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Dear doctor,
I am a 35 year-old woman. I read in your last column about breast enlargement. But I would like to know whether there is any treatment for reducing breast size. This can be a big problem and at times very frustrating.
A lot of patients come with this problem, complaining of backache and also other social problems. There is a surgical procedure where the breast is reduced in size. The surgery is done under general anaesthesia and the patient needs admission for at least one day.
The results are usually very good. Any well-trained cosmetic surgeon can perform this procedure.

Dear doctor,
How are you? I am a 50 year-old male. My problem is that I have itchy ears; they itch most of the time, I cannot control it. So, very often, I end up with an infection in my ears. I have consulted many doctors and they prescribe some medication, after which I am fine for a few days and then it re-appears. I would like a permanent solution for this, if possible.

With age the different glands in our skin, which secrete oils to keep it moist dry up. The same thing happens to the skin in our ears, which leads to dryness and that causes it to itch just like the skin on our body. This is one of the reasons for itching. But there may be some other causes.

If it is due to dryness, then just using 2 to 3 drops of olive oil or coconut oil in the ears every alternate day will help. If this does not help, please consult an ENT specialist.

News Flash

Trendz summer collection

With a wide range of attires from formal to casual, Trendz is set to present their summer fashion for 2008. For the last few seasons, Trendz has made quite an impact on the fashion front. This time around, for office goers they offer Premium and Executive attires in 100 percent cotton. Stripes and solid colours make an equal bold statement with casual wear- polo shirts, t-shirts and jeans - completing the men's ensemble.
The ladies can opt for endi tops and remy cotton, embroidered in karchupi. The collection also offers a range of t-shirts, polo shirts as well as formal wear- pants and long skirts. Available at all Trendz outlet: Bashundhara City, Banani, Uttara and Rifles' Square.
- LS Desk

@ Farzana Shakil's

What better way to cool off in this sweltering summer heat than getting pampered at a beauty salon? And speaking of beauty salons, Farzana Shakil's, is a name that is high on the list when it comes to trust and reputation.

Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon announces its new line of gift certificates for its valued customers, available in denominations of Tk 250 and Tk 500. The gift certificates can be used to avail the full range of services on offer at the salon, and are an ideal way to treat your friends and family to a day of pampering and relaxation at Farzana Shakil's. For detailed information contact the Customer Care Executives at the salon or call # 8812215 (Gulshan) and # 9116057 (Dhanmondi).

Nayab @ Prabartana

RABARTANA launches 'Nayab', an exclusive hand woven and hand crafted collection designed by Namrata J Shah, on the 21st of May 2008. The new collection offers an array of luscious fabrics including pure cottons, silk, cotton blends and gorgeous Mirpuri silk brocades in running yardages.
'Nayab' focuses on coordinated men and women's wear in Indo-western styles; designs that have been inspired from Mughal influences, reflecting geometric and floral patterns in vibrant saturated tones.
So, drop by at Prabartana to check out their very latest!
Address: Gulshan Pink city, Plot#15, Rd#103, Shop#27, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212. Tel#01711400993.

Sizzling delights

The mouthwatering addition to the menu of the Pan Pacific Sonargaon's signature restaurant Jharna is truly an appetizing journey, complemented by our chef's special techniques for prepping and cooking, great BBQ sauces and, of course the variety of recipes: all-new ways to cook the best ribs. The delicious and hot roaster includes: chicken grill kebab, beef ribs with black pepper sauce, prawn with lemon butter sauce, beef steak with mushroom sauce etc.
There is also a whole range of assorted salads, sides, drinks, and desserts that rounds out the BBQ- be it beef, lamb, lobster, chicken, or even fish. Salmon, tuna, and vetki with barbecue sauce .The promotion will continue from 19 May to 28 May 2008 at Jharna from 6 pm - 11 pm everyday. In addition, there is a live cooking station to order your choice of cooking - well done, medium or rare. For more information, contact # 8111005 - 4140.

Deshal's summer collection

Deshal has always been known for their specialty in comfort, simplicity and elegance and their latest summer collection is no less! Their latest line includes saris, shalwar kameez and fatua in the most comfy fabrics, perfect as day wear, against the heat of the current season. The prices range from- Tk 280 to Tk 570 for tops and fatuas in Khadi and Narsingdi taat; Tk 850 to Tk 1350 for shalwar kameez and Tk 440 to Tk 1180 for saris.


My dear Man,

This is a letter to you who will probably never write back. However, this is exclusively a letter for you, to let you know what I have felt about us, our life together on this earth from every break of dawn to fall of night, from the tranquility of night and turbulence of lovemaking to the rising of the smiling sun, from every sigh to tear, laughter to hysteria, life to death and so on. Before that, Man, I wish you could honestly tell me what you have thought of me in these thousands of years. Now that you are not here to speak, I would rather ponder alone on the relationship we had.

Man, what do you think I wanted from you? The best treats of coffee, ice cream, or pizza at the best restaurant; the trendiest haircut from the best hairdresser on Eid or the most expensive sari on Pohela Boishakh? If you thought any one of these as a prerequisite on my list, I would rather say you are not wrong but they bottom the list of my rudiments while the things that top the list are somehow lost to your eyes. The thing I needed most from you is your concern; concern- not about my body but concern about my “heart”. Since this is supposed to be the exclusive organ which made you important in my life! So much so that I could love you and the world continued to be.

Yes, I will never deny that our former days were predominantly euphoric with almost unbearable intensity. You were my Prince Charming and I was Cinderella reborn! When we first met you told me that you were feeling the way you had never felt before and thought perhaps that is why we were acting so childish and passionate. But then again you said, “That's okay, dear. We ought to enjoy every moment we have with each other. Love really turns you into what you are not. You are changing, and so am I. It's special.” So I changed, lost some of my choices in life, lost some of my power, but I never minded that as long as you chose for me what I will do or have and you took my power.

And it was special indeed! There is no denying the fact. I continued listening to you, spellbound while you continued... “So no matter whatever happens to you, no matter what you feel inside that doesn't feel usual, don't worry, because that's the way you are supposed to feel and if we continue to be together, one day we will find that we are inseparable. I will wait for that day to come.”

So here I am, waiting for you but there are so many things, which don't feel usual at present! I have been thousands of times raped and assaulted while travelling alone or sitting at home; I am the absolute object of sensuality to the more sophisticated eyes that will not bruise me in the flesh but with their nasty glances they will do more! What's more, I can't find a trace of you around to protect me. In spite of it all I have learnt how to protect myself, I am earning my own bread now, rearing your children, who I look upon as a token of your love; in them I see my love blossom to the full and so I wait… I wait because you have asked me to.

Let's see how it turns out and the universe unfolds itself before you and me, or us together. I am trying not to worry too much, because I don't really see the point. I still continue to have some faith in you, although with much difficulty and I am not sure either your daughter will continue to be like me.
Yours in love.

By Fatima Tuz Zahra



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