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A Great hairdo dies off swiftly if not properly taken care of. Your hair is a special part of you that can completely change your look. It needs generous maintenance, something that has become extremely complicated these days as there are wide ranges of hair products hitting the store shelves and their numbers have actually grown more than a person's hair! There are endless brands of shampoos, conditioners, straighteners and what not, and choosing is a nightmare. No worries! We are here to acquaint you with all the information you need.

Though washing hair may seem a simple task, the appropriate steps need to be taken to insure that your hair is not only clean, but also healthy, manageable, and stylish. With proper washing and other care, your locks can be fresh and beautiful every day of the week.

Shampoos: Regular shampooing of hair frees it from dirt, thus cleansing it and giving it the much-desired shiny look. There are many different types available, and before choosing a particular brand, you should consider the characteristics of your hair- whether it is dry, normal, or oily. Also you should take into account if your hair is coloured, highlighted, permed, or straightened. Likewise, consider the condition of your scalp or skin. Moreover different shampoos are available to treat curly or tangled hair. You can clean your hair best when using the proper shampoo. Shampoos like Pantene, Sunsilk, Clinic All Clear, Head and Shoulders, Rejoice, Enliven, Herbal Essence, Garnier, Dove, Wella, Vatika and others can be found at any departmental store at a price range starting from Tk 200. Selective brands like Follow Me and Boots are only available at particular shops like Priyo and Almas at a price ranging Tk 300-400. If you are not sure whether you need to consider a specialty product or not, visit a salon for a professional consultation.

Conditioners: Typically a liquid or cream applied to hair, either after or with shampoo and usually while the hair is still wet. While shampoo is used primarily to remove dirt, oil, and traces of products from your hair, conditioner is there to put back some moisture and leave your hair shiny, sleek and soft. If your hair is regularly exposed, or if you frequently blow-dry it or use other styling products such as straighteners, curling irons, or tongs, conditioner can be a good investment.

While shampoo is rubbed into the scalp, conditioner is applied solely to the hair, and may be rinsed off immediately or left for a few minutes to sink in. Other types of conditioner are meant to be left in hair and not rinsed away at all. Such a type is the Dove leave-on lotion, which costs Tk 200 each and is available at Agora. Another is Livon, which costs about Tk 280. Again, there are different types of conditioner for different types of hair, so make sure you pick the type most appropriate for you. A wide assortment of brands like Caring, Lowlane, Boots, Sunsilk, Pantene can be found at Priyo for a price range of Tk 300-650.

Deep Conditioners and Hair Masks: Shampoo and conditioner can be used daily if necessary, but if you feel that your hair needs an extra boost, you may also want to consider adding a hot oil treatment or hair mask to your hair care routine. Priyo sells Ligon hair packs for Tk 75 each. Likewise, Mrs. Marino hair softener can be found in Agora for Tk 210.

Oils: For centuries, natural oils have been used to provide nourishment to the hair. These natural products are still used today, including essential oils such as tea tree oil and carrier oils such as jojoba oil.

Massaging hair with oil acts like a hair tonic. It helps to stimulate the blood circulation leading to a healthy growth. Oiling at least once a week is necessary. It strengthens the hair roots, removes dryness in hair, gets rid of dandruff and repairs hair damage. Oils are widely found in any stores. Each of 200ml bottle of the deshi brands such as Juhi and Gondhoraj will cost you only Tk 60-75. Vatika and Dabur Amla are the Indian brands, which are broadly available @ Tk.190 and Tk.145 each. Keokarpin is charged @ Tk165 for each 300ml bottle. Oils are the easiest and the cheapest way to hair care.

Creams: For those who want to avoid the sticky, coated feeling of oil, creams can be used to provide sustenance beside style with less greasiness or residue. Hair creams come with a wide range of functionality; choose the brand based on your requirements. Priyo sells brands like Sunsilk, Follow Me and Gatsby at prices ranging between Tk.150-300.

Hair styling products can be both a blessing and a curse. When used correctly, they can fix a myriad of hair traumas, providing instant cures for bad hair days. Applied incorrectly, they can be the hair's worst nightmare. The key to having a great experience with any hair styling product is to first understand your hair's type, texture and current condition.

Sprays: For many hairstyles, the most difficult part of achieving the right look is to keep it in place, and that is where hair spray is the most useful product to use. Before grabbing a can and spraying down your locks, however, it is important to understand the different types of spray and how they should be used for the most effective and beautiful results.

The most important characteristic of hair spray is the level of hold it can provide. Depending on the particular brand, they may offer an assortment of hold levels that includes flexible, strong or extra strength and ultra strength or freeze hold.

In addition to the specific level of hold, it is important to consider other hair spray characteristics such as scent, delivery method, protective properties, hair type and feel. After understanding what types of styling sprays are available, it is crucial to consider which one will work best with your particular hairstyle. Agora offers quality sprays like Control hair spray; the 400ml will cost you Tk.310 and 200 ml costs Tk.196.Other spray available here is Enliven @ Tk.212.

Gels: For many people, the perfect hairstyle won't hold without help, and hair gel is a great option for strength and durability. Gel is preferred for men's hairstyles because of its lasting hold and the mildly wet appearance, which is desirable for many different styles. There are a wide variety of gels to choose from in Agora within an affordable price. Nova @ Tk.98, Brylcreem @ Tk.150, Wella and Garner glitter gel @ Tk155, Garnier Fructis structuring gel @ Tk.165, Set Wet @ Tk.180 and Nature's Organic @ Tk.185.Some exclusive brands like Follow Me and Wet Look can be found at Priyo for Tk.300 and Tk.280 each respectively.

Mousse: Hair mousse can be used to define waves or add beautiful fullness and build in volume to thin or fine strands. It is used for a softer or more natural look and hold.

It works equally well for women and men. Several mousse styling product options from a variety of manufacturers like Garnier, Lowlane and Boots can be found in Priyo for about Tk.550.

Colour: With a chic hair colour, you'll definitely turn heads with your new look. Stick to colours that complement your skin tone, figure out if you're best off with all-over colour or highlights and then decide if you're going to pay someone else to do it or do it yourself. Agora offers copper red and natural dark brown colour of L'Oreal, Garnier's natural black and burgundy colour and Renew by Godrej has come up with golden and dark brown at Tk.585, Tk.140 and Tk.145 respectively. If you choose to do it on your own at home, Garnier Multilight kit available at Agora for Tk.294 will make your life easy.

Straightener: Straighteners can turn dry, fizzy, thick, or crazy curly hair into a sleek and straight dream. Meant to relax your hair and give it a shine. Beauty salons are a smart selection to go to have your hair relaxed by professionals or you can buy a kit that allows you to relax your own hair right at home. If you haven't used straighteners or other chemicals in your hair before, however, it can be tricky. This usually comes as a set of straightening cream and a conditioner that adds a finishing touch. Agora offers Wellastrate @ Tk.375 and Glatt by Schwarzkopf @ Tk.316.

So now its in your hands to make the right pick from the shelves! Bon chance!

By Zion Ara Hamid
Hair Styling: Sadia Moyeen, La Belle
Photo: Zahedul I Khan

On The Cover

Let your hair down with Lifestyle this week as we bring you style and beauty news, products to buy, and tips for healthy hair. Check out our stories on the Centrefold and Page 3.

Photo: Abu Naser
Models: Nabila
Make-up and styling: Farzana Shakil's Hair and Makeover Salon, Gulshan
Wardrobe: Almira


A personal desk calendar

It has been decades that cardiologist Professor Mahboob Ali has been travelling to various places in and around the country and also outside the country, simply driven by his passion for photography. As his profession keeps him busy during the weekdays, so he squeezes out time to go out of the city on weekends and holidays with his camera.

The results of his passion are so excellent that they sometimes land in the newspapers as photo-features. In addition, for the last few years, Ali has been producing small black and white desktop calendars featuring his photos. His bid is exceptional, as this is not anything commercial, and springs from a love of photography and a wish to what he sees through his lens, in this humble black and white medium.

His calendars in the past had focused on the rivers and landscape. This time, he portrayed the various rural settings of the country. The calendar begins professing what he believes in his heart, quoting R.L. Stevenson: “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake; the great affair is to move.”

The pictures emphasise on rural children of different parts of the country. The first picture shows a children's playground of a village. The second one is of village kids sitting on an embankment. The third goes to show kids in the premises of a village house, posing by the side of two goats. The fourth shows a pack of kids racing with wheels, another one shows kids playing football in a play ground in front of a house built during the British Raj and so on. Then there are kids shooting balloons, coming out of a mud bath and others. A couple of pictures were taken in the Hill Tracks too. Overall, this little calendar is an excellent piece to have on your desk, that is if you can have a copy of it from the good doctor.



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