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A potpourri of style
Don't be a style clone this season! Accessorize away with these bargain baubles and create a look that's all your own.

Blue botua
Fairytales come alive with this blue velvet tote

Wrist Wraps
Add a touch of Arabesque glam with these dome-tipped wrap-around copper bangles.

Chiffon chic
French chiffon is always elegant. Worn plain, or embroidered, they never fail to look stylish

Kurti cool
A kurti is a versatile style staple that works on any occasion. We're going for fruity colours in this festival season

Jamdani jazz
Another staple that never goes out of style is the jamdani. Contemporary motifs on traditional textiles hold their own at any event

A jade pendant lends Oriental mystique to your casuals

Flowers that never fade
Stay fresh, wherever, whenever, with this white jade rose locket.

All that glitters...
...may not be gold, but look nice on a pair of dangly earrings anyway.

Greening it
Team up your outfit with a necklace of jade beads and watch them go green with envy

Semi precious stones
Silver and semi precious stones are bold style statements this year.

Drop earrings with colourful stones will liven up a mild palette

Tribal Trends
Colourful beads create folksy motifs to make this clutch purse an object to be desired.

Pearls for the girls
A string of pearls, black or white, adds sophistication to the simplest attire


Bed business

A bedroom is the place where you can leave the rest of the world outside. This effect can be achieved through careful placement of furnishings, fabrics and accessories. Although many furnishings can create comfort- a chair for reading, a carpet at the bedside, a table to keep necessities, a beautiful bedroom begins with its essential piece of furniture, and that is a great bed. So, if you want to create a perfect bedroom, especially for the festive day, then you require some good planning.

You can choose a bed suited to your needs. Begin by considering the classics. Platform beds, true to their name, are simply that: stylish platforms for a mattress without headboard or foot-board. Four-poster beds add drama and visual height to a bedroom. Iron beds have the appeal of antiques and an airy framework that's especially suited to small spaces. The gentle curves and shapely proportions of a sleigh bed are perfect for a room with a bed as its centerpiece.

Access your space
The size of your bed depends not only on the number of people sleeping in it, but the size of your room as well. A king-sized bed in a tiny room is obviously not a good idea. Always make sure there is ample room to access the bed from both sides of it. It is easier for changing sheets or swing out wardrobe doors.

When going mattress shopping, make sure you lie down on it for a few minutes to test the product before making a purchase. If there are two people sleeping on the bed, both of you should test the mattress at the same time. Lying down on a soft, fluffy mattress may feel perfect at first, but come morning, you'll be plagued with aches and pains. A good mattress should be able to fully support your body without visibly sagging. Some people prefer sleeping on a softer mattress that allows them to sink in slightly. This is perfectly fine, as long as the coils revert back to their original shape when you get up.

Bed sheets and covers
When it comes to choosing the right bedding, you can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer amount of variety out there to pick from. Many homeowners make their decision based on design alone. If you want a comfortable night's rest however, it's best for you to do a little research before heading out to the shops to get your stuff.

Cotton sheets are the most popular natural fiber in our country and the most comfy too. Most cotton linen is also durable, holding up even after repeated washings. Some synthetics bed covers such as acrylic, rayon and polyesters are available in vibrant and fashionable colours. Synthetic bedding is more resistant to wrinkling and long lasting and attractive but these are uncomfortable for regular use in tropical weather.

The pillow is a cute small favourite item. Pillow choice is very personal. Some people prefer a soft pillow that moulds to their body, while others want a firm pillow to support their head and neck. You should select a pillow based on your body size. The natural fiber offers excellent moisture absorbency, allowing the pillow fill to breathe and offer a more comfortable night's sleep. Feather and down pillows are softer and loftier than other pillows. Down is made from the delicate tufts that cover geese beneath their feathers and are exceptionally fluffy and soft. Feathers on the other hand are flat and still have their quits attached. Feather pillows are best for people who prefer a soft shape that moulds around their head and shoulders.

Foam pillows are good for people who want firmer support to the back and spine. These are specially used for decorating the bed with matched comforter or bed cover.

If you're seeking a fresh look, you have several options. Repositioning furniture such as your bed is one option. Changing all the bed linens is another. A combination of the two gives a big impact with minimal effort: change and rearrange a few key pieces and switch the style of bedding and other soft furnishings.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Tamim Sujat


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