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Crossing miles
Meeting deadlines and stressing yourself until you are at the edge of your limits may be the regular responsibilities of city life. But sometimes you should just break free and discover the endless existence that nature has to offer. If you can read my mind, then yes, I am thinking about a road trip! You should divert your mind by making a plan on any weekend and step on the accelerator to whiz beyond the horizon. Here are few a tips, which you may find to be useful.

Car check
Firstly you need to do a car check before hitting the highway. You should see whether your car battery is okay for the long trip. The next essential thing is tyre pressure. People often make mistakes by not noticing this part, thereby falling a victim to flat tyres. It is wise to have the pressure measured by using a computerized pressure gauge, which will enable you to get the accurate psi of the pressure. Keeping this in mind, do take care of your spare wheel as well. The car's V-belt is a crucial thing, which is related to the running of your engine. So, remember to check if the belt is tight and working perfectly. Fill up your radiator with coolant, which will prevent the engine from heating up and always keep a spare bottle of water. This will relieve you from the tension of getting stuck in a no-mans-land and you can drive smoothly with ease. Testing the suspension is also very important before heading for long hour drives. The roads of our country tend to take quite a toll on the balance of the car and having said this, the steering rack ends and the ball joints of the wheel should be adjusted as well. Engine oil is a 'cannot be without' factor for the car and you should use the proper one suitable for the engine and carry a spare can too.

Tool kit
You will have to be prepared for the unexpected, and considering this your car trunk must be loaded with toolkits. Try to manage a set of wrenches. Screwdrivers with starred or flat heads are absolutely necessary. You can also carry pinheaded or large pliers, which will help you to work your way with the wires. Flashlights should get the top most priority as it gets difficult to work in the dark. Keep at least a 15 feet long Manila rope. You never know when you can get a stalled engine and might be in need of some assistance from another car.

Now that you have a 'know how' over the car essentials, it will be easier for you make your road trip a more memorable one. So wait no more, fill up the tank and set the pace to zoom away from the chaotic city life and find new means to unlock the spirit in you!

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir



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