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Photo Feature
words of silence

A thousand words are all that is needed. The length, breadth and everything in between, expressed craftily within crisp, flawless one thousand words.

The up-train to Mymensingh carries passengers and their sorrows; the down-train transports fresh blood from an impoverished district to the capital- new hopes, aspirations, a fresh start.

As we embarked on the local train to Mymensingh, the morning promised passionate stories, legacies woven in words and picturesque stills capturing moments in time.

But Umme Kulsum preferred silence, disclosing only her identity with utterance. She gently sat on a corner, keeping to herself. The blank look speaking of turbulent times and her concealed anxiety. She just sighed as I tried to speak.

Her sadness weighed down my enthusiasm. As I closely observed the train compartment 'Gha' and the people who embarked on it, I witnessed stories unfold, new tales told and images of new hope taking shape. For once I let silence speak for itself…

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


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