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La belle’s make-over

For those of you who didn't know, La Belle has just undergone a brand new makeover. Set in the same premises as before, their newest features include extended floor space and an ultra chic interior personifying glamour, style, simplicity and all that is La Belle.
And in commemorating their new look, here are some summer tips for healthy skin by Sadia Moyeen:

Like it or not, summer is here in all its sticky, humid glory, and it certainly will be accompanied with pimples, pores and pigmentation too. For some, perhaps those with dry, dehydrated skin, it might come as a relief but for most, it is a menace. Having said that, lets not forget that dry skin is quite sensitive and tends to get red and flushed due to heat and sun exposure. Remember, sunscreen should be your constant companion and must be reapplied during the course of the day. Clean your face every night with face wash.

Johnson's pH 5.5 or Mac cleanse off oil Huile Demaquillante is refreshing and yet not drying. It comes with a lemon fragrance that just screams freshness. Apply a light moisturizer afterwards like Oil of Olay or Johnsons baby lotion.

Apply either of the packs twice weekly:
1 tbsp cold yoghurt
pinch of turmeric
1 mashed banana
2 tbsp orange juice
Keep on for 20 mins. Wash off.
1 tbsp multani mitti
2 tbsp beaten egg
1 tsp honey

When dry, soak a cotton pad in coconut water and wet the mask. Gently rub and wash off. Regular monthly facial is recommended.

Those with combination and oily skin need to put some extra effort for skin care.

Rule no #1: Clean your skin twice a day. The dirt and pollution in the air sticks to the face causing irritation and blocks pores resulting in pimples and rash.

Unclog pores with monthly facials, especially for oily skin. Avoid using steam if you have acne or very large pores. Toners are very important after cleansing as they remove oil and help close pores. The L'Oreal toner is great and Clinique also has a good range of products for oily skin.

Fair polish will also benefit you; besides brightening the face, it also removes excess oil from the skin.

When you feel the need to get fresh and give your skin a boost, a great trick is to freeze cucumber juice in an ice tray and rub it on your face. This also helps reduce pigmentation.
Here are some great face packs for comb/oily skin.

1 tbsp Uptan
1 tbsp mashed tomato
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp orange juice
1 tbsp multani mitti
3 crushed cloves, powdered
3 neem leaves, pasted

Mix with water and apply.
Drink lots and lots of water and fresh juice to keep your system up and running. Eat healthy and exercise- it will definitely have a good impact on your skin and hair.

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

By the way

Malay Cuisine at the Westin

Experience authentic Malaysian cuisine from specialised chefs of Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers Malaysia, from 21-29 April 2008 at the Westin. For food lovers, there will be an array of popular Malay dishes to tantalize your taste buds. You may opt to start with Kerabu Udang (Prawn Salad), Sambal Kentang (Potato with Chilli) or Kerabu Kacang Panjang (Long Bean Salad); make a selection of nutritious soups like Sup Ekor Lembu (Oxtail Soup Malay Style), Sup Sayur Sayuran (Mixed Vegetable Soup), Sup Ayam Berempah (Chicken Soup with Spices), and Sup Cendawan (Clear Mushroom Soup). There will be a very long menu to select from Nasi Tomato, Rendang Ayam, Daging Panggang Air Asam, Udang Madu, Kambing Masak Tomato, Ikan Asam Pedas, Masak Lemak Labu, and Sayur Campur. Lastly, no Malayan experience is complete without their delightful sweets- Bahulu, Bubur Cha Cha, Kueh Sepit, or Agar Agar.

On A Different Note


“I walk into the street, on the boulevard of broken dreams,
And when the city sleeps, I'm the only one, and I walk alone.”

-Green Day

As the gentle southern breeze of an early morning makes the trees sway, the leaves rustle and the sound of the rubber soles are almost unheard but figures find each other. All walk, apparently without aim, yet purposely in a way beyond comprehension. Some have known each other for quite some time and appreciate the company, while others just choose to cross the miles alone. The story of the walkers is quite simple, but it is indeed very interesting.

Walking is one habit that we all should nurture. It is a good practice to walk for at least an hour daily. It helps to burn carbohydrates, and maintain good health. For people suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, it has also been advised by physicians to walk. It is evident that the walkers are not confined to the middle aged group, but also the youths. Housewives are also finding time from their regular household chores and taking up this task with interest. For a few it is a necessity and for others they consider it to be a mere time pass. Many parents bring along children in the evening, allowing them to get a relief from schoolwork.

For walking, there is no other place better than a park. The serenity of the place soothes the mind and full of youthful exuberance. The park provides the best option to stay away from the maddening crowd and the chaos of the city. You can also sit and relax on the benches or can even do some freehand exercise. The joggers usually form a group and go on performing their regular runs on the cemented path. Places like Ramna Park, Baridhara Park, and also Chandrima Uddyan are ideal places for a nice stroll. Then again, the residential areas have also got their own parks, which are very well maintained and provide good security. Some don't get the time to walk at daytime, and for that matter these parks remain open at night as well. Some even prefer to walk on the street during the evening.

Walking keeps your mind free from all the other elements of the world. You present yourself to nature where you are cordially embraced. You view the charisma that is in front of you and the journey for the next few minutes is absolutely delightful.

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir



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