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News flash

NSUSSC's workshop on corporate grooming
In the rat race of today's corporate world, it is no longer wise to assume a valuable degree from a renowned educational institution is all it takes to grab the job of your dreams. With the growing competitiveness, companies are becoming more demanding when it comes to recruiting new employees. Suave, smart, composed and sophisticated are some of the requisite qualities for young professionals of today. The 'Corporate Grooming Workshop' was held at North South University on the 25th of June keeping this fact in mind. Organized by North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC), the main goal of this event was to bridge the gap between the future graduates and the corporate world, by giving them tips on how to face interviews and how to carry themselves at work. Habib's at Persona and Persona lent their whole-hearted support to NSUSSC as part of their corporate social responsibility, since they also believe that graduating students need some guidance that will help them excel in the corporate world in the future.

Dr. Hafiz G.A. Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, North South University, was the Chief Guest for the event. High officials from renowned companies of Bangladesh were also present to share their views on the expectations that corporate houses have from fresh graduates of today. An interactive session was arranged where the guest speakers answered queries from the students and clarified specific points.
Later, Kaniz Almas Khan, demonstrated for the students the difference between corporate and casual attire, how hair should be styled and make-up should be worn to work so that students can maintain professionalism at work and avoid giving off the wrong vibes. The whole day of 24th June had been spent grooming the volunteers and giving them dashing makeovers, appropriate for the corporate environment.
The event concluded with a raffle draw, where one lucky winner got a laptop sponsored by Acer, while several others won printers, pen drives and other educational materials sponsored by Persona. Internship placements were also offered by the companies for NSU students. All in all, the event was a success and the future entrants of the corporate world came out a lot more knowledgeable than before.

By Wasia Mehnaz

A little night music

Music, they say, has no boundaries. No matter what the language, music has the ability to unite us in a harmony that goes beyond mere words. It is of no wonder, thus, that among so many days dedicated to fathers, mothers, friendship, etc., there is also one that is entirely dedicated to the universal language of music, which is widely celebrated in many parts of the world. And this year, Dhaka was not left out.

In an event that screamed elegance and grandeur, the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, co-sponsored by Eastern Bank Ltd., celebrated World Music Day on 21 June 2008. Their Grand Ball Room was transformed into an entirely different world altogether, with sheer white drapes hanging from the ceiling and tables covered in laced, white muslin. Yet, there was also a very comfortable and slow paced ambience about the place.

The event, which was hosted by Humaira Bashir and Abdun-nur Tushar, was started off with a song performed by Bashir, followed by a small introduction, by the hosts, on the history of music.

Then began the main extravaganza. Graced with celebrities the likes of Sabina Yasmin, Abdul Hadi, Rafikul Islam, Abeda Sultana, Papiya Sarwar, Abdul Jabbar, Khurshid Alam, Fatima Tuz Zohra, Indra Kumar Raj Bangshi, etc., who were asked to come up on stage to give a small informal interview with the hosts and then one by one asked to sing one of their most famous songs, the night truly turned out to be something memorable for music lovers, or everybody else present, for that matter.

Among the many highlights of the event was when the evergreen Firoza Begun was asked to sing two lines, and when Mina Bashir performed a few lines from a charming Nepalese song.

The purpose of special occasions like World Music Day is to present a diverse assortment of musical flavours on a single platform, and the event successfully catered to just that!

By Farina Noireet

New product from Mark Distribution and Logistics

Mark Distribution and Logistics is launching an international brand- Spring- a high quality sanitary napkin from from 1st June 2008. Their other international brands are- Four Seasons condoms, Barbasol shaving foam and gel, Marko Fisher office and school stationery. Spring is a high quality sanitary napkin and it is the super absorbent gel inside that makes it different from the existing brands. Super absorbent gel is such an ingredient that absorbs the liquid in a fraction of a second and turns into solid form which prevent any leak. It will be available in all pharmacies and convenience shops from June 1, 2008.
-LS Desk

Check it out

Food promotions at the Westin

Possibly the most contemporary restaurant in the city, Taste is offering Pan Asian, a la carte meals, from a selection of beef, poultry and seafood. Indulge in a delicate taste of noodle from around Asia Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malay and Indian. After a full meal, pamper yourself with a wide selection of revitalizing tea, coffee beverages and innovative snacks coupled with light entertainment.
Treats offers a range of freshly baked items, refreshing tea and coffee, signature chocolates, cookies, scrumptious pastries, inspired mocktails and beverages. The restaurant, open 24/7, also offers take away services. Tempt yourself with appetising savory waffle sandwich and Banana Tira Misu, the master pastry chef's personal creation.

Potatoes to the rescue in rice shortage

Bangladesh-born Chef Tommy Miah has decided to help counter act the current rice shortage by promoting the potato.
With the cooperation of British Airways a trial batch of prime Scottish seed potatoes will be presented to Sreepur Shishu Polli Plus (Orphanage).
His latest venture, a Bangladesh Food Festival at the European Parliament in Brussels will include a variety of dishes using potatoes.



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