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Fit At 40

Dearest Readers,
In today's beauty obsessed world, it is all about looking good and feeling good. And to look good and feel good, you have to eat right and do some sorts of activity, which will help you achieve this goal. My final resolution this year is to dedicate myself in getting fit by eating healthy and making a lifestyle change which will suit me. So I buried myself under my huge collection of recipes and dug out the ones, which will help me in my journey to freedom.

As I embark on my much awaited travel route, I wish to share all my coveted low-calorie recipes, which I painstakingly collected all these years and never used, with my friends and fans. Maybe some where along the line it will help somebody who really believes that... health is truly one's wealth.

Thought of the day:
Now that you have become conscious of the 'side effects' of being overweight, it’s time you learnt how to treat it. If you have been over weight for years, you will not become thin overnight. Experts say that losing weight gradually, and slowly increasing the amount of exercise that you do, is the healthiest and most effective way to reach and maintain healthy weight. The safest and surest way of treating obesity is by eating sensibly and exercising.
(Excerpt from 'Good House Keeping January 2008)

Honeyed Muesli Crunch
9 oz porridge oats
1 oz of sesame seeds
½ tsp ground cinnamon
150 ml clear honey
80 gm of dried raisins or any dried fruits such as cherries or blue berries
4 oz of shelled pistachio nuts

Mix oats, sesame seeds and cinnamon in a bowl. Drizzle honey over the oat mixture and mix well. Add raisins and nuts.
Serve with skimmed milk and/or yoghurt and some fresh fruit.

Wholesome Oats

4 oz porridge oats
7 oz of skimmed milk
300 ml water
Pinch of salt (optional)
extra milk to serve
Choice of Toppings:
Toasted nuts and seeds with golden honey,
Bananas and maple syrup,
Stewed fruits,

Place the porridge oats, milk, water and salt if using, into a pan. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon and simmer for a couple of minutes. Pour into bowls and add a little extra milk. Add the toppings of your choice and serve immediately.

Shop Special


For tech-savvy people in the city, it is always a pleasure to surf the market while choosing the best computer configuration. However, for that specific purpose, it is convenient for all to pay a visit to B.C.S Computer City at IDB Bhaban in Agargaon, Mirpur. This place has already proved to be the most popular of all the computer markets and no doubt is the largest in the country.

Computer City has its uniqueness in terms of availability of products and richness in variety. Computer products of various brands like Asus, Canon, Sony, Mercury, Epson, Apple, Creative and hp come directly from the dealers of the respective companies. Apart from the tiniest chips of computers, products ranging from mobile phones, MP3, MP4 players to large collections of CDs, and DVDs are available here; reasons enough to draw people who want to get everything under one roof.

People who are more interested in buying original products from authentic dealers feel secured to shop here. Although the computer market situated at the Elephant Road was the first to sell computer goods on a large scale, it has fallen from its former glory as BCS Computer City took its place.

Here is the list of some sole brand-dealers at the Computer City at Agargaon.

Asus- Global Brand Private Limited (1st Floor)
Epson- Flora Limited (1st Floor)
Mercury- Khan Jahan Ali Computers Ltd.
hp- Computer Valley Ltd.
Biostar- Businesslink Computers
BenQ- ComValley Ltd.
Samsung- Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd.
Gigabyte- Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd.
LG- Global Computers Ltd.

By Fatima Tuz Zahra

Shop Talk

“Campaign for real beauty” with this slogan Dove has come in a new form. It has launched new products in the Bangladeshi market, which are available in major stores.

Dove shampoos
Dove Hair Care's new line of reformulated shampoos thoroughly cleans your hair without stripping it of its natural oil and proteins - the “good stuff” that protects your hair and helps keep it healthy. Dove Therapy System shampoos contain active serums specifically created to provide moisture, protection and repair based on your hair's need. The breakthrough formula gives the same that you expect from a shampoo, without robbing your hair of its natural protection.

Dove conditioners
Dove conditioners do more than moisturize. New Dove Therapy System conditioners contain active serums specifically created to provide moisture, protection and repair based on your hair needs. The active serums help replenish moisture, leaving hair noticeably softer, smoother and full of body.

Dove cleansers
Dove offers exceptional face care products that will genuinely improve the condition and feel of your face. Dove Foaming Facial Cleansers contain ultra mild cleansers and high levels of effective moisturizers to improve skin's moisture level. In fact, they have three times more moisturizers than the leading facial cleansers.

Dove moisturizers
Moisturizers suited for all kind of skins are available. Try the latest addition to the Dove face care family- Dove Pro-age a full line of products created to help mature women look their best at any age.

Dove beauty bars
Soap cleans skin, but it also dries it out and strips it of moisture. Dove Beauty Bars contain a quarter of moisturizing lotion, so that it does not dry your skin. Try Dove Cream Oil Beauty Bars enriched with moisturizing oil to pamper your skin every time you wash.

Dove body spray
Winter is almost gone, so be prepared for the humid and sweat filled summer with Dove Body Spray. It has a wonderful fragrance, which will keep you fresh all the time.

By M. Shan-e-Alam Misty

On The Cover

As February comes rolling in, we take a moment to look at how language shapes our thoughts and dreams. Check out our stories on Page 2 and Centrefold for our take.


Essentially spring
Shelley, the great romantic would have been delighted to see spring back again! Many dull and ordinary ones like us however may even think of it as a Machiavellian character! Well, we have reasons for such a claim: many of us have already started to complain about cracked skin, chapped lips and lack of appetite. Unromantic it may sound, but truth be told spring is also a representative-season for all the dormant viruses, germs and bacteria to come alive- rejuvenated and recharged.

Prevention is better than cure
Not only children but also adults need to maintain strict hygiene this season. Some steps towards the way to prevention:
Say “NO” to street foods
Prepare the major meals at home
Roast your chickens if you have to
Inspire yourself to maintain the daily routines of hygiene
Negotiate with a hectic schedule (You've got to get enough time for rest everyday)
Get a fresh hankie everyday

These simple tips will suffice to keeping the immune system up and running to fight germs.

It is true that there is an air of romanticism in spring, and I sincerely believe you will have many occasions to celebrate this season but keep in mind the fact that a healthy and cheerful mind can reside only in a healthy body. So while you take pleasure in the offerings of spring, make sure that you are fit enough to enjoy them all.

By Fatima Tuz Zahra

For Those Interested

Spring signifies change; emergence of the young and the restless. This season, Star Lifestyle wishes to make new changes and allow young writers make their ground. Interested individuals can apply with sample writing and an attached resume by 29 February 2008.

The Editor, Star Lifestyle, The Daily Star, 19 Karwan Bazar, Dhaka- 1215



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