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Pride Textiles has established themselves as a house of fashionable saris. They pride themselves in their products' durability and comfort; features that they have always heavily valued and maintained, providing their local clientele something that is rare in Bangladesh: international-standard products. With each and every product that they manufacture, they start from mere scratch, and dedicatedly goes on every step of the way- from manufacturing fibre and textile, to the finished product, thus ensuring quality.

Among many others, Pride produces garments for export for foreign brands such as Zara, a Spanish company and an internationally acclaimed brand retailer. Over the last two years, they have upgraded themselves and now produce designer wear items. Their designing starts from product innovation. Their latest products include shalwar kameez, fatua, dupattas, and of course saris, for which the brand has become so famous in the first place. Their products are categorised as follows- everyday wear, casual wear, evening/festival wear.

A familiar-enough name for the last 48 years, they're perhaps best known for their printed, cotton saris- the ultimate in comfort and women throughout the country have trusted durability and their products for generations. Yet this image was also a disadvantage, in that even a couple of years back, Pride Textiles was stereotyped as the producers of only printed cotton saris for everyday use, and were not often the first choice when looking for something a little more glamorous.

Photo: Aranya

However, all that has changed now with the introduction of Pride's latest look. Apart from the usual cotton, they have added variety to their offerings by incorporating a host of new fabrics such as endi, kota and crepe, and a whole variation of silk items, such as half-silk, raw silk, soft silk, etc. Their new collection includes embroidery (both hand and machine), brush/hand paints, appliqué, cut work, block prints, screen prints and jacquard, which is a distinct method of weaving where the design of the fabric is done during the weaving process.

Photo: dressydale

Concentrating on a target audience of women of 20 to 45 years of age, Pride ventures on with their new look, which epitomizes glamour, exclusivity, sophistication and elegance. Their very latest collection has been prepared in occasion of Pohela Boishakh, and in keeping with the tradition of the festival that celebrates the Bengali New Year, the saris, kameezes and fatuas all come in a variation of vibrant colours, that truly befit this occasion. And yet, all this has been done by the unfaltering dedication for which Pride is so famous- they believe in 100 percent customer loyalty; if you are loyal to the customer, the customer will inevitably remain loyal to you.

Consumers before were deprived of complete comfort from everyday clothing. The different chemicals and materials applied during the manufacturing and designing, made the fabric rougher and heavier in texture. With Pride products, however, careful attention is paid to consumer comfort, and what is more, everything they produce is 100 percent deshi.

Under the clothing section, Pride also offers a variety of dupattas, which can be bought loose from their showrooms and you can be your own designer while you mix and match with other stuff to create something completely different and versatile.

There's also a spanking new jewellery section that includes traditional, classic metal ornaments for the neck, ears and wrists, as well as a household section that includes bed spreads, cushion covers and towel sets.

By Farina Noireet
Photo Courtesy: Pride



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