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Bathroom bliss

Some like it open, some like it hidden. Either way, a bathroom should have the characteristics of safety and comfort to the max while maintaining a balance of openness and privacy.

In this week's feature, we look at a young man's bathroom. His primary desire was a blue and white colour scheme. The blue and white combo is so common that it's almost a cliché, but it still works. Some people are inspired by hotel bathrooms for their luxurious feeling. Clean lines, good lighting and stone surfaces enhance the attraction.

In most cases, bathroom design is an exercise in problem solving. Even in a brand new bathroom, there will be some restrictions as to where you can locate the major fixtures. Installing water outlets on an extended wall is easily done, but running the pipes through to the internal wall can be an expensive and functional matter.

These restrictions need not be oppressive. In fact, they can be liberating. Take the common sense approach to the basic floor plan, and then devote your creative energy to the more sensually rewarding decisions about colour, surfaces and accessories. Sometimes a crisp design element, for instance, an eye-catching tile pattern, gloss walls and water systems differentiate a personalized bathroom from an ordinary one.

The pictures show a masculine bathroom. We used a bold curved design in the tiles. A curved blue patch in the wall and floor creates a dynamic look. The rest of the tiles are white so it also relieves and relaxes our mind.

We placed a smart and trendy blue vanity for face and hand wash purposes. This is a stylish piece. The matched long, narrow mirror also gives us a smart, unusual look. Showers come in three varieties; the old-fashioned over the bath arrangement, the conventional freestanding model and the rather more luxurious “wet room”.

We designed a wet room at the end of the bathroom. So, a small bathroom with proper plan turns into a functional space. A glass swing door fitted between the edge of the bath floor and the ceiling forms a more solid shower stall. It is a neater, cleaner, more attractive and more effective option than the tent like rail and curtain arrangement. Storage is another important issue for a modern bathroom. We made custom-made built-in storage cabinets that offer a simple way to reduce clutter and fit in all personal toiletry items.

Do not forget the little items; things like stainless steel accessory holders, towel-rings and chrome-plated support bars to help emphasize your desired bathroom style.

These accessories always enrich the look of a bathroom. Also, dried flowers, money plants, perfume dispensers, scented candles and small collections such as sea shells or pebbles do a good job to freshen up any bathroom or powder room, leaving a favourable impression on its users.

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks to Kohinur Sultana


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