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Bright ideas

FASION is showing no restraint this winter. Amidst the usual mass of dark staples, vibrant Crayola colours make a stunning statement. Choose your favourite bold shade and pair it with a neutral for a dash of energy and vivid aplomb. If you are trying brights for the first time or have reservations on looking like a traffic light then use a simple first timer formula.

Accent your outfit with a bright stand out bag or shoe, it is perfect for beginners. The other good tip to remember would be never to clash more than three colours at a time and to always keep at least two colours within the same colour family.

Colour, style, prints, embellishment, fabric are all an integral part of a seasonal fashion theme. They all work together to create a fashion statement. The entire look is formulated with all the elements and colour is the key catalyst that connects the fashion mode together. The colours that are showing dominance with a direction this season would be apple, forest, and lawn green. The other groups of colour this winter are red, fuchsia, yellow, and lilac. All the shades of brown have made a clear come back, which is a good accent colour but also strong stand-alone hues.

Black, dark grey, navy are the staples, which stays grounded through the winter months.

Styles for your blouses, shirts, salwar kameez suits will continue to look very feminine with a retro inspiration. Pleating, frills, cowl, blouson, are girlish charm that will set the trends. The styles will reflect bygone nostalgia with nipped waistlines and fuller hemlines. Traditional kameez will be flared with a line hemline and longer dipping way below knee length. It should be paired with churidars or fitted salwar or even full-length trousers. Knife pleats, box pleats, pin tucks are all back in fashion again so use it on your yokes or trimmings. Squared baby doll and puffed sleeves are still popular and this winter, layer it with short-cropped jackets. It will look very retrospective. Short fitted bolero jackets over saris are also very stylish.

I suggest you also think about winter wraps. Shawls are ideal for Bangladeshi weather. You should pick up light shawls they are much more wearable than heavy pieces. Shrugs, ponchos, open structured that have sleeves or slits in free falling kimono styles are also very wearable and can be useful either on saris or suits. Longer styles are better as it can double as a wrap. Scarves and stoles are simply wonderful as layers and can immediately lift and provide a formal appearance to your ensemble.

Accessories are going to be big and bold. Candy coloured head pieces, clips, and wide bands; long linked necklaces in beads, ceramic, crystals, and wide chokers or tiered strands. Earrings are shrinking. Smaller tops, little drops, miniature hoops all to balance of the much larger necklaces, which are really chunky.

This season's accessories kick start with the return of the ethnic charm. The jewellery is inspired by styles from Bali to Mongolia, and Peru to Egypt. The accessories welcome a multicultural vibe that will probably flow into the next season as a key trend.

This year in particular accessories are a fashion safari right out of the jungle. Consumers are still addicted to the opulence of crocs and lizards and with new dyeing and printing techniques the texture looks close to real. With much improved crafting, bags and shoes are looking exotic with a new level of appeal. Wooden or cork wedges, python or lambskin platforms, samurai handbag, chef handbag for day look or a sleek clutch for night are becoming surprisingly hip. But the interest lies in the finish and structure. Pleating and gathering will make the bags very feminine. This winter explore classic styles for accessories.

In Bangladesh we all look forward to the coming of winter. Festivities come alive and we reinforce our image as keepers of the festive flame. It is a time to rejuvenate, and the perfect opportunity to add zing to our lives. We must indulge without guilt and make the effort to simply dazzle this season.

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Fragrance for Eid

EID is about happiness, benevolence, good food and fragrance. Not only should one look good, one has to smell good as well. Good looks and good clothes go hand in hand with smelling nice.

Eid's specialty for fragrance is attar. What differentiates it from other perfumes is that it is alcohol-free. It's also popularly referred to as Muslim perfume. A small drop on one's hand or neck can make one feel different about oneself. People also soak a small amount of cotton in attar and put it in their ears.

Attar is made from flowers such as rose, jasmine, chandan etc. Each attar has its own flower fragrance. Men prefer strong fragrance and women go for light and mild ones.

Indian, Pakistani, Saudi as well as local attars are available. Small stands along the streets sell Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani attars. Small bottles cost around Tk.150. A good shopping place is Baitul Mokkaram that sells a wide variety of these items.

Bashundhara City also has a stall on the ground floor selling attars from Mecca. Attars from known and unknown flowers are available there. Another shop on the ground floor called Al-Musk also sells many varieties of attar mainly from Saudi Arabia. Prices are usually around Tk.1000/tola.

By Nazia Atique



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