your tensions, and have a wonderful winter vacation, because, all your efforts will definitely pay off!

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir



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