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Eclectic mix
IT is an art to mix and match clothes. This way your wardrobe is versatile. You can wear one particular piece in a number of different ways. This is probably a good way to build your collection always keeping to a plan. Accessories are a great way to augment up or down an ensemble. It can easily add to a piece, especially if it is a simple one. In a more elaborate piece, stick to simple accessories as it can easily take away interest from the main outfit.

The end result is vital to keep a good balance and ensure there is a workable fashion sense. Bangla chic is derived from a clear understanding of our fashion culture. We need to get a grasp of what is truly Bangladeshi. It must possess elements of Bangladeshi elements whether it is evident in stitches, weaves, or motifs. There must be indigenous references that connect us to our roots.

This edge must sustain an original rhapsody with attention to detail. It can and must be followed through the ensembles and even on the accessories that play a significant role in creating miles of style.

Citrus orange suit:
This is a formal suit in crepe silk and silk muslin. Quilted needle and detailed arabesque prints are used to recreate the Islamic design influence in Bangladesh. It is a flared style developed to match and exaggerate the current fashion trends that promises an assured undertaking. It is an elegant style that guarantees a well-received response.

Turquoise suit:
This is a cotton georgette suit embellished with fine additional embellishment. It is paired with a half silk Tangail doppatta. An ethnic style that is actually timeless. The colour is a vibrant hue that touches on the essence of your Bangla spirit.

Onion pink suit:
Sophisticated and in an understated colour this one works with a wider audience. Day or evening this style is right in any environment. The Dhakai Jamdani doppatta is a one of a kind that enriches and is the quintessence of the ensemble.

Ethnic blouses:
An assortment of ethnically strong blouses with embroidery details is a rave in Bangladesh. It carries the touch that is extremely popular. This is because it is contemporary and artistically close to our traditional culture. You can relate to its beginnings and appreciate its enrichment.
Silk purses: These are dupion purses made with our very own Rajshahi silk. Smart clutches and wrist

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