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Eating out


If you liked the dining experience at the Copper Chimney in Chittagong, you'll love Casablanca, a new venture by the same group.

The glass-panelled doors swing open to give you a warm, cosy view. Warm wood and decorative etched and painted glass work together to create an atmosphere of life and colour. Taking pride of place is the buffet section, which is arranged in a manner as to ensure free movement of traffic, while at the same time, allowing diners to browse the offerings at their leisure. A unique feature of this section is the transparent kitchen, where the chefs whip up their magic in plain view.

The food on the main menu is Indian and Sichuan Cuisine, although the buffet offers deshi items as well. With chefs trained at the Raj Oberoi Hotel in India, one can be assured of nothing less than a good meal there. One can choose from a rich selection of biriyani and shahi food as well as crunchy and Oriental offerings like their spicy crab. With the hot summer in mind, what we loved best was their fresh fruit juice selection.

Casablanca offers a special lunch buffet at Tk 350, in addition to regular a la carte meals. The restaurant is located on Level 1, Hosna Centre, 106, Gulshan Avenue.

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