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Monsoon fantasy
We associate monsoon with wet cool rain, splash of colour, warm strong fragrance, watery vacations, and ice cold palettes. It is a time to soak in pleasures and indulge in activities that can boost your spirit and soul.

Monsoon dress
Lounging around in soft flowing styles is simply divine on a rainy day. Go bare feet and let your hair tousle over your feminine kaftan. The dress should be easy and comfortable. It should allow you to casually move about in a comfort zone. The style should be laid-back, but not unflattering. Bright floral elements on the outfit will cheer up a dull afternoon. Lift your spirit with a draped toga style ensemble.

Accessorise yourself
You need to think about your fashion accessories. Put away your long danglers and take out your bold neckpieces. Make a statement with your beautiful faux necklaces in stunning semi precious stones, shells, wooden or in those flashy plastic reflectors. It is the colour; composition and opus that will bring it forward and create the monsoon drama.

Flirty flowers
Pick up flowers for your study, bedroom or lounge. Our florists in town are stocked with the most fragrant monsoon flowers. Magnolias, jasmine, gardenias, and rose are blessed with the sweetest heady scents perfect for the monsoon moments. You can also dash the freshest scents. I would recommend Dolce& Gabbana the One, Just Cavelli Pink, Bvlgari Rose Essentielle, Valentino Rock n Rose.

It may be monsoon but you will need to play hide and chic in the shades. The sun may walk away for a while and let the earth soak in the rain but rest assure it will be smiling right back at us and you shall need to protect yourself. There are many different shapes that are in fashion. Aviator glares are classic. Medium to large oversize styles are always good. Square Jackie Kennedy in tortoise shell finish is very hip this season. Fendi, Armani and Gucci are all showing feminine oval shapes in neutral colours. Pick any that suits your personality.

Hot hues
Lagoon blue, Tweety yellow, shocker pink, jade green, citrus orange, calypso pink and lavender are going to be the charming rain washed colours of the season. Use it well and it will grow on you. Wraps, scarves, dupattas are great with fashion colours. You really don't need to take it too seriously although it just might brighten up your life during monsoon.

Haute heels
Fashion not without your shoes. High wedges are going to be the hot elevation this season. Fake plastic pairs are especially imminent this time of the year. But you can find plenty in patent lizard or crocodile skin. These fashion units have just the right utility. They are stylish and they keep you above ground water.

Bag it
Large carry all bags are great for now. Plastic or vinyl bags protect all your precious belongings in the bag without much effort. Come rain these bags come in real handy. These are totes with lots of pockets and stylish options and come in electric colours.

Super cuts
It is really the season to go short with the chicest haircuts. Easily manageable these styles are suitable for the wet months. It dries quicker and is perfectly right for any kind of clothing. You will need to have the right attitude and carry yourself elegantly. Coloured streaks are back. A streaked short hair look can be simply bold.

Fantasy edibles
Fresh mango smoothies, papaya juice, watermelon with crushed ice, sherbet, or lemonade, cool drinks are fantastic for hot monsoon afternoons. Just fruits or tossed salads in a Mediterranean green diet are a pampering power for your body and soul. Detoxify yourself by sticking to a strict organic diet by keeping to a healthy snack.

Lastly, read a book, stay home, you could even rent DVDs or go on a holiday, it could be anywhere, white water rafting in the mountains or to the pristine beaches. The idea is to take some time off. Do overtime of relaxing yoga and attempt to attain inner peace and tranquillity. The monsoon waters will clear out the refuse and allow you to move afresh and have a clean start.

Photo courtesy: Dressydale
Special thanks to Maya Rahman



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