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Urban green

THe impact of colour on emotions is undeniable. Different shades and hues affect us differently. Green is a colour generally associated with life, health and freshness. It promotes a feeling of comfort and wellbeing. Even in interior designing, green is a versatile colour that can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room.

Today, we focus on earthy hues and shades from a natural palette. Neutral schemes remain ever popular because their smart and tasteful tones are relaxing and comfortable. The success of natural colour schemes such as brown, beige and green relies on the use of textural fabrics to add in such interest.

Colour, texture and pattern; these three work together to create the prevalent mood of a room. Sometimes texture can suggest temperature: smooth and shiny textures give a cool impression; soft, raised textures convey a sense of warmth. Use these attributes to create different effects. Displays combining fabrics or finishes of very different temperatures can be visually engaging; using textures of similar temperatures brings a sense of quiet harmony to a room. In today's feature, we take a look at a living room with a nature-inspired theme.

One usually doesn't think green is a suitable colour for the living room, but keeping the intensity of colour in mind, tree green or lime can be ideal. In this room we used a natural scheme. The walls are beige, the floor and ceiling a pristine white. The light colours render the bright and airy, a feeling reinforced by spacious windows and light beige colour day and night curtains. The texture of the fabric is very smart, rectangle block and highly transparent quality, gives sufficient daylight. So, the curtains are also healthy looking.

The living room is slightly divided by a sleek open shelf. Actually, this is a punch area. Here we arranged an open display for decorative pieces. Accessories can change, add necessary warmth and evolve as we do. Shelves offer opportunities to present interesting vignettes.

We placed a roomy beige and brown sofa, on one side of the living room. On another, we placed a green five seater sofa. The cactus pattern on the upholstery and cushion create visual interest. We also arranged two single Victorian sofas with deep green floral print fabric against deep brown wood. Three wooden ducks are placed on the coffee table to create an attraction. Green is so lovely, that a small plant can change any atmosphere. We placed some pot plants in the shelves and a bunch of green leaves with dolonchanpa flower in a modern vase looks great.

Together, the neutral hues, relieved by touches of fresh green create a bold and dramatic, yet comfortable look for the living room.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks: Nasreen Sultana


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