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Silver surfing

Fighting vampires and warewolves has never been more stylish. That's right, silver, the mystic metal is all the rage right now. The gold rush that started a couple of years back has shifted position to add even more opulent gleam as silver shimmer and metallic sweet wrapper foil effects in materials started peaking in popularity. From clutch bags to shoes, to jackets and coats, and even make-up, you can add glam to any wardrobe with this colour.

Jazz up a plain kurti with silver sequin work. The surface decorative texture on the neckline means that there is minimal need for to wear a necklace. With outfits like these, concentrate on co-ordinating earrings or statement rings and wrist jewellery rather than crowding the neckline.

Max out those everyday jeans and top ensembles by teaming them with a silver tote and matching sandals. Whether the shiny disco effect, or the matte metal look, silver is a cool colour for handbags and shoes, and looks classy without going over the top.

Dark-skinned belles can really make a statement with silver nail-polish on their toe-nails, or create drama with a little silver eye-shadow.

Silver jewellery is also making a strong comeback. Check out these great buys:

Belly Chains come in different styles and weights. Some prefer it as a simple string while some like it gorgeous with different designs and little bells hung on them, which look good with saris or even jeans. The price estimation of belly chains is around Tk5000 to Tk7000 depending on its weight.

Anklets make them hear bells when you walk in with one of these. From a single silver string to heavy bells to elaborate stone-studded affairs, there are many options to choose from, available at Tk 1500 to 2000. You can even opt for a mol, which is a traditional form of anklet, a chunky band around your ankle. These are a little pricier because of their weight.

Bangles come in different styles. You can opt for a single chunky bracelet for that rock-chic look, or those delicate plain silver bangles, which look great with all kinds of outfits. Then there are ornamented bangles, sporting different designs like Anonto, Monipuri, etc and these look great with saris. The estimated price of the bangles are said to be 1600 takas for 35 grams.

Earrings: Be they studs or long earrings with different designs on them, a pair of silver earrings worn at any time of the day, at any occasion can change the way you look. The estimated price of long earrings is around Tk. 1000 to Tk 2000 depending on its weight and design.

Toe rings look trendy with any outfit you wear. You can either opt for the plain silver ones, or go for the funkier ones with stones or bells attached. The estimated price of the rings ranges between is not much but around Tk 100 to Tk 150 a pair.

Key rings: These have become a fashion statement of them, popularised by the Hindi serials. Adorned with bells, stones and beads, women opt to wear them hanging from the anchal of their saris, matching them with their earrings and necklaces. The price estimation is around Tk 2500 to Tk 4000.

The recent rate of silver is 470 tk- 10 grams. You can get great silver jewellery from Aarong, Mouchak Market, or Chandni Chowk. Almas Super Shop is also a great place to find silver shoes, bags, and make-up.

By Sabrina F Ahmad and Tasmiah Zaman
Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Model: Sara F Ahmad
Jewellery Photography Courtesy: Aarong


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