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Shop Special

Paera takes wing

The latest addition to the Dhaka fashion scene is the newly inaugurated Paera. The balmy spring afternoon of April 11 marked the birth of this new outlet. Co-founders Nawshin Khair and Bizly Hoque warmly welcomed guests at 'Bishaler Bari' in Gulshan, where a colourful exhibition of exclusive attires tastefully designed by them was arranged. In the words of Nawshin Khair, Executive Director of Bengal Music Company and co-founder of Paera, “The name Paera has a nostalgic story attached. My father lovingly calls my daughter Paera. The same bird also symbolizes peace and tranquility, and was used as a messenger back in the early days. Our endeavour is also to carry a message about our traditional Bangladeshi handloom and culture to the international arena, keeping all its richness and vibrancy intact.”

While studying studio art abroad, Nawshin noticed the interest Westerners had in our sub-continental culture and clothing. “Western designers strived to add the exotic Eastern touch to the designs, but there was always a sort of gap somewhere,” says Nawshin. The concept behind Paera aims to bridge this very gap and to represent our traditional attires in their very true and authentic form. Deshi fabrics like muslin, khadi, endi and jamdani have been embellished with hand embroidery, vegetable dye and hand paint. Keeping the spirit of the upcoming Bengali New Year in mind, bright and rich colours have been used, 'floral' being the theme of the season. A contemporary flair can easily be distinguished in the saris, kurti, panjabi and salwar suits, though the traditional look has been carefully maintained side by side.

Unlike other fashion houses in the city, Paera endeavours to serve as a platform for the talented underground fashion designers of Bangladesh. They hope to arrange gallery-based exhibitions in the future, which will give these underground designers the exposure they need. Paera is also striving to serve as a platform for the root level weavers of Bangladesh, and in the process, preserve and rejuvenate this Bangladeshi craft that is intricately linked to the rich heritage of this country. The logo for Paera has been designed by the renowned contemporary singer Arnob.

Paera aspires to expand into the sector for children's clothing as well as home furnishing in the future, even though they are currently concentrating on men's and women's wear only. For the time being, Paera has no showroom, though they plan to get one very soon. In the meanwhile, Paera's creations will be available at their workshop in Bengal Centre, Uttara.

The daylong itinerary planned to mark the inauguration of Paera ended with a glitzy fashion show, where professional models displayed the exquisite designs created by Nawshin Khair and Bizly Hoque, while renowned band Black enthralled the audience with their repertoire of songs. With that being said, Paera is all set to carve its own niche in the Bangladeshi fashion scene while representing our culture and heritage in its correct form in the international arena.

By Wasia Mehnaz

News Flash

Free workshop @ Farzana Shakil’s

A fifteen minutes quick makeover is something we all desire. Amidst the bustling lifestyle, it is more often than not, impossible to visit a salon. To be able to understand the bare basic of the art that is makeover goes a long way in presenting oneself in her best. To address this particular need, celebrated makeover artist Farzana Shakil will conduct a free workshop on personal makeup and grooming on 26 April, 2008 at the Gulshan outlet of Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon Ltd., House # 1/B, RD # 5, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212.

Two workshops will be held on the day- 10:30 am -12:30 noon and 2:30 pm - 4:30pm respectively. The workshop will be limited to twenty participants in each session, and will include a 30 minutes question and answers session.

The workshop hopes to enable participants to get an insight into special makeup and grooming tips specifically aimed at personal image enhancement. Registration must be made in person at the salon by 20 April 2008 latest. Registered participants will be informed by 23rd April 2008 of confirmation of booking. The management of Farzana Shakil's reserves the right to exercise selection criteria as applicable.

Contact details: # 8812215, 8812175.

O2 turns six!

Having trotted the fashion scenario of the town for the last five successful years, the acclaimed fashion house O2 has taken a grand step into its 6th year. To mark the big day, an day long program was arranged at the premise of O2's new outlet at Banani, on 11th April.

Keeping in with the Boishakhi theme, the event had a deshi ambience with colourful decoration and traditional finger foods. What stood out as the symbol of O2's unmatched exclusiveness was the new outlet itself. The spacious, tastefully decorated interior fused with a sense of cosiness makes a perfect home for the retro yet stylish clothes.

“Fusion, be it in design, fabric or cutting, is what sets us apart” explained Asif Iqbal, the spokesperson for 02, when asked about the uniqueness of their endeavour. He further added that the uncompromising quality of their products at an affordable price has done the trick for them to thrive. That's why, with encouragement from customers, O2 plans to introduce more casual wear like t-shirts, jeans and at the same time take its products to the international market in the coming years. Moreover, it has recently launched a membership card scheme which opens the doorway to year round discount for their valued clients.

Although started off as a sole enterprise for men's clothing, O2 now offers a wide range of clothes along with an array of accessories for both men and women. Check out their new outlet adorned with a complete new collection at House # 157, Road # 12, Block E, Banani. O2 is also available at the branches of Ecstasy, ETC and One Stop Mall.

By Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb
Photo Courtesy O2

Pure temptation

Lux is a brand that has been most widely associated with beauty for generations now. With changing times, each variant of LUX has been given a transformation in terms of enrichment, attraction and excellence in quality all around the world.

Keeping the consumer preference in mind, LUX has stepped up with two new improved variants- 'LUX Strawberry & Cream', which contains extracts of strawberry and 'LUX Peach & Cream', which contains milk cream and extracts of peach.

With its all-new and improved range of products, LUX makes it possible for women all over the world to be truly confident and play with beauty.

On The Cover

Fads are just as fleeting as youth is; yet some trends manage to cross boundaries of age and generation. Flip to Centrefold for our take on two trends that are here to stay.
Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Model: Nisma Elias and Osama Rahman


Stay cool, when it's really hot!
With summer just around the corner, many find it tricky to live up against its increasing heat. For those who do not have the advantage of using air-cooling machines at home or office, it is even more complicated to find respite in a hot summer day, transpiring into a stuffy night.

It is therefore to your advantage if you can start your day with a cool shower before setting out for everyday drudgery. It is practical to wrap oneself in clothes of lighter fabric and texture during this time. Carrying an umbrella and putting on dark sunglasses are definitely IN this summer irrespective of gender. For men who are office-goers it is imperative they wear pump shoes closed from all sides but students and those working in a less restrictive office environment, can easily try out cool foot wears with enough ventilation. For women, summer is a boon when they have every opportunity to lay bare their enviable collection of classy footwear.

It is crucial to have enough liquid intakes. 2-3 litres of water a day should be the bare minimum. Along with this, fruit juices and health drinks will keep the supply of necessary minerals adequate. Tea and coffee are strong diuretics so keep their intake to the lowest.

With food, it is wise to try out boiled vegetables and meat and fish cooked with little oil. However, it is not unlikely that you will slip out of this routine once in a while, especially at a wedding party or a friend's birthday. What is important is to be sure that you keep well after everything. Since a hot summer day is the least suitable for working out, one can take up some exercises in the morning before taking shower. This little effort on your part is sure to keep you surprisingly fresh the whole day out.

Last but not the least, this summer whenever you have to take an important decision, personal or professional, make sure you do that with a cool head. Summer can never be better if you keep on doing the right things and saying the right words throughout!

Equipped with all these formulae, one might end up enjoying a summer day and might agree with Emily Dickinson, the eccentric spinster of literature:

There came a Day at Summer's full,
Entirely for me-
Enjoy this summer in style!

By Fatima Tuz Zahra



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