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of bags and shoes

Radia is the envy of her female colleagues at the advertising firm she works in. To them, she seems to have an innate fashion sense that is unparalleled in terms of creativity and style. She always seems to know how to effortlessly turn a simple everyday outfit into an ensemble right off the runway!

T-shirts and denims from Bongo Bazar cling to her like Dolce and Gabanna! She's always the first one to sport a daring haircut and wear the latest trends. Her fashion statement, however, are her bags and shoes. She possesses an almost inexhaustible collection of bags and shoes, and owns stuff for every occasion and outfit.

Perfect clutch bags to match the lovely saris she wears at weddings, enviable pumps to compliment her jeans and stilettos to carry off the 'ravishing babe' look at office parties- she's got it all! To her friends and colleagues, she's fashion personified, thanks to her ability of teaming up the right accessories with the right clothes.

What is a perfectly glam outfit if it isn't accessorised by the right bag, and more importantly, the right kind of shoes? Forgetting to complete a look with the right handbag and shoes or mismatching one of these can be one of the most embarrassing fashion faux pas for girls.

Elephant Road is the name that first comes to mind when we think of buying sandals and shoes. With the innumerable number of little shops lining the main road, Elephant Road has catered to the needs of shoe lovers for years. These shops basically cater to diverse types of people with varying tastes and likes, so you might not like everything that you see. However if you skim through the shops, when you have some time to spare, you are bound to come across something you'll like. And there is of course the eternal Rakhi Shoes and the Chowrungi Market there, which have made a strong impression on the minds of shoe lovers and has been serving their needs well over the years.

Dhanmondi is a hot spot when it comes to shopping, with a new shopping mall appearing out of nowhere every other day. One of these very shopping malls, namely Metro, is actually a great place to go when you want to buy bags or shoes. Namira's Collection is a shop on the first floor that stocks a good collection of trendy bags. Within Tk 850-Tk 1000, you can get yourself fashionable leather bags in solid colours like maroon, black and burgundy. Valinda on the second floor stocks some stylish open sandals in flashing colours like purple, orange and sea green. These will look extremely chic when teamed with a plain white top and denims.

Celebrations is a shop that has branches in both Metro shopping mall at Dhanmondi and Pink City in Gulshan. Drop by at any of the branches to lay your eyes on a mind-boggling collection of first-class copies of bags from renowned brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Guess and Coach. Don't crinkle your nose at the mention of 'first class copies' because they are very much identical to the real ones; in fact, you might not even be able to tell the difference, except when you see the price tags. And yes, most of them are very beautiful and stylish. Some of the Coach handbags come in funky stripes in rainbow colours. These will look very elegant teamed with knee-length skirts and jackets and with bold neck ornaments. You can get yourself a very genuine-looking copy of a Chanel or Guess handbag within Tk 1400-Tk 2500.

Speaking of Pink City mall, there are several shops there, which you can check out if you want to lay your hands on some exquisite party sandals. Pari, for example, has a good collection of footwear for parties, embedded with beautiful stones and beads and available in glossy colours like matte golden, silver and copper. Gulshan Shoes on the first floor also has an eccentric collection of sandals in eye-catching tropical colours like moss green, orange and yellow. Team these up with draping skirts and beaded necklaces for a very chic bohemian look, apt for girls' day-outs.

Gulshan Shoes also has a good assortment of stilettos that will perfectly compliment saris and party dresses. Right beside Gulshan Shoes is a shop called Brighton that sells smart party sandals beautifully studded with stones and beads. Expression Boutique on the same floor carries some smart purses embellished with colourful beads. However, remember to stuff your bag with a healthy wad of notes when you plan to shop in Pink City because prices generally tend towards the higher range.

Also worth checking out is a little shop called Singer Roop in Taneem Square at Kamal Ataturk Avenue. This tiny shop hoards a wide collection of flat sandals with funky polka-dotted straps that will look great with capris or skirts. Sandals in flashing colours like candy pink, lime green, yellow and lavender are also available. Big handbags, which are very much in vogue now are also widely available in this store. The little clutch bags in glittery colours are also breathtaking in their own way, and can enhance your party look by several folds.

If you're passing by the Kolabagan Road, Lucky Plaza-2 is hard to miss. Situated right beside BFC, this shop carries beautiful high-heeled sandals in fashionable neon colours that are all the rage now. Teamed with a simple t-shirt and denims and with a large funky handbag, these shoes can turn your look from plain to va-va-voom! Aarong is also worth stopping by if you want to lay your hands on traditional Kolapuri sandals that look great with shalwar kameez suits. Elegant batuas in velvet can also be bought here at pretty reasonable prices. These will look great with saris at weddings or formal dinner parties.

So now that you know where to go when you want to buy pretty sandals or a cute bag to accessorize your Eid outfit, start your window-shopping right away, and who knows, you might become the next enviable fashionista of your friends' circle!

By Wasia Mehnaz Minna
Model: Sarah F Ahmad
Photo: Zahedul I Khan



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