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News Flash

The Babyshop

Tucked between HSBC and Pride in Banani Road #11, and perched on top of Malaysian cuisine restaurant Satay House, is the newest shop on the block, The Babyshop. Inaugurated on September 2 this year, The Babyshop brings the promise of providing various world-class children's products under one roof.

The market of children's products is still not properly catered to in our country. The Babyshop aims to fill that gap by bringing together a varied assortment of imported children's clothing, toys and accessories from world renowned brands like Fisher-Price, Playskool, Avent, IKEA, Juniors and Oshkosh. Even though the shop ultimately plans to target children between the ages of 0-12, currently they are well stocked with products for children till the age of 8.

The warmly lit interiors of the shop are painted in bright, bold colours to instantly catch the attention of their tiny customers and their parents. Most products of The Babyshop are imported from the Middle Eastern countries like Muscat, Jeddah and Dubai and guarantee high quality within good prices. The super cute newborns' outfits are to-die-for and are perfect for little princes and princesses!

The body suits in soothing colours will keep your precious angel comfortable and cooing happily all day, giving you the time to relax. There are some adorable mobile toys for baby cots that will have your bundle of energy fast asleep in no time, and will also keep him or her preoccupied during the waking hours. And to make travelling with your baby easier and hassle-free, baby carriers and bouncers will be much handy while the stylish diaper bags can be used to keep all the baby's products together.

Feeding time for babies has always meant hours of coaxing, cajoling, running around and threatening just to finish a small bowl of wholesome food. That is about to change, for The Babyshop offers a wholesome range of baby foods from world-renowned baby foods brand Gerber. Packed with nutrition and flavour, these may just be what your child will like. Moreover, colourful utensils can also be bought here, which may actually convince the child to sit down with them and have a proper complete meal, without bringing the whole house down!

The animated and colourful assortment of fun and educational toys available at The Babyshop are bound to fill any young heart with glee and excitement. Widely acclaimed Fisher-Price educational materials for children can be bought here that will be sure to enhance the learning experience of pre-schoolers. While conventional toys like fishing games and train sets are also neatly stacked on the shelves, baby boys of the time might be more interested in the Cars series, which are not easily available in other toyshops of the city. And of course, the evergreen Barbies with their ever-changing styles are enticingly displayed for the little girls. Ever popular games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Play-doh are in stock. The Ladybird and Disney books for young learners are also very useful in teaching alphabets, colours and numbers to the tots and will get them highly involved in the learning process with the use of bold fonts and attractive colours!

Farzana Lucky Ali, one of the owners of the shop, spoke about the difficulty mothers still face in finding smart outfits for little boys. “Girls have more variety when it comes to dressing up for parties and occasions, but finding appropriate outfits for little boys is more of a hassle.” Keeping this in mind, the clothes in the boys' section have been chosen very selectively. Most of the outfits are of Oshkosh, the highly popular brand known for making the cutest baby clothing since 1895! For Spiderman fans, adorable Spiderman suits are available that can be worn at theme parties and dress-as-you-like sessions in school.

This doesn't mean the little girlies have been neglected. Many of their dresses have been imported from India and the adorable ghaagra and kamiz sets can instantly turn any little girl into a charming princess! The owners themselves have specially designed some girls' apparels in cute polka dots and floral prints, lined with beautiful lace, that will keep the little ones cool even in the hottest of weathers! Also available are very adorable shoes for both boys and girls, appropriate for all occasions and outfits.

The accessories section of the store is no less well-equipped than the others. If your tot is enrolled in swimming classes, the swim ponchos and swimming trunks will be very useful in wrapping up the little swimmer after he or she is done lashing and splashing in the pool. And for school goers, the attractive schoolbags with cartoon characters will be a sure hit that will have them looking forward to school even during the weekends!

Milk, which is a much controversial issue at the moment, is also available here. And you can purchase these without suspicion because most of these are imported from the Middle East and are from high quality brands like Similac and Gain Advance. Some local brands are also stored, but only those that have not yet been suspected as being contaminated.

All these and a lot more is available at The Babyshop, so if you have a little one you love to shop for, this is the place for you! Don't forget to stop by, the next time you're around Banani Road 11.

By Wasia Mehnaz Minna
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

On The Cover

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Model: Trina
Make-up, styling, and photo courtesy: Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon

A taboo

HIV/AIDS is an imminent threat but still a relatively obscure reality for most Bangladeshis. The taboo that surrounds HIV, keep patients socially isolated as individuals contracted with HIV/AIDS.

According to WHO reports, there is an estimated 13,000 HIV/AIDS patients in Bangladesh. A seemingly small figure when compared to the neighbouring countries. However, the country's vulnerability is very high. National HIV surveillance indicates that the rate of HIV infection among street-based sex workers in central Bangladesh is high compared with sex workers in other parts of South Asia. HIV among injecting drug users is already 4%.

So, how to go about handling the situation? Firstly, we must accept the fact that our children are now well versed with facts and fallacies regarding 'sex' even before reaching puberty. This puts them in a vulnerable position as their maturity falls short of their knowledge. Amongst the teenage population, and also among people in their mid twenties, pre-marital sex may be unheard of but is not uncommon. Through the satellite channels, the internet and other audio visual media, the youth are aware and in some cases, in practice with sexuality through pre-marital discourse.

Sex education at educational institutions is not a feasible option given the socio-cultural mind frame of the country. However, it is essential that children learn about hygiene through health education at school. Greater stress should be given to facts relating to the transmission of disease, which will not only help combat HIV/AIDS, but also diseases like dengue, Hepatitis B and such.

Instilling religious norms may help handle the situation but cannot be the sole medium. To begin with, parents must themselves be aware of the situation. The flow of information regarding sex and HIV/AIDS must be a slow but steady diffusion so that the topic puts neither the parents nor the children in a state of unease. This is one battle that must be won in homes; television advertisements and health education at school can only be an aide to the struggle.

So take the effort and do your part in combating HIV/AIDS.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif



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