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Summer fiesta

A gentle southern breeze, a soothing atmosphere and a friendly ambience is all that you would require to plan out a wonderful outdoor summer party. Chilling under an open sky on a starry summer night should be a perfect option to choose for holding get-togethers such as family reunions or even inviting your dearest ones whom you seldom get time to meet. Of course you need to make arrangements accordingly and one would always opt for the best deals.

Summer parties involve a lot of preparations and it is necessary that you look into every minute issues which, although you may consider to be petty, in fact play quite a significant role. Most of us have more or less hosted parties and therefore possess some experience in that arena. But even then, we often tend to make mistakes in going about things. Well, having said this, all that needs to be done is to list out the 'things to do' and stick to some basic plans.

First of all, the venue is a factor that needs to be taken care of. If you are interested in arranging a party in the lawn, make sure you fix up the grass using a lawn mower sometime before the day of the event. It is absolutely necessary to maintain a liaison with the best decorators who will make your place look truly grand. If you have got some different ideas regarding the design, do share it and let your imagination come to reality.

Some prefer to make arrangements on the terrace; for that matter, you need to be a bit innovative in providing a more sophisticated look to the place. You may avoid any shabby outlook by keeping candles in places but keep in mind that the environment doesn't get any uncomfortably warmer than it usually is.

After taking care of this part, you need to let people know about your plans. Make sure your neighbours know that you are planning a party. If they want peace and quiet by a certain time, try to be cooperative. Nobody wants a good time ruined by agitated neighbours. Call up friends and family members and also your acquaintances and make sure your have ample entertainments to offer your guests. Since it is humid during this time of the year, get hold of fans and place them in convenient positions so that the entire place is airy. You may advice a dress code, such as wearing cotton, which will obviously help in making your guests feel more comfortable and therefore ensure a good time for all. Try to fix up a bar-b-q grill at a corner of the place as many may like to try out the delicious roasted sausages and kababs. As for the kids, you should keep some gift boxes; this will earn you some extra credit in terms of being a proper host.

Outdoor parties tend to attract the undesirable attention of bugs and other annoying critters! The best way to get rid of them is by using radiation tubes. The ray from the tube attracts the insects and kills them once they are in contact. If you are arranging any musical sessions, then put the chairs and tables in a precise manner so that everyone can view the stage properly. Apart from these, a buffet dinner that offers a lot of variety would make a right choice for the attending guests and try to mix up the dishes and keep a good variety. You can keep stain removers in case of any kind of spillage and can solve the problem instantly.

Nothing beats the summertime heat like a fun pool party. To throw a good one, all you need is a decent sized swimming pool and some creativity to make it a smashing success. Safety should be a main priority; assess the age group who will be attending the party. No matter what, it is important to be prepared for all levels of swimmers - life jackets are highly recommended. If small kids are present, make sure you have arm floaters and float toys for them to use. As for adults they can easily have a dive in the water anytime they feel the need to cool themselves. If you can afford it, try to have plenty of beach towels and beach balls for guests to use. You can even buy cheap sunglasses to hand out as party favours; this will help put everyone in the party mood right from the start. You can even put up chairs for people to relax or can switch to some upbeat tune.

Although you are up to planning for the best summer party ever, all your efforts will go in vain if you do not capture the memorable moments in a camera. So, grab one and click you way towards a joyous ride on a blazing summer night!

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir



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