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DITF 2008

Once again it's that time of the year when the winter cold is brightened up with all kinds of fun and festivity going around the country. Needless to say, traditional fairs, Pitha festivals, concerts, picnics and the likes do keep people away from mundane cares and anxieties of life. And adding to the list is the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) that has proved to be one of the most happening events in the entertainment scenario over the last decade or so. It is no wonder that people are flocking in great numbers to the month-long DITF, which started from January 1, at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in the capital.

With a view to promote export quality, local products to foreign buyers as well as to involve small domestic traders, Export Promotion Bureau has been arranging this grand trading event every year. This time, the 13th DITF is even bigger and better showcasing a wide array of products from 395 national and 15 foreign firms. But what sets this year's fair apart is its artistic excellence and the considerably clean dust free environment. The navigation and security facilities have also been improved to a great extent to make people shop at ease.

Yes, shopping in a great hustle is what people mostly do at the trade fair. And why not? The Trade fair, these days, has become a big bazaar where one can find everything one needs from home décor to clothes to electronics. The trend has been that many people save their budget for the big buys at the trade fair, which gives them the freedom to choose comparing the prices and products. Moreover, the special offers make the wait for the fair a worthy one.

At the 13th DITF, an increased popularity has been seen among people for the jute products as producers like Karupannya and JDPC have come up with some innovative designs and new products. Furniture and electronics are also attracting a lot of buyers as usual. But the centre of attraction, are undoubtedly the stalls from the foreign countries that are showcasing their exclusive traditional products. Though a bit overpriced, the buyers seem to be ecstatic for Pakistani shawls and Iranian carpets, not to forget the bangles and exotic jewellery.

As it's been seen, it's not only the genuine buyers and traders who look forward to the yearly trade fair. In fact, a lot of people visit the fair to spend a fun time out with their friends and families. It is indeed a treat for the eyes to behold all those different and luxurious products displayed in the architecturally impressive pavilions. That's why, despite the fact that the fair has been losing its credibility in recent years, the rush of people to 13th DITF has not ceased, making the event a happening one, once again.

So, if you are thinking to let yourself go with the flow and discover what the fair has to offer, it is advised that you pick up a weekday or the early hour of a weekend to avoid the dense crowd. And if you can overcome the long weary walks around the stalls, you'd hit something worth buying that's for sure.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Shop Talk

Winter veggies

This season, load up on all the amazing goodness that nature has to offer- the variety of fresh winter vegetables that are truly one of the biggest perks of this season! Which is why this week shop talk sheds the spotlight on all the additional new seasonal members of the health food department: that is vegetables!

The fist thing that comes to mind when speaking of veggies is the word 'green'. However, all vegetables do not necessarily have to be of that colour. In fact, one of the most popular member of the veggie family are tomatoes. While these are pretty much available throughout the year nowadays, however, the season where one can get the tastiest and freshest tomatoes, is undoubtedly winter! Now, here is one vegetable that tastes equally good, whether cooked or uncooked! They are an absolute must for salads, as well as a great taste enhancer for anything from soups to curries! Moreover, since this is the season when you can get the juiciest tomatoes for a relatively cheaper price than at other times, you can load up on them, then turn them into puree or paste form using a food processor and refrigerate for use in various dishes- thus enjoying the flavour of this great veggie throughout the year! Tomatoes are available at all grocery shops and markets throughout the city including such as Agora and Karwan bazaar and are priced at around Tk- 20 per kg.

Peas and beans
Now these are two very tasty vegetables found solely during the winter season. While beans or 'seem' is a great addition for mixed vegetable dishes and deshi style fish curries, green-peas are however, very much like tomatoes and go well with almost any dish- from plain pulao to mince meat! They even make an excellent snack when sautéed with onions and accompanied with crispy puffed rice. Green-peas are available at Tk- 40 per kg, and beans, at Tk- 25 per kg.

This particular item falls more in the category of herbs, rather than vegetables. Like that of tomatoes, this is also found year round, but winter is the season when one can get the best quality coriander. A mouth watering treat when sprinkled over curries and other dishes, the cilantro that is available in the country are basically of two types- the foreign kind, with long, sharp-edged leaves, and the local kind, with shorter, more rounded leaves. Of these, the local kind is much preferred and they are available solely during this season. Cilantro is also best used in 'chutneys', which are an all time favourite and work great as a dip for almost all types of finger foods! This herb is available everywhere at Tk- 10 to Tk- 20, depending on the size of the bunch.

By Farina Noireet

On The Cover

Over the years, the relationship between children and grandparents has remained a wonder to witness. Join us in a special tribute to this bond on Centrefold

Model: Naseem Iqbal Ali and Farzan Tauseef Ali
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Location: Khazana


Reviewing movies
How many times have you watched 'Home Alone'? It seems like a must see movie before every Christmas. We go on watching so many different types of films in our everyday life, and sometimes we even repeat them whenever we get free time. But what makes these movies so special is that we want to watch them over and over again. Maybe because we feel they could be related to our life in some ways.

The favourites
There are certain movies that always put an impact on our personal lives so much that we can never forget about them. And it so happens we want to watch those films time and again to relive some moments, probably of laughter, despair and thrills. We cannot deny that most of us do have a collection of movies at home and we mainly keep the ones, which are our favourites. They could be comedies or action films and that depends upon our own taste. At the end of the day, we often feel like watching the old films and the purpose is to just relax and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Many elderly people prefer to watch the classics, as they prefer to revel in old memories. The dialogues, songs and the actors all do play a significant role and that is why we consider them to be evergreen.

Movie time
Many of us do select a day when we watch movies with the family. It can also be considered as family time since the whole family is together. People often make plans with friends or cousins and it is indeed very exciting. For others, watching a movie can be just an excuse, the main reason behind which is to meet up with friends and have a pause from the daily hectic schedules. Consequently old movies are rather chosen over new ones and the genre should be something far from mind boggling. You can gossip and at the same time watch the movie and have fun.

So, make time in the weekends and gather people around you for a movie session. Pick the appropriate film and let your place light up with joy and allow your emotions to sink into that aura.

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir



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