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Shop Special

Make an impression with Emprint

With stores and clothing outlets sprouting up like mushrooms all over the city almost everyday, shop owners have to be under constant pressure to come up with something new and different to grab the attention of clients and customers, as well as keep them coming for more. And Emprint, the newest kid on the block when it comes to stores that provide designer items, seems to have what it takes!

Owner and designer, Farzana Yusuf showcases her very latest collection, which is definitely worth taking note of. The collection includes everything from clothing to household items. Focusing on the current season, the designer has used light hues and shades of pastel, such as powder blue, coral pink and white; colours that can be related to summer and all its glory. And the materials that have been used as fabrics are mostly hand woven textiles such as cotton, endi and silk. Apart from the usual daily wear, there is also a separate range that includes wearable outfits for evenings, which although exclusive, are no less comfortable. Each item has been designed keeping the pros and cons of this season in mind, having special emphasis on comfort. The embellishments used include mostly thread work, although there are designs done exclusively on karchupi, beadwork, Ari-embroidery, as well as pearls, which greatly accentuates the soothing summer pastel colours and adds glamour to the entire ensemble. Most of the shalwar kameez in the summer collection are complete with chiffon and georgette dupattas, to keep it light and give them a flowy silhouette for summer. Also available are summer cotton saris in hand and block prints, as well as tops and kurtis that one can wear over pants or skirts. The prices of saris and shalwar kameez range from Tk 2000 to Tk 4000, while the kurti collection is priced from Tk 850 and above.

Emprint also includes a separate section, dedicated entirely to household items. In addition to the summer fashion clothing range, designer Farzana Yusuf has created an assortment of silk and cotton cushion covers, curtains and table linens. The sumptuous white-on-white range of sheer muslin curtains and cushion covers will bring cool elegance to the hot summer days. And for a cosier ambience, the range of hand block printed cushion and table linens are perfect for dressing your home for a summer afternoon party. These come in matching sets that include runners, tablecloths, coasters, placemats, napkins, etc. The prices for the cotton range starts from Tk 350 and for the muslin range the price starts from Tk 750.

So if you're looking to turn some heads this season, make it a point to check out Emprint at shop#17, ground floor of Rupayan Golden Age, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212. Tel# 01730022002; web: www.myemprint.com!

By Farina Noireet

Restaurant Review

View 211

With so many options to choose from, when it comes to eating out in Dhaka, one may easily be very confused. The best solution to this problem is possibly to try new places for a change. One of the new dining options to open up is View 211, opposite to the now famous Cofi11. Located at Building # 11, Road # 46, Gulshan # 2, the joint has been christened View211 as it has a view of the lighted and buzzing round about of the Gulshan 2 circle. It is indeed a sight when seen from above, while gulping down something delicious.

View 211 offers a wide array of Indian cuisine- rolls with plain naan, rolls with parata, vegetarian dishes, different kind of breads and many different styles of beef, mutton, fish and chicken. There are a total of 72 options to choose from and Tk 350 is about enough to satisfy one person. The most costly dish on the menu is the regal Prawn Tandoor, at Tk 850. Quality is not compromised and it is nice to see that quantity too is taken largely into consideration.

The restaurant is continuing to add new items to the menu and if you are lucky enough, they may serve you a complimentary dish of their latest inclusion. The food is delicious and the service is friendly. The seating arrangement is spacious and also unique in its décor. The interior is also nicely done and lends an authenticity to the atmosphere.

If all that wasn't enough, you can also create your own combo meal consisting of a maximum of five items, which you can name yourself; if you suggest a great treat, then your combo will be put on the menu for a week and you will be credited 5% off the total amount of your creation! It is great fun to think up something different and tasty, making you feel almost like a chef!

View 211 indeed boasts variety, serves quality and provides quantity. If you are planning to treat yourself to something special, do check out this restaurant. You won't regret it!

By Osama Rahman

On The Cover

With the mercury sitting high, opt for light, comfortable clothes in summer-friendly colours. Check out Page 6 for our latest shopping updates.
Photo: Prabartana's Nayab Collection


The human kindness of milk
Even researchers couldn't believe the power of milk to dissolve fat while building muscle. Imagine a food that speeds the loss of fat from the body, particularly the stubborn belly fat linked to heart disease and diabetes while it pumps up muscle. You probably already know such a food but don't consume as much of it as you once did. It's milk, notably the reduced fat variety. The double effect of fat loss and muscle gain from milk is so pronounced that it transforms bodies, especially those of women.
In randomised studies of overweight people fed a calorie restricted diet for 24 weeks, those given a low-dose calcium supplement lost 6.4 percent of their body weight. A high calcium supplement group lost 7.7 percent. Those fed the equivalent amount of calcium in dairy foods, however, lost 10.9 percent of their body weight; two-thirds of the loss was in the abdomen. Dairy had a very unexpected effect in targeting fat around the body's midsection.
When the body isn't getting enough calcium, it releases the hormone calcitriol, which constricts blood vessels. It also acts as a metabolic switch in fat cells, signalling cells to hold on to fat and make more (from sugar). High calcium levels, however, suppress calcitriol.

Milk and yoghurt additionally contain whey. Rich in the amino acid leucine, whey stimulates the building of muscle, which acts as a furnace for burning fat. It also contains peptides that uniquely suppress fat synthesis; milk also acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.
Fat-free milk boosts the ability of exercise training to build muscle and burn fat even as the exercisers consume extra calories. At least three servings of low-fat dairy foods a day, is recommended for dieters. The body can't absorb more than 500 milligrams of calcium at a time and for those out to build muscle, it is recommended to have two cups of fat-free milk right after exercise and again an hour later.

Compiled by Sam Q



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