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Nawabi food festival @ Khazana

Khazana, as a follow-up to their usual chain of festivals, will be hosting a Nawabi Food Festival. The preparation is already well underway, and as a note of reminder, perhaps it is high time that your appetite is in need of a royal service.

Royal chefs from Lucknow have been flown in and with the Khazana in-house staff, they will be presenting various Nawabi food items for the customers. Chef Kamal Waris and Chef Sayed Iqbal, who have mastered the culinary art of the Nawabs, will be preparing the food.

What sets out the Nawabi menu from the rest is interesting. Time after time, we have heard that cooking depends upon that special intuition of the chefs; that for good cooks, measurements do not matter, and that they let their senses guide them towards the perfect dish.

For Nawabi food items, however, the story is different- chefs are head-strong in their belief in perfect measurements. There are strict codes as to the quantity of spices and ingredients that can be used, and intuition has no role to play whatsoever.

Another trademark of this type of cuisine is the liberal use of zaffran (saffron) that was said to be good for the health. Lucknow is also famous for its 'dum pukht' preparations, where all the ingredients are tossed in and then cooked for a long time over a low flame in a sealed vessel.

So here is a preview of what will be available- Jehangiri Shorba (extract of lamb flavoured with herbs and saffron), Gobi Mussallum (cauliflower stuffed with spices and then barbequed), Murgh Begumbahar (boneless chicken simmered over low fire, to name a few. For desserts, there will be two special items popular with the Nawabs- Badam Zaffrani Phirnee and Lab-E-Mashooq (an exotic dessert of saffron rabri spread on a slice of syrup soaked home-made bread, garnished with dry fruits and nuts).

The dishes will be ranging from Tk.350 to Tk.950 plus tax. The Festival will be stretching form the 15th to the 25th of February.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky

Pizza Corner @ Banani

The unique culture that sets our cheese apart- the culture experts from Germany- giving it a melting, stringy, mouth-watering taste... the true essence of 100% pure Mozzarella cheese. Every single batch tasted to stringent quality norms and pre-approved before being dispatched to Pizza Corner restaurants. So that, when you bite into our delicious pizza at Pizza Corner you instantly know where it's coming from.”

Pizza Corner has recently launched its third outlet at Banani, Dhaka. A Part of Global Franchise Architects, Pizza Corner has already caught the attention of food lovers through its existing corners at Dhanmondi and Uttara. Specialised in toppings, Pizza Corner makes a difference in the food they serve. The Calzones, classic pizzas and desert pizza are exclusive to Pizza Corner, not to be found anywhere else. Prices are a little on the higher side but in par with other franchise food shops.

Pizza Corner, House # 98, Rd # 11, Block C, Banani, Dhaka.

CMYK: bringing European skin expert to town

CMYK, a premier Italian derma-cosmetic brand has recently brought its products to Bangladesh. Its range of cleanser, toner, moisturizers, serums and mask are made with primarily plant and marine based active ingredients and provides complete gentle skin care for all skin types.

In Bangladesh, the country's leading beauty expert Farzana Shakil is the brand ambassador of CMYK. The brand has a global presence in Italy, France, UK, Spain, Russia, Eastern Europe, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, China, and Middle East

Apart from all that, to complement the range of skin care solutions, CMYK is bringing to Dhaka, Liliana Turatello, a renowned European Skin Care expert and one of the key persons behind the CMYK brand. Liliana Turatello would be housed for three weeks at CMYK Brand Ambassador Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon from 3rd week of February and will provide one-on-one skin care consultancy. She will draw on the latest development in derma cosmetics to provide solutions for any skin care related issues you may have.

To ensure you get a time with Liliana, you can make an appointment by calling Farzana Shakil Makeover Salon at 9116057 or 8812215 or emailing at service@farzanashakil.net or cmyk@marketaccesspl.com. The offer is open to all and prior reservations are strongly recommended.

CMYK products are new both in terms of, innovation and formulation. Each product is the result of a synergy of high quality breakthrough elements, to give you total and unparallel skin care solution.

Gentle to the skin, there is a CMYK solution for you no matter what kind of skin you have.



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