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center piece

A Room should never be just a place to pass through. Use accessories to lend character to your space and offer a reason to stop and linger. Accessories come in every shape and size. Functional accessories like pillows and blankets serve specific needs. Bold accessories, such as large pieces of art and sculptures add drama. Personal accents, like mementos, photos or quirky bring a little fun to the home. Generally we display many decor pieces in our living room, which is a public space and entertainment area. We always want it gorgeous. Start with the basic when choosing furniture and accessories; a comfortable well-made sofa, a versatile coffee table, a quality rug and simple beautiful drapes.

Today our focus is on the coffee table. This is the most common and essential item for a living room. Sometimes a coffee table is the centerpiece of a room. It is the focal point, a square, L-shaped or even a long shaped living room. But please think about traffic flow. Sometimes too much coffee tables or side tables create a hazard for comfortable movement. A well-planned furniture placement can draw attention to specific areas and also draw special attention to furniture or display objects.

Today's featured pictures show some trendy centerpieces for the coffee table. Sometimes we display many items on the table, may be four or five pieces.

Sometime a single piece also creates a great attraction. A cute small plant in a bowl or a stone chip tray with a dried flower, a pair of vases or even a fruit bowl draws a dramatic attraction for a trendy living room. Changing accessories with the seasons can bring comfort and variety to a room. Introducing new furniture each and every year is quite impossible. But a simple change can be possible and it draws a great impact for healthy living. Decor pieces don't need to be formal. They can be casual expressions of whimsy. Mix modern vases, picture frames, game boards, and primitive artwork together. We can even add natural objects such as pebbles as paperweight, a bowl of dried leaves, a single fresh flower or a slick collection of candle sticks. A simple cute centrepiece always draws our focus and instantly introduces a fresh spirit to the space.

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Tamim Sujat



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