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Ode to Ekushey

EKUSHEY signifies a struggle, a fight for the freedom of expression. Sombre Ekushey is portrayed in shades of black and white, with a symbolic hue of red signifying triumph against oppression. Its influence is well established in art, be it poems, prose, films or drama, novels and sonnets. In the recent past, we have observed a reflection of art in fashion trends, made especially for the event.

Kay Kraft's latest collection carries a patriotic theme; they have based their designs on different types of calligraphy: playing with words and letters. The designs, done on handloom fabrics include almost everything from children's wear (tk 225 - 750), saris (tk 650 - 2500), salwar kameez (tk 1050 - 1550), panjabi (tk 450 - 850) to bandanas (tk 100 - 150).

Nogordola has launched a new collection in celebration of International Mother Language Day. The collection includes trendy outfits such as saris that range from tk 1200 to 1500, salwar kameez ranging from tk 1000 to 1400, panjabi from tk 650 - 1050, and children's wear between tk 450 to 850. Apart from their latest Ekushey collection, Nogordola has also launched a whole new line of herbal products. These products, that are enriched with natural herbal recourses and are available exclusively at the Dhanmondi branch, include almost all types of cosmetics such as anti dandruff shampoo, amla light hair oil, facewash, and skincare products.

Rang expresses the fervour for ekushey and patriotism through their latest line of fashion wear. The collection includes everything from saris and panjabi to shawls and scarves, with works of chunri, tie-dye, block/screen print, appliqué, cutwork, hand paint, embroidery, and sequins.

Shopnobaj the new generation brand has come up with a new line of trendy t-shirts keeping the spirit of Ekushey in mind. The t-shirts feature lines from famous poems and also quotes. Price tk 150 - 200.

'21' forms the basis of Adroit's designs for the coming language day. The price tag is reasonable- cotton saris (tk 550 - 2650), silk saris (tk 1750 - 4550), jamdani saris (tk 2900 - 15,450), shalwar kameez (tk 799- 3850), fatuas (tk 350 - 1200), panjabis (tk 550 - 3500), T-shirts (tk 150-350), and children's wear (tk 200-770). Design Roots on the other hand, has effectively made use of excerpts from Bangla poems, songs and alphabets on saris, fatuas, panjabis made exclusively from handloom cotton.

And finally, Shadakalo brings their Ekushey collection through illustrations of Mahbubul Alam's "Kadte ashini fashir dabi niye eshechi" the first work of poetry written on the language movement.

Pongti commemorates 21 February through their creation of "Ekush", "52"and "micheel" t-shirts designed by Shabbashachi Hajra, Shahidul Islam and Shatabdi Zahid. Prices- t shirt tk 150, fatua tk 320-420. Nilanjonapolli brings out their line of ekushey designs. Prices vary from reasonable to a higher side: Jamdani tk 3000 - 24000, corron saris tk 450 - 8500, salwar kameez tk 650-1550, fatua tk 375 -1050.

Labanno features work based on detailed designs. The spectacular blend of colour with design creates a splendid composition. Saris and salwar kamiz have been designed for the ladies; men have the option on adornment with panjabi and fatua.

Tribhuz, a T-shirt house, began its journey a few years ago, with special themed t-shirts featuring artwork by the talents of the Fine Arts Institute at Charukola. With special themes for special occasions, this month they focus on the Language Movement, with Ekushay-based images and artwork. Tribhuz is located at 1st Floor, Capital Market, Dhanmondi.

Photo: Probortana, Sadakalo, Tribhuz
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