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Ranga- wedding solutions

It’s never too early to start planning for your wedding, and when the wedding season is just around the bend, the already scary feat may seem extra domineering. With endless things to do and infinite decisions to make, time always seems to be playing a nasty trick on you by slipping by extra fast. Which is why, people nowadays often have to seek professional help. This is where Ranga comes in.

The concept of professional wedding planners is still very new in our country, and while the demanding lifestyle of today makes their work invaluable for many, people still hope to get a personal touch when having their special day organised. And Ranga offers you just that- professional help with a personal touch.

Ranga is the first firm to offer one-stop wedding services. They started their operation from Dec 2007. It was established with the belief that there is a latent demand for such establishments in Bangladesh and that it will definitely be a sought-after service in five years' time. And it is well proving to be so. They have already done several floral works for holud and wedding stages, cars, bashor ghor and dala decorations.

Ranga is different from other wedding planners in that they don't work just as a third party. They believe in working with their clients, taking their preferences into account, offering suggestions, trying to understand their needs and not just giving them run-of-the-mill services.

Ranga provides all kinds of wedding planning and management services. From booking a wedding venue on your behalf to designing your invitation cards, from dala decorations to total management of your special days, they provide one-stop wedding solutions for you.

In addition to the option of having one-stop wedding solutions, you can also go for selected services that they provide, some of which are:

Floral decorations
Flowers are an integral part of a wedding. Ranga selects and sources florists who can deliver floral designs that are both beautiful and innovative and provide you with excellent designs for stages, cars, venues, holud and wedding gates, floral jewellery, and centrepieces for the head table.

Ranga can arrange for professional singers to sing at holud programs.

If you want the dance programs of your holud to be professionally choreographed, they can also recommend a professional choreographer to help you, as well as providing logistic support like lights and sound system. You can personalise your holud occasions with special performances like having special poetry recitation, short drama, dedication songs etc.

Ranga believes in making your special day special for everyone, which is why they can also arrange puppet shows for children since most of the time, children are often bored at these occasions meant for grown-ups.

Special rituals
You can have a ritual that is exclusive to your wedding only. Your own rituals can reflect how the two of you met or gifts/wedding favours that symbolize something of special meaning to you and your partner or any cultural tradition that you might want to uphold. The rituals will be exclusively for you and will not be repeated for anyone else.

Creative dala decorations
From simple to extraordinary, Ranga can design your dalas to reflect your own taste and preference.

Accompany service
In most cases, the bride has to make the trip to the parlour on her own because the family members are very busy on the wedding days. Or sometimes, a family member can only stay for a limited time. In this regard, they can have someone accompany the bride to the parlour so she's not alone.

On-site wedding day co-ordination
Help from Ranga will be present at the wedding venues to offer guidance and direction to all participants and guests to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
They can also have volunteers for gate management.

Apart form a host of other services such as specially designed wedding and holud cards, creating delicious menus, as well as hiring caterers, venue recommendation in terms of your style, number of guests and budget, hiring professional photographers and getting your video, editing and animation done, Ranga also provides personal help in customising your special day. You can now have a theme to your wedding occasions. It can be a colour theme, with one colour being dominant, a seasonal theme or you can have a carnival-themed holud occasion, which will add to the festive mood.

People are getting extremely busy each passing day. So, having a wedding planner can take a lot of pressure off the families so they can truly enjoy each moment. They can do away with the running around and just entrust someone else with the responsibilities. And Ranga is the perfect help to turn to, with their answers to anything and everything and more!

Contact: Rumpa # 01714-003080, rangaweddings@gmail.com

By Farina Noireet

Elegantly Exclusive!

With contemporary retail presentation, open walkways, chic displays and vibrant lighting, Etc Fashion Exclusives brings a new aspect to the shopping familiarity.

The store features beautiful wedding wears, for the bride and the groom. Collections from Indian designers like Ritu Kumar, Anju Modi and Ashima-Leena are the main attention grabbers here. Lehengas, along with saris in stone studded embroidery, are the rage this wedding season and this particular store can safely boast the best. Elegant lehengas by Ritu Kumar and Priyesh in bold red, bronze and aqua, as well as saris in jewel tones with ornate embroidery in a palette of green, copper, orange, blue, off-white and of course red are a few of the must-have items this store carries for a bride. Moreover, you can opt to get your blouse stylishly tailored by the designer of your choice. These creations will inevitably add to the dazzles of the wedding night. While Anju Modi's creations done in shades of cream, black, beige and purple enhanced the ambiance; Ashima-Leena and Krishna Mehta's collections highlighted the richness of our wedding culture.

Stylish kurtas and sherwanis in rich fabrics like velvet and satin, and brocade by Deepak, Orly and Sapna are also on the display. Available in all sorts of bright and neutral colours and bold and delicate embellishments, the line gives the men a wide variety to choose from. The smart and trendy shirts by Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger will set you off perfectly for the reception or any wedding ceremony. The store also showcases creations by popular local designers Tootli Rahman, Rehana Ashraf, Shabana Ali, Symon and Tenzing, Shahrukh Amin, Samuel H. and Nasrin R. Karim. Graceful works in Jamdani, silk, muslin, brocade and tissue, are displayed alongside the foreign products that puts up a competitive platform to bring out the best. Each outfit here reflects class and inimitability with its flawless finishing.

The jewellery collection by Jagirdar is a magnificent treat for the shoppers. Their white and yellow gold jewellery is 18 Karat certified, hallmarked to international standards, and exclusively designed by their in-house designers set the perfect note for the collection. They have an exclusive line of designer anklets in bronze, silver and precious stones. Also, on display are collections of ornaments by Priyesh. Don't forget to check on the magnificent bags in clutch, basket, batua and other shapes and sizes with chic designs and neat work. These branded bags are a perfect compliment to any of the bridal or party wear that you choose.

The sales person showed a peacock padney print sari from South India, which have been introduced for the first time in Bangladesh. This shopping precinct also gives you options to make your purchase of gifts for the relatives or guests attending the wedding. You can choose from the wide range of T-shirt, fatuas and other unique hodgepodges. As it is the time of the year when the wedding bells ring, a 25 percent discount has been offered on selected items. Other accessories available here are men's wallets, ties, cufflink and sunglasses which likewise facet international brands such as Bvlgari, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, DKNY and more for its local consumers. Don't forget to check out their shoe collection either. In one word, Etc Fashion Exclusive has rightly justified its brand.

By Zion Ara Hamid
Photo courtesy ETC Fashion Exclusive.

On The Cover

With the wedding season revving up its gears, wallets are poised to empty out. But it doesn't have to be that way. Check out our centre story for some tips on how to minimize the damage and still have fun.
Photo courtesy: Farzana Shakil Hair and Makeover Salon


A time for this, and a time for that!

Dangle the booty and the pirates will follow; as for your little devils, this just may not be the best of ideas. Come exam time, parents try to lure children to their study table, sometimes with love and care and sometimes in an autocratic fashion, cutting down TV time and rationing hours for games, making promises in the way for cellophane wrapped pastries, or deliciously sticky fries. Sometimes the promise for the reward may have to be even greater- PS II, roller skates or the darling Barbie at Words n' Pages.

Children learn their basics of life from early childhood- it's a constant process; our every action, more so if repeated over and again, has a deep impact in the minds of children. When we make education a give and take situation- “Study now and win PS II later,” we risk moulding the young child into believing that every good deed in life has a reward. This also runs the risk of making education seem less important.

Some of us have already learnt, while some are still learning and others lamenting, the importance of education. But like thousands before us, the lesson learnt was outdated, the moral of the story realised a bit too late in our lives for us to reap the benefits.

They say, all good things in life come in small packages, and that makes life seem sweeter. Make your young ones realise that school, schoolwork, games, homework, go hand in hand, in just the right proportions. Sometimes, this schedule needs to be re-shuffled but make sure that the child never faces the Herculean task of preparing for the class test with only a day's preparation.

Just as the child needs to study, it is equally important that he gets the time to breathe, through games and sports. Even a short break of say half an hour every day, during exam weeks, may work miracles in attracting his attention to the major work at hand- preparing for the exam. But care should be taken, that come winter vacation he/she gets a regular dose of studies which will not only save the tension and crying on the eve of the new term but also a lesson of life. However, all this needs a little 'homework' from the parents as well!

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif



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