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Dear Doctor,
I am a male of 18 years and have been suffering from acne for a long time. I have tried many treatments but nothing is helping. I was wondering if you cud help me regarding this problem?

Acne is a very difficult problem to treat. Ideally this is supposed to be treated by dermatologist, who prescribe different types of antibiotics and creams depending on how active the acne is. Phototherapy is also advised when needed. It is one kind of light therapy that kills the bacteria inside the glands which causes the infection and pus formation.

As a cosmetic surgeon we can help with the pits and scars by different procedures like microdermabrasion and dermaroller. Microdermabrasion helps by reducing the depth of the pits and also giving the skin a better texture. Three to four sessions are required. Dermaroller also helps to smoothen the skin by releasing the adhesions under the skin. You can consult a cosmetic surgeon to find out what kind of treatment you need.

Hello Doctor!
I am a 24 years old female. I have problems with the shape of my ears. They stand out too much; its like you can see them most prominently on my face. Can anything be done to correct it.

I think there may be problem with the curvature of the cartilage which shapes the ear or even the size of your ears .The shape of your ear can be changed by corrective surgery. Proper examination is needed before deciding on the kind of surgery. Any experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon can help you.

Dear Doctor,
I suffer from blocked ears every time I fly from one place to another; sometimes there is also pain in the ears. This is causing much problems as I have to travel a lot. Is there something wrong with my ears? Can anything be done to prevent this?

Yes this is a fairly common problem. It happens due to the difference in pressure in the middle ear. Inside the plane, this causes the tubes which drain the ears known as eustachian tubes to close. So there is a feeling of obstruction and if you have a cold or if your nose is blocked for some reason there may be pain along with the blockage.

You can prevent this by chewing gum during 'taking offs' as chewing keeps the tubes open. Also if you use a nasal drop before you fly it will help. If the pain is too much to bear, please consult with an ENT specialist. Also get your nose checked to see if there is any blockage, which can also cause problems.

Dear Doctor,
I am a 50 years old man and my problem is that I snore. This is causing a lot of problems as my wife complains every day. My children often say that they can hear me from their room. I dont know what to do about it. I have heard that there is surgery available to correct this problem. Can you give me some information regarding this.

Well snoring can become troublesome especially if it disturbs your partner. As we age the muscles in our body becomes lax, the same happens to the muscles in our pharynx so they become flabby and move with your breathing and produce sound. If you are overweight then the problem is increased. So first you need to loose weight. You can change the sleeping posture which sometimes helps so keep the muscles taut.

Changing pillows also help. See if you have any obstruction in your nose to ensure proper airway. I think all of this will help you. The surgery that you mention is Palatopharygolasty where the muscles of the soft palate and pharynx are excised and shortened so they are not flabby any more. Its not a very popular procedure as its recovery is very painful and the results are controversial.

News Flash

Launch of Nokia E71 and E66

Nokia has always put high value on understanding consumers' requirements and expectations from them. That is why, as an answer to the growing demands of the current E-series users, the newer devices of the E-series have been designed to maximize the value of each moment, to pack more action into each split second. The sleek Nokia E-71 with full QWERTY keyboard and metallic finish has one-touch key options and its simple e-mail settings makes e-mailing as easy as just a few clicks. Scrolling through the phonebook is faster than ever before and the provision of Microsoft Word, Outlook and Powerpoint programs makes storing documents trouble-free. What more, the intricate locking system ensures the safekeeping of your messages and e-mails. The memory card can also be locked for enhanced safeguarding of your data.

It was a small crowd that met at Topkapi on the breezy evening of 14 August, 2008 for the launch of Nokia's E66 and E71, the latest additions to the dynamic world of cellular phones. Nokia's Communications Specialist Moutushi Rahman mentioned that the main motive of the informal get-together was to explain how these e-mail optimised devices could fit into the proactive lives of busy professionals to make them easier and less stressful. Moutushi highlighted how Nokia had noticed that the thin line between people's personal and professional life was gradually slimming into oblivion and this created the need for devices that would make the juggling of these two arenas of one's life smoother and more efficient.

According to Cindy Tay, Head of GTM, Emerging Asia, “The E-series devices were previously presumed to cater to the professionals working in massive companies, but now it is serving a more diverse clientele. Nokia E66 and E71 ensure that busy professionals can stay connected with their workplace at all times, to reduce their tension and stress.” Personal and professional emails are daftly handled and important attachments can be downloaded anytime, anywhere. That leaves no scope for tension. The easy switch mode provided by the devices allows people to switch easily between personal and work home screens, so a healthy balance of work and entertainment can be maintained.

One interesting feature of these two models is that you can silence a ringing phone by just tapping it twice with your finger! So if ever you forget to switch your phone to the silent mode during an important meeting and it suddenly starts ringing, you can save yourself a lot of embarrassment by quietly tapping it a couple of times only!

Along with all the features mentioned above, comes a 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera, a music player, an enhanced calendar and Nokia maps for easy navigation of pedestrians and drivers alike. All this comes at Tk 32000 for E66 and Tk 31500 for E71.

By Wasia Mehnaz Minna

Feast for the senses

FOR all you eager food connoisseurs out there, the Dhaka Regency presents a fabulous month-long food carnival, a respite where you can truly indulge all your senses! Launched on Thursday, July 31 2008, at the Grandiose restaurant on level six, the carnival, which will continue till the end of this month, also presents other attractions apart from mouth-watering delights for the palate. To accompany your scrumptious dinner, there will also be live music, as well as dance and crafts by young artists throughout the evening.

The Food Carnival, as the name suggests, will present delightful attractions from all around the world. The event comprises of a buffet theme of three cuisine sections- Eastern, Continental and Oriental. Prepared under the thorough supervision of Executive Chef A. T. M Ahmed Hossain, the wonderful array of food include dishes such as Arabian Style Roast Lamb, Peppered Beef Tenderloin, Tunisian Style Mutton, Moroccan Khus Khus with Chicken Tajin, Baked fish in Lemon Sauce, and my personal favourite, the Chicken Picata Milanese, to name a few. The Dhaka Regency also takes great pride in upholding our own deshi cuisine, where they offer dishes such as Achari Gosht, which has a distinct home made feel to it, and particularly the Regency Special Pickle, which is prepared out of 19 different types of fruit.

The appetizer section consists of almost everything from cold cuts to Chicken Satay, and the dessert section tell a whole new story altogether. Worth mentioning are the special Regency Blackforest and Whiteforest cake, the Polish Cheesecake, and an extra special German-Swedish cake called Dome, with five layers of heavenly flavours and a richness that is beyond description!

In short, there is something for everybody! This fabulous buffet is available at the usual rates of the Grandiose Restaurant, at Tk 950 per person, a reasonable enough price, compared to the enchantment that follows. The carnival will continue every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the menu changed everyday, so that there is always a new surprise awaiting. So, if you plan to give yourself and a loved one a treat this weekend, drop by for a true feast of the senses!

By Farina Noireet


My mother

LIFE has been always tough for me, so tough. It was like the vessel of my life sunk so much deep every time, every day until I no longer cared enough to retrieve it. Family played a healing and heightening part here and parents' were always the column and positions for mightiest inspiration. Otherwise, the idea of “Mom” was just fragments and it was like I waited for that every innovative chance of time to seep back down to the forsaken lake, which is time itself and knot out the pieces. So, here there is the revived passion and greatest sorrows of a legendary lifetime of growing-up with just nobody to care, understand and feel your heart beats at excel velocity. That is the point of life when I detested her and later found out the other side of this story.

I never got enough of her and maybe this is the first and crucial reason that she was my victim of sarcasm to motherhood. She left me- or I'd rather not say it this way- or she was pushed to have kept me apart and isolated from her for some dark 7 years or more. And time grew us more distant and indifferent. Every time we talked over phone, it was the equivalent and fashionably old consistent yet small conversations and mockery. All of us took privilege in accusing the other party, and there was nothing we believed in instead of being monotheistic. Here, this term “all of us” gladly or sadly represent the generation of we indecent yet love savvy and hungry people who were not brave enough to correspond the abysmal remoteness.

The professor me right now really want to be heard and speaks out- it's me always talking so good about for a new autobiography I write. Actually, that's the systematical emphasize for a boundary which is set outside the original horizon. I really, really have to pledge this lady- maybe not because she had done or put so much that disgusted me so much all these years- not because she had punish me for a crime I never foresaw- maybe not for she's evil women and I had relation and no longer one- but still there's instilled in me her jot of blood that I surrender to when I'm pained. This little thing running inside me is my life and that's her gift to me. How do I ever say it a mishap or forbidden sin? No relation perhaps gets purified and even attested to divinity that a mother-daughter's. Knowledge is enough when a new born child gazes at her mom's beautiful eyes and stares to find water falling downwards. Love is sometime all the things to remove dusk.

But maybe this is not the end- there's never an end. If the mercy of dearest God, the blessings and touch of my father's life is there, and the love of my mother and sisters stay so appealing I'd do so much success in life that people have to stop envying and just loving me for who I am. Mom, so this is for you: You are my key to success. That's a remembrance you should always keep. I'd love you forever and my mother you'll stay everlastingly. I will never forget the blood that reigns in my body. You are with me, eternal. I love you so much even if you don't, it doesn't have to matter.

By Fariha Naaz Shafi


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