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Dear Dr. Khan,
My age is 26. One of my front teeth has been root canalled and capped since 2002. But unfortunately I have been suffering from different problems from the very first year of treatment. The cap was put off after a year. When I went back to the dentist he told me that the base was too small to be capped (even though he himself had made the base!). However, then he made an artificial base and put the cap on. But within a year I went through the same experience. By then I had to change doctors. My new dentist told me that the base, which had been artificially made, was not so strong. So he made another one. Since then, I've felt better for almost one and half years. But nowadays I am feeling discomfort. My tooth seems very weak and limp. Now what should be done? Please give me a permanent solution.
- Anowar

Dear Mr. Anowar,
If the root is strong and healthy then I will recommend you for making a cast core and porcelain cap. I think that previously, your base was made by using screw (Post), but nowadays I prefer cast core (base or crown part made by metal casting, which extends to root portion). Do an X-Ray and ask your dentist whether you are suitable for cast core or not.

Dear Dr. Khan,
I am Sakina, of 33 years. I have carious front tooth, so much so that now they have blackened in colour, although there is no pain. What can be done to treat this? I visited a dentist who suggested I go for a root canal and cap. But I am in confusion as to why I need a root canal, since I do not have any pain. Can you please explain what I should do?
- Sakina

Dear Ms. Sakina,
For your carious front tooth, root canal with porcelain cap will be the permanent solution. But since you mentioned that you don't have any pain, you can try a special type of tooth colour filling (Composite/bonding).

Dear Dr. Khan,
My daughter's age is 4 years. She eats ice cream, chocolate, sweets, milk, nuts. Alhough she has been brushing her teeth after taking meals from the age of 1, her upper teeth are affected by caries and already most of the visible part are lost and she complains of occasional pain. Can she take any NSAID? How can I prevent the other teeth from caries before growing permanent teeth? Please give me a suggestion.
Asish Kumar Sarker

Dear Mr. Asish,
I think she is suffering from bottle nursing syndrome/baby bottle syndrome.

Nursing bottle syndrome is characterised by children, generally under the age of 4 who are put to bed with a baby bottle filled, usually with fruit juice or sweetened milk. The pattern is severe decay of the front top teeth. No mother does this on purpose to her child, but it is quite common because mothers simply don't know that the sugar in the bottle can cause this.

There are numerous ways to repair baby teeth, but when baby incisors are this badly damaged, it is usually best to extract them. Baby incisors are not essential for maintaining spacing in the adult dentition, as are the baby molars and canines. The "pimple" emphasized on the lower image is a gumboil, known technically as a parulus. The presence of a parulus means that the baby tooth it is associated with has an abscess due to the death of its nerve. An abscess under a baby tooth has the potential to damage the adult tooth, which is developing under it.

Check It Out

Come late autumn

IN lieu with the changing season, Kay Kraft has brought their Autumn collection of shalwar kamiz, tunics, sari, fatua, shirt and panjabi. Colours like green, blue, pink, lavender and grey dominate the assembly. The attires will be available at all KK outlets.

Boutique Noksha is offering a special sale, 10 to 60 percent discount on all offerings. The collection includes sari, shalwar kamiz, fatua, shirt, panjabi, t-shirt and children's wear.

Designer ATM Jamal have made extensive use of cotton, silk, khadi and endi in bringing out designs that would suit the colours of the season. Intricate work of prints, embroidery, sequins, karchupi and mirror work embellish the attires set to attract the connoisseurs. Contact: Noksha, Capital Market (Second Floor), Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi #8, Dhaka and 26 Don Chamber, Narayanganj.

Photo Courtesy: Kay Kraft

Bridal package @ Farzana Shakil's

FArzana Shakil's Makeover Salon is back with its popular Bridal Packages starting Nov 1, 2008 through Jan 31, 2009 in time for the upcoming Bridal Season.

One can choose from a range of Bridal Packages best suited to individual needs and budget. The bridal party can also enjoy the benefits of the packages designed especially for them.

Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon also provides consultations on beauty care leading up to the 'Big Day'.

For more information contact: 8812215 (Gulshan) or 9116057 (Dhanmondi)

Or visit the salons at the following addresses:

House 3/A, Road 28 (old)/ Road 15 (new), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205

House 1/B, Road 5 (opposite Pizza Hut), Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212

Buckaroo beef festival

Buckaroo Steak & BBQ has been around for quite some time now and since their inception, has made a mark among Dhaka's fine dining experiences with their delicious and innovative preparations of steaks and barbeque items. Owner and head chef Shujan Uddin Talukdar believes in serving his customers only the very best, which is why Buckaroo takes pride in claiming that they import only the finest ingredients from the USA and Singapore, and combining all, strives to prepare dishes that is bound to appeal to the 'deshi' palate.

In light of all that, Buckaroo will be hosting a food festival- the 'Buckaroo Beef Festival', throughout the month of November. The festival, which will commence from the 1 and end on 30 November, 2008 aims to uphold the finest in steaks and BQQ delights.

Owner Talukdar has recently opened an Advanced Hotel Management Institute, where he offers international standard chef training, constituting of special skills in the art of cookery. Talukdar will be organising the festival along with four of his students, who have undergone extensive training in cooking from the institute. Buckaroo awaits all food lovers in search of something different.


Kuhu's creations on cloth, with paints

KUhu, who won the "Ananya" fashion designing contest, held at Sonargaon, in the recent past, says that her work as a designer of clothes at her own art and designing studio in Gulshan, is meant for selected clients. They are not necessarily for people residing in her area only, but they are most often made to measure. Kuhu uses very little braiding, of other exotic extravaganza, like sequins or seed peals, unless so demanded. Her bright, scintillating colours, that include shades of gold, silver, magenta, flamingo pink, turquoise blue and emerald green, are put in by shades of colours using the Japanese cloth painting method.

Her printing is not layer upon layer, as done in the conventional method. One can see the work in progress any time one walks into the studio, whether it be day or night. She has her team of expert craftsmen, whom she has trained for years together. Under her eagle eyes, these deft workers snip, cut and sew for hours together - taking care to please the clients from the upper echelons of Dhaka society.

So remarkable is her haute couture that she has been written about in a recent Italian magazine, in depth, with accompanying photographs, in black and white. The magazine, "I volti negati dal Bangladesh", with text by Renata Pisu, covers pictures related to admirable work done by differently-abled people in Bangladesh. This gives exposure to unusual crafts like sewing, weaving, etc., leading to exportable items and goods that are easily lapped up by the local bourgeois- and interested buyers from numerous strata of our society. It is imperative, as one can conjecture, that our crafts should be sold locally and abroad, to earn sizable revenue, to supplement the local buying and selling. One should not forget that Dhaka muslin was a veritable treat for Roman ladies of days gone by.

Kuhu's studio, that houses both her admirable portraits and other creations on fabrics, that one saw in the recent past at Gallery Chitrak, is a veritable treasure-trove of art and crafts items. One can pause, sip delectable tea and much home-made scrumptious goodies, and gaze at the remarkable creations on canvas and cloth.

For Kuhu, both her work and her portraits on canvas and superb workmanship on cloth are of equal importance. Her work on cloth is an extension of her fine art creations with chalk pastel. She works, as her mood takes her, like so many other artists. She pauses and refreshes herself, as she finds fit, so that she can go back to her work with inspiration and energy.

Kuhu's future plans include a venture into origami, in order to create delectable accessories to match her fashion creations.

By Fayza Haq
Photo courtesy: Kuhu



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