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Under a different sky

By Iffat Nawaz

The one of my heart

Amar praan er manush ache praane
Tai heri tai sokol khane

The one of my heart resides in my heart
Therefore I see her everywhere

Tagore said it and I feel it. These days that's how I think of her, my love, the one I left, the one I still wish would lie next to me during lonely nights, the one I use, I betray, the one I run back to when I want refuge. When I return she doesn't shut her doors; she stays quiet, and surprises me with her new transformations, her new face - a bit different than the last time I saw her. Her make-over; trimmer in some curves and added weight on others. I embrace her, and she doesn't refuse it, she does act shy, cold even but in a day or two she opens up, and I sleep.

I wake on her lap, my heart feels light. I light up. I glow. I tell her I love her. She believes that I do just like she believes I don't. She knows I will leave her again till the next time, after all my new lovers will leave me barren or unsatisfied, she knows I will return longing for her touch… yet again…

No I am not ashamed of talking about this, my guilt is not of the kind that wants me to hide my feelings. I love her, and I always will. And all of you out there, who call me a cheat, a hypocrite, a betrayer, I ask you, do you love her more than I do, could you? And if you do how are you showing it? Tell me how. How are you better to her than I? Are you not also taking advantage of her just like I am? In some way or other?

And those of you who understand me, who also love her like I do, thank you, thank you for understanding, thank you for loving her. I don't mind sharing her, I am not always with her anyway; she needs you like she needs me, or is it that we need her more than she needs us? She would be fine without us don't you think? Her ever changing body, her spicy breath, her newly worked-out curves, she has so much to offer.

There will be more after us who will fall in love with her. We will age, our wrinkled over-moisturized pale hands won't look as good when we touch her as she will remain as beautiful if not more. She is a great catch, the one to keep, the one to settle for. Then why do we look away? We run to all other beauties trying to find something better, and we do find our second loves, but our first love, why can't we forget her? Why does she still remain inside, in my heart, in yours?

The other day I finally bought tickets to see her. She didn't call me or beg me to come. I had promised her I will return much sooner, but when I didn't she didn't ask after me. I also played along, those games that 'long distance' lovers play. But I missed her, not every day and every night, but maybe every other day and every other night. I made a point of visiting more places around the world; long flights, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen hours. I flew, I found others, I rebound, fell in love, fell out of love, settled for something in between, but I still didn't visit her. She seemed so far way, though it only takes a few more hours to go see her, twenty, at the most twenty-two…still she seemed like a fantasy, my first love, I was waiting till I couldn't anymore.

So I am returning to her just for a bit. Just to test the water, cold, warm…hot? She will recognize me I am sure, I haven't changed that much and I will recognize her. I will flirt with her, try to make her say again that she loves me…because she does, my love, my nostalgia has made me her slave. My fantasies about her made her into a bigger diva than any, and between loving her blindly and forgetting her I have lost myself, I just know the way back to her, the one of my heart, in my heart…my Dhaka!

Dear Doctor,
I am 32 years old and have been suffering from nasal blockage for the last four years. I have seen lots of doctors who prescribe drops and sprays and tablets, but nothing helps as the blockage comes back. Can you help?

You did not mention about other symptoms, which I am sure you have. Your nose needs to be examined properly by an ENT surgeon; only then can the reason for your blockage be diagnosed. They will prescribe whatever you need and also advice you if you need any procedures done.

Dear Doctor,
I am a 36 years old male. I started loosing my hair since I was twenty-two. I have thought of wearing a wig but then decided against it. I heard of hair bonding but I also heard that it has side effects. Then I heard of hair transplants but I don't know whether that has any side effects. Could you please explain the procedure to me?

A lot of people want to know about hair transplant. It is a safe and permanent procedure. A strip of hair is taken from the back and cut into thin strips. Hair follicles are then cut out from these strips. These are single or double follicles and are then transplanted to the recipient area. All of this is done under magnification. The patient is under local anaesthesia and so does not feel any pain, but is conscious and can talk to the doctor during the procedure. It usually takes 5 to 6 hours to complete the procedure, after which the patient can go home. The hair usually starts growing within 4 to 6 months, which is a hair growth cycle. The donor area usually heals very quickly and the scar is almost invisible. This is a good option for bald people as it has no side effects and the results are very good and satisfactory.



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