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LS Bling

Bold and beautiful: bangles!

The guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the other day, was Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Sienfield fame. Ellaine, the character she plays on the soap, quite amazingly had her hands full of gem-studded roolis. (By the way, roolis are thin bangles, which women on our side of the globe wear by the dozens.) What was amazing was this sub-continental symbol of feminine grace has reached the shores of the West and made a lasting impression on all. This only testifies to the appeal of bangles to womenfolk across borders and continents and the recent on-going craze. Be it glass, metal, or wood, carrying off an array of fancy bangles has become a style statement.

The Bangladeshi belle is not quite complete without a mutha (hand full) of glass bangles, vibrant in colour and hues that reflect the mood of the day or evening. Moving along in a buoyant fashion scene, trends come and trends go, but there is always a place for the timeless.

The very exquisite threaded bangles are very much in vogue. Bibi Productions, the pioneer of threaded bangles in the local scene offers an extensive array, each distinct from the next. The wildly colourful bangles wrapped in double-toned woven silk yarning with a fantastic finish bring about a graceful tone to the wearer.

This fall's colour palette reflects perfectly upon the collection. Defined by classic, versatile neutrals and punctuated by splashes of invigorating bright shades, empowering us to explore new and creative ways to combine colours. Energising red, waterborne blue and eco-friendly green also play a key role this season. Bibi Productions has about 16 different shades and are working to bring up new hues to the display, along with an extensive range in shapes and sizes. Spending as little as Tk 20, you can add the ethnic touch to your look, not just with elegant saris and traditional shalwar kameez, but also in a frenzy of mix and match with fatua and tunics.

Looking around the store, one can also come across the new fad in bangles. Well-crafted, exquisite designs of wooden bangles are available in varying shades and finishes. Prints have found a new medium through the wooden bangles, and designers have used a diverse assortment of colour, patterns and prints aptly termed Tribal, Cosmo, Skewed and Wedged. Rickshaw art is the hip print this season that can compliment any outfit.

Almost a decade has passed into the new millennium, and as far as fashion is concerned the key word has been the revival of the past. Hailing straight from the deserts of Rajasthan, the meenakari has witnessed a revival in the local fashion scene. Bangles presenting delicate, deft craftsmanship of enamelling are again in fashion. The range runs parallel with the latest trends and ethnic styles. The superior grade of metal and the enamel work garnish the beauty and femininity of the wearer. A huge range of such bangles is available in Arabians, located in Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani. Another outlet of this shop is at Rifles Square, Dhanmondi.

Mosaic bangles go well with contemporary clothing, but also make a fine embellishment with shalwar kameez or even saris. Brass and metal bangles be it perforated or plain can be worn at any place and any time. Sterling silver is the love of every city girl. This piece of jewellery can be matched with just about any outfit, making you look very confident and contemporary. Bajus or armlets are all the rage these days. Carry it off stylishly, either in silver, gold or bronze and it will compose you distinctly from the crowd. Also among the recent entrants are the rubber bangles that are worn more like a wristband by youngsters while the plastic ones are there to add the trendy look. Aarong and Rang too have a wide assortment of bangles for a reasonable price. Every corner of the city is loaded with shops selling this admired ornament.

Pearls simply make you look extravagantly elegant. Pearl Heaven located in Gulshan Pink City, gives you a wide, tasteful range of pearls to select from. Special gold plated pearl

Bangles with a metal lock to clasp it can be found here. They come in single bracelet or bangle forms or as a whole set. These precious nuggets also make an ideal gift for weddings or any anniversaries.

Colourful matching Kadaas or kadaas with dangling ghungroos are great accessories for the upcoming wedding season. Even the simplest of dresses come off very exquisitely. These bangles finely get you all set for any party.

Resin bangles are available in a wide range of finishes including multi-colour and crochet work finish. Bangles made from lac are one of the oldest forms to exist and also among the brittle category. Lac is a clay-like material that is moulded in hot kiln-like places to turn it into bangles. Next in the category are the glass bangles. These bangles have their own style from the very beginning and present a charming appearance. Beaded bangle bracelets lend an elegant and stylish look while bangles with jute covering produce a tribal effect.

Get a chic look by pairing multiple bangle styles on one arm with a solid chain from the many bangle styles to choose from. Chunky cuffs or delicate bangles, bold or intricate styles, almost anything looks fabulous if worn the right way with the right outfit. However, the choice for this season is a rich but stark one. This fall it is better to opt for a bold, chunky mix of geometric shapes that have a definite industrial yet polished feel to them. In contrast, ornaments with a sinewy blend of faux stones, strass and pearls that have a vintage appeal reminiscent of 1950's costume jewellery are also very in. The delicateness of these pieces is an unexpected but appealing complement to the austerity of the present fashion. Whatever your preference in jewellery, these pieces are a collector's treasure. With this in mind, you would do well to get yourselves on the waiting lists now. The array of bangles provides a plethora of choices for all ladies of all ages. So, go girl, mix and match the right accessories the right way!

By Zion Ara Hamid
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Munsia N Ahmed
Special thanks to Piran



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