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kitchen gadgetry

If all the rooms in a house, the kitchen presents unique decorating challenges because so much tend to happen in this single space. The kitchen needs to be functional, comfortable and inviting. Function is the cornerstone of a good kitchen design. A highly functional kitchen will not make you a master chef, but it will certainly improve the quality of time you spend there. It would be delightful to prepare a meal in a kitchen equipped with the latest appliances. This week, our focus is on innovative appliances for a smart, trendy kitchen. There are various items for a smart kitchen. We will discuss some of them-

Sink: The modern sink has come a long way from its humble beginning. Two and three bowl consignations are also gaining wide popularity. This arrangement allows you to separate clean dishes from dirty ones. Keep in mind that accessories such as a hand spray or water filtration dispenser each require a faucet hole or can sometimes be mounted on the counter top.

Fridge: A kitchen cannot do without a powerful and high-performance refrigerator that helps keep food fresh and properly chilled.

Range or burner: This is the most important appliance. Nowadays, various types of burners are available in the market. A built-in range looks great in the kitchen. Kitchen safety is essential, so, to prevent gas leak hazards, when buying a hob, choose one that comes with a safety flame device.

Hood: Another safety item is the hood. The sleek and compact design blends perfectly into any stylish kitchen. It helps to ensure that your cooking area remains as clean and grease free as possible.There are some appliances that are stylish additions.

Slow Cooker: A great one-pot dish that cooks while you're asleep or away.

Rice cooker: Rice is a staple in every home in this corner of the world, so you've got to get this one right.

Mixers: Whether it's for mixing, mashing, whipping or kneading, if you make cakes or follow recipe books, then a mixer should be at the top of your list.

Sandwich Makers: No offence to the toaster variety, but there's nothing like making your own sandwich, and this one makes it easy as 1-2-3.

Toasters: It is an essential unit for everyday breakfast.

Deep fryer: Crisp on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, deep-frying doesn't have to mean 'greasy'.

Juice Fountain: This unit gives the option of a 2-speed-control for juicing soft or hard fruit. The one litre juice jug also comes with a froth separator, so we get pure juice easily.

Blending Ease: This blender offers additional speed for increased versatility with blade speed up to 16,000 rpm. So, it helps very quickly for crushing the hard spices.

Power shredder: This metal food processor has a powerful induction motor, and is able to slice and shred whole fruits and vegetables in seconds.

All in one: This machine fulfils all your kitchen needs whether it may be food processing, blending, mincing or juicing.

Microwave oven: This is the most important feature for our busy life. These are the essential items for the kitchen. These appliances also help us for time saving and quick meal making. So, they are fashionable and regular items for a smart, trendy kitchen.

Nazneen Haque mimi Interior Consultant Journeyman E-mail: journeym@citechco.net


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