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Prep for Eid ul Azha

THE holy Eid-ul-Adha is just days away. To commemorate Prophet Ibrahim's (AS) unselfish act of sacrificing his own son in the name of Allah, this festival is observed throughout the Muslim world. Eid-ul-Adha is observed with due solemnity and festivity in our country too.

Qurbani is the highlight of this religious festival. Therefore, preparations should be made to take care of the long series of work that follow the qurbani. Women, who would be in charge of the kitchen and men, who would be in charge of the qurbani should begin preparations at least a week before the big day. This should begin from procuring all kinds of knives and tools for the qurbani, making a list of cooking ingredients, cleaning house to emptying freezer, jotting down the names of friends and relatives to whom the meat should be sent and so forth.

Since lots of delicious dishes will be cooked from beef and mutton on this big occasion, make sure that you have adequate supplies of all sorts of spices, cooking oil and other essential cooking ingredients by the day before Eid.

Men can change their Eid attire upon returning from prayer. If you are in favour of changing your Eid clothes, then go for something light and comfortable, as it would enable you to work with less difficulty.

Set apart a special corner of your home for the raw meat to be sorted out. Disinfect the area with soap water and antiseptic liquid appropriately. Also remember to clean the area over and over again with detergent powder after you are done with your work.

People often overeat on the Eid day, so keep a few packs of Eno and Hajmola at home to help your guests with easy digestion of the greasy food. A vegetable salad prepared with vinegar would also help you in the digestion of rich food.

It's always the best to pack raw meat in durable plastic bags before sending them to your friends and relatives. For plastic bags pay a quick visit to the Government New Market.

Empty and clean your refrigerator before the Eid day. You will have a hard time creating space in your fridge if it's already crammed with other foodstuff.

We often forget the underprivileged ones as we delight in rich food and fine clothes. Please remember that according to sunnah, one-third of the meat ought to go to the needy people.

By Penelope



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