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Shop talk

The mane story

I remember the fairy tale Rapunzel and wonder whether the scenario described there would have been a little different, had the story taken place in these modern times. What with the astounding variety of hair clips and hair bands and ribbons available now, would Rapunzel always have her hair flowing at the beck and call of the prince? I should think not. Step into any well-known supermarket or cosmetics shop, and you are bound to come across a mind-boggling array of eye-catching hair accessories. And why not, today's girls love to bring variations to their looks every day, and changing hairstyles with different accessories is just one way of achieving a hot new look for different occasions and different seasons.

Wide hair-bands are all the rage now. A pretty polka dot or a solid colour hair-band, in a matching or contrasting shade, can add funk and spunk to your attire. Teamed with cute tops and capris, these bands can give you a look that is retro and contemporary at the same time. So don't hesitate to look chic with these wide hair-bands, which are available in all major departmental stores like Agora, Nandan, Almas and Priyo within Tk 60 to Tk 150.

Hair around the shoulders can add to the discomfort of a sweaty summer afternoon. Neat ponytails or buns tightly secured with elastic hair bands can help you get rid of that discomfort, as well as give you a formal look appropriate for a professional environment. For a very casual look, you can choose from the vast array of hair bands found in different colours and sizes, keeping your comfort factor and style in mind. Punch clips can be very handy for this purpose too. The smaller ones can be used to keep your hair out of your forehead while the medium sized and bigger ones can help you tie your hair in tight buns. Hair bands and punch clips in all colours, shapes and sizes are widely available in most shops in Dhaka, starting from the small cosmetics shops in Gausia to all those in the big malls like Rapa Plaza, Metro Shopping Mall and the like. Prices can range from Tk 30 to Tk 150, sometimes more, depending on the shape, size and quality of the accessory. Dressy hair clips embedded with stones of different colours and sizes can also be used to add a touch of glam to your party look, but these will be slightly more expensive.

Wooden Chinese style hairpins nicely tucked into loosely tied buns can cutely complement traditional and fusion attires like saris and kurtis. Teamed with kimono styled tops and kurtis along with straight pants, you can get a very stylish oriental look. For these cute wooden hairpins, look no further than Jatra and Deshal. Sleek hairpins or <>kaata<>, as they are widely known, in pure silver can lend a very traditional 'zamindari' look to your ensemble when complimenting saris in muslin and <>jamdani<>. These ornate hairpieces with dangling trinkets can be bought at the silver jewellery shops at Chandni Chawk and Aarong. Prices may vary according to the amount of silver used in the hairpin.

In these days of innovation and uniqueness, when glam and style steal the limelight, the trusty thin black hair clips, which have stuck around for ages, are still irreplaceable. They diligently help you in taking care of your stray hair strands and make sure your ponytails and braids don't come undone. So don't forget to keep a few of these close at hand whenever you need to make a neat ponytail for an interview or even a French knot for a cousin's wedding. A dozen of these cost between Tk 5 to 15, and are available in two different sizes in New Market, Gausia and Chandni Chawk.

Choose the right accessories for your hair, and create a unique look that will be essentially yours, bringing in variations to suit the needs of different occasions and seasons!

By Wasia Mehnaz

Check It Out

When the bell tolls

Wedding ceremonies are the most extravagant and colourful events among all other social rites in Bangladesh. Many prefer extravagance, while others opt to keep the occasion memorable in a much simpler fashion. Whatever the choice may be this ceremony is indeed one of the most important events in our lives. Everyone goes on searching for the best buy, but it is not always possible at the given budget. Keeping this in mind, Interactive Media Ltd. has launched a web portal- www.shehnaibd.com - to make things easier and faster for us.

The website contains element tracker and other features, which has made it resourceful and attractive. One should not get confuse it with a matrimonial or a match-making site; rather, the site is unique in its way of providing all necessary information needed for a wedding, starting from ribbons to contact information for hiring elephants for transportation! Clothes, jewellery, make-up, salons, shoes, boutique, catering, honeymoon, you name it; and everything is just a click away!

Launched on 14 February 2008, the site covers the information of different outlets and individuals from six divisional cities of the country, allowing viewers the choice of availing full services of the site, no matter where they are. When asked how the idea of shehnaibd was conceived, Symon Imran Hyder the Managing Director says “People now lead a very hectic life. It has become difficult for us to get all the information at the same time. Technological advancements have now made life easier and as the number of users is increasing everyday, it is possible to access the Internet with a click and get the desired information without being dependent on others. The portal helps to get the contacts of the outlets, thereby relieving you from running around in circles and becoming haywire. The site also provides web links of several outlets so that you can surf through their collection and have a vast and more detailed knowledge on the buying.”

Hyder also said that there is a team of experts who are always collecting data on new trends and exclusive wears and keeping the viewers content with latest updates and news. Those who are living abroad and intend to get married in the country will definitely find this site a suitable guide for making wedding preparations. However, the site does not provide information about the prices, as they are always fluctuating. But this matter will be solved in the near future.

Hyder also pointed out the option for live broadcasting, through which you can view the wedding, no matter, in which part of the world you are. From his experience he has observed that people often make promises in earnest but find it often proves difficult to be present at the occasion in person. The feature was added to help relatives, friends and well-wishers, who are at distant places, to enjoy the moments and share the joy with the rest who are lucky enough to be present in person.

Shehnaibd.com is aware of people's needs and the project is indeed a success. With its name highlighting the culture of our country, the site wishes to expand and cover all the places, as well as touching lives at the same time.

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir


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