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Fashion Exclusives

For those in search of the ultimate exclusives, when it comes to fashion wear, Etcetera Bangladesh has very recently introduced their newest venture, ETC- Fashion Exclusives. The store, which was launched on 10 May 2008 at Gulshan, can be called a veritable shopper's paradise, where one can find products from some of the world's most glamorous designers and brand names; all brought together under one roof.

Etc Fashion Exclusives, a concern of Ascent Group and the first of its kind in Bangladesh, brings a whole new store environment with contemporary retail presentation, open walkways, chic displays and vibrant lighting, creating a cosy ambience that enhances the overall experience of the shopper. On entering the store, the simple, yet undeniably chic and elegant interiors, gives one the feeling of comfort and luxury, both at the same time, even while being surrounded by such glamour. Each corner has been dedicating to brand names that personify the creme of the fashion world. Among the products on display, are creations from some of India's best; names the likes of Ritu Kumar, Satyapaul, Rohit Bal, Colours of India and Orly. The store also houses creations from some of our own top designers, such as Shahrukh Amin and Samuel H, to name a few. The clothes on display include everything from saris and panjabis to tops, blouses and scarves. Also on display were scintillating designer clutches and shoes, set ablaze with heavy sequins and zari work, to match the exquisiteness of the outfits. Each designer has his or her own signature fabric and mode of design, such as muslin, chiffon, crepe, etc., thus creating something truly spectacular. And the price range, which starts from around Tk 11000 to Tk 48000, although, may seem a bit upscale, is nevertheless well worth it.

Apart from the clothes line, there is also a jewellery section that constitutes of a collection of fabulous earrings, necklaces and rings in semi precious stones, as well as a selection of exquisite diamond jewellery from Jagirdar; a collection that will truly take your breath away!

There is also a small but nonetheless, very significant Jamdani section, displaying some of the most intricate details in some of the most luscious colours!

With Etc Fashion Exclusives, one no longer has to go abroad in search for brand names when it comes to fashion, because they make it a point to bring it all to you! Etc Fashion exclusives is all about sophisticated shopping that guarantees the ultimate in satisfaction!

So, if you want to indulge yourself in something trendy, eye-catching and glamorous, all at the same time, be sure to drop by ETC Fashion Exclusives at Hosna Centre, 106 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212. Tel# 8852344.


By Farina Noireet


Hot tips for a cool summer

The pages of the calendar seem to have turned a little too quickly on their own, and summer is here once again, pompously announcing its arrival with the scorching heat and the rising humidity. While summertime in the Western hemisphere may be a much awaited and grandly celebrated part of the year, for us, it means struggling to keep our cool in the blazing sun and at the same time sweating uncontrollably and often falling ill.

Although there had been times when we used to be ecstatic about the season, but nowadays it has almost become a survival factor. This time around you will be more fatigued, annoyed and impatient, blaming and cursing nature's conspiracies. It has also been predicted already that there are possibilities of temperature rise during the middle of May that can even persist till June. But do not get alarmed by this thought, all you need to do is maintain some basic requirements to outsmart nature.

Having fluids
As clichéd as it may sound, summer takes a bad toll on the water level of your body, making it necessary that you take an extra effort to replenish your body’s water needs. As your sweat glands work overtime during this period, you need to drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day to keep yourself hydrated. If 3-4 litres of plain water seems too bland for you, you can add a dash of lime and mint to chilled water and turn into a refreshing glass of lemonade. Fresh fruit juices made from watermelon, pineapple and orange are also wholesome substitutes for plain water. Avoid carbonated drinks and caffeine as the extra sugar content dehydrates your body.

Saline contents of your body are normally lost through sweating, so you should also drink at least a glass of saline every day. Make sure you carry a bottle of chilled water with you at all times whenever you plan to step outside.

At the end of the day, do try to sip on some glucose rich fluids to avoiding the chances of becoming hypoglycemic.

Surviving a tan
Being the largest organ of your body, your skin is the most exposed part, making it prone to severe sunburn that may lead to allergies, prickly rashes and even skin cancer in the long run.

Try to avoid direct sunlight from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on summer days, when the sun is at its blazing best. Sunscreen lotions with SPF of 15 or higher are 'can't-do-without' products during summer. Always remember to slather on some sunscreen to all your exposed body parts before you step out in the sun. Do splash your face with cold water every couple of hours and reapply sunscreen. You can also make use of wet tissues widely available in the market to get rid of the sweat and grime on your face and neck and give you a fresh and cool feeling.

Some are even allergic to the ultra violet rays. They should wear clothes to cover them up. Some people opt to use lotions to keep the skin supple. You may also wash your face with ice cold water once your home from outside.

Keep it loose
Tight-fitting and dark coloured clothes are a complete no-no in summer. Wear loosely fitted attires in light, airy fabrics that give your skin ample room to breathe. Soothing pastel colours have always been the colours of choice during summer and floral prints can add the glamour factor to your summer wear. Men can include candy colours and striped t-shirts in their wardrobe.

Baseball caps can provide shade from the sun and add style to any man's signature. The good old dupatta can also be of help. Remember to protect your eyes from the glaring sun with quality, fashion sunglasses.

Surviving load shedding
Summer is also the time for intense load shedding. Cool showers can be quite invigorating during the unwelcome hours of load shedding. Your home interiors can be kept cool during the sweltering summer days with bed linen and curtain in very light colours- white, peach or baby pink. A bowl of ice, set in front of a table fan can blow cool air into the room, which can be quite refreshing. If you can place a few Beli garlands in the bowl, the fragrance will refresh and soothe your nerves.

Managing heat stroke
The unbearable heat can often cause heat stroke. A person suffering from heatstroke should be immediately taken to a shady place. If unconscious, sprinkle water on the face. As the person regains consciousness give them sweetened drinks. Rush to the hospital if the condition is severe. In order to prevent heatstroke, take plenty of water.

Deshi tips
Our grannies have their own list of traditional, summer survival tips. It is believed that sour treats like tamarind and green mango can prove to be a sigh of relief from the heat. You can soak tamarind in a bowl of water for few hours. Sieve, add some salt and sugar and allow to chill in the refrigerator. The drink can truly recharge your body and soul. This will also help maintain the electrolyte balance of your body and keep you levelheaded. Lie down on a Shitol Pati (cool mat) during the hours of load shedding or while completely exhausted.

Be content and do not let the harsh elements of summer make you feel miserable. Remember a few of these useful tips and you will breeze through summer before you know it. The days will pass and pleasant days will be here in no time. So go ahead and beat the heat…in style!

By Wasia Mehnaz and Yamin Tauseef Jahangir
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

On The Cover

The ramps have been heating up this past week. Catch the action on page 4, and check out the newest clothing store in town on page 1.
Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain


Every year, students from all over the country flock to Dhaka for their tertiary education. So finding a place to live in is essential. If you don't have any close relatives, you can always opt for renting a house and sharing with roommates.

A shrewd advice
When you are looking for a place to live, take a parent or a guardian with you. Let him/her talk to the landlord about the rent and other details. Ask your parents to come and live with you for a day or two on a regular basis. The role of a guardian is to free yourself from the 'bachelor' image. Finding a landlord who has no problem with renting a flat to a bunch of young boys or girls is almost next to impossible.

Don't mess up
If you have the option to choose your roommate, make sure you pick someone who is closer to you as a friend or someone trustworthy and whom you can relate to. If the company suits your taste, try to get boarding even if the cost is a bit on the higher side.

Try to accommodate, because in the long run, you'll be more content if you have a nice roommate to share your home with.

Work things out
Before you settle in, make sure you take care of every minor detail in advance- which bedroom you would prefer, the bills, cost allocation, everything. But also be willing to compromise on certain issues. You'll probably also need someone to come and cook a meal for you once a day, so take care of that too.

If you want to correct your roommate on something, be diplomatic. Never arouse resentment as it may lead to misunderstandings. Never shout at your roommate, and try pointing out his/her mistakes indirectly. And always respect the other person's point of view, even when you do not entirely agree with him.

By M.H. Haider



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