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Violet has long been a favourite with artists, writers and musicians who often choose to surround themselves with this colour when they work. The profundity of violet on the human psyche allows it to unlock the doors to our inner visions and creativity. Lighter tints of violet are less intense and the gentle tones of mauve, lavender and lilac can bring out the more intuitive side to our nature.

Artists throughout the centuries have been captivated by fields of lavender and most of us find that this attractive colour captures the gaze. Like the aroma of lavender flowers, this is a colour that has a sharp, piercing quality, leaving us feeling cool and refreshed. Lavender oil is renowned for its rejuvenating effect on our systems and using this relaxing colour in the home creates a special atmosphere that allows you time to replenish your energy and renew your enthusiasm for life.

In today's feature, we look at a lavender and white bedroom and bathroom. The room belongs to a young teenage girl. She loves colours like pink, violet, and lavender, and settled on a lavender and white theme for her bathroom space. The tiles are a striking combination of lavender and white, and we also added glass tiles to some of the space, like the pillar. A focal point is created by a standing basin, which is set on a thick glass counter-top, which is a trendy violet colour. The bathroom accessories such as towel rack, soap holder, brush holder, etc., also follow the same colour palette.

Lavender is pale violet, so it can be effectively combined with colours adjacent to purple on the colour wheel. Lavender, blue and green is a calm and soothing combination that can be used successfully in furnishings in a living or bedroom.

Continuing on the colour scheme for the bathroom, we painted the walls of the bedroom over with a white base coat, and then added a lavender shade on the lower portion of the walls. We also used two horizontal eight -inch lines on the walls, effectively dividing them into a two shades: white and lavender. The floor is tiled in beige.

Lavender tones can be sophisticated as well, especially if combined with neutrals such as tan, beige, white and chocolate. Dusky tones are effective when used as a broken colour technique, as they provide a perfect backdrop to brightly coloured furnishings and accessories. We used brown teak wood for the furniture, which includes a classic bed, a spacious cabinet, and a reading table. Accessories include purple Roman blinds for the windows, with a long drape on the top, a long vase echoing the colour scheme, and at the entrance, a long mirror with etching work, the frame of which is attached to the moulding beats and bordered by a line of lavender, creating an interesting visual effect.

Thus, simply by working with colours, we can create a space that combines drama with sleek sophistication.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks: Mrs. Kahinoor Sultana


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