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Shop Talk

Cake mania!

Cakes are an inseparable part of any celebration. Be it on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, or festivals, such as Christmas, New Years or Easter, cakes are indeed an essential part that makes them all the more special.

The past few years has witnessed the blossoming of many new bakeries and pastry shops around town, many of which have made quite a name for themselves. Therefore, in light of all that as well as the festive season, this week, Star Lifestyle brings forward the highlights of some of the places in the city where you can get your much needed sweet delights to share with friends and family, to make this season extra special.

From the time of their opening, Westin has made quite a name for themselves, gustatory wise, especially in the sweets and desserts section. Also, they are widely known to fervently uphold almost all festivals of the year. Which is why Christmas is no different! The cosy ground floor restaurant, Treats, that poses as both a cafe as well as pastry shop, offers not only a treat for the palette but one for the eyes as well. The specials of this season include, the sponge chocolate fruit cake and mixed fruit chocolate cake, daintily wrapped up in Christmas colours at Tk 2000+; just perfect as a gift to share with family and friends!

Without doubt, the name that has been around for the longest, and is responsible for introducing the altogether amazing 'special Black Forest', is Shumi's Hot Cake. Their special Black Forest cake, which is one of their most popular items, has made Shumi's a national brand. And contributing to that is their ability to hold on to excellent quality and taste, since their very inception.

What makes Shumi's different is that, instead of experimenting with many different flavours, they believe in reaching and retaining excellence in the few that they have. Shumi's offers chocolate cake at Tk 275/lb, Black Forest at Tk 300/lb, and special Black Forest at Tk 325/lb. Also available are other delectable treats in the form of Shumi's Delight, at Tk 25 per piece and the Black Forest Delight at only Tk 20 per piece, which according to me, is to die for!

Another name that has been around for quite a while now and one that instantly comes to mind when thinking of the perfect cake to celebrate the perfect occasion. Cooper's is famous for their taste, quality and of course, their exquisite cake decorations. This season, they have on offer, beautiful cakes with decorations fit for Christmas. They also take exclusive orders if you happen to have something extra special in mind! Cooper's is also famous for their amazing variety of flavours, each one a masterpiece in their own league. Some of these flavours, out of many, many others are the Strawberry cake and Crunch cake at Tk 700 each, and my personal favourite, the Tia Maria, at Tk 850. Cooper's also has on offer a special Christmas gift basket, at Tk 1500.

Walk into any outlet of King's this season and be prepared to be captivated by the charming Christmas decorations and confections they have on offer. King's, which is famous for their mastery in the art of cake and pastry making, is always coming up with new and innovative flavours and designs. And this season, is no different; the Gingerbread House that is on display, the price of which is Tk 1000, will truly take your breath away! Also available, especially for this season are the Xmas Gingerman, at Tk 60 per piece and the Gingerbell, also at Tk 60 per piece.

Club Gelato
Now this shop, although famous for their mouth-watering ice-cream, has also in recent years made quite a name for themselves with their desserts. They take orders for any and all occasions. Some of the amazing flavours that they have on offer are, Chocolate Crunch cake, White Forest cake, Truffle cake, Black Forest cake and Mocha cake, the prices of all of which varies from Tk 1400 to Tk 1600/kg. But, by far their most divine creation, especially if you happen to be a chocolate lover, is the Nougatin Chocolate cake. With its multiple layers of cream and chocolate mousse, the cake is truly a heavenly experience!

By Farina Noireet
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Special thanks to The Westin, Dhaka

On The Cover

Christmas and the holiday season in this part of the world have its own flavour. There is no white Christmas and no Santa on the street, but people spend their season with due religious fervour and festivity. This week Star Lifestyle takes a look at the fun fare, food and frolic behind the desi Christmas and winter. Merry Christmas!

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed



The Bangladeshi parent is expected to bear their ward's university expenses, in its entirety. The culture for paying for one's own university education is a relatively new concept. Possibly, with new opportunities for part time jobs, the youth today find themselves capable to meet, at least partially, the demands of tertiary education.

Upon completion of the higher secondary level, students find themselves in a buoyant market where the demand for qualified tutors is quite high. Those with a command over the language often contribute to different newspapers and publication houses, once again opening an avenue for an added income.

A friend of mine, a miser of some considerable notoriety, has recently gone abroad, paying almost half his tuition fees from the money saved since his school days. But such cases are hard to come across. People who undertake intense undergraduate courses like medicine and architecture often find it next to impossible to venture out into earning an extra handful. Then again, how many people study architecture or medicine?

The middle class Bangladeshi now finds themselves in an unprecedented situation where making both ends meet is becoming exceedingly difficult. Rising costs of living only add to the misery. A little contribution on the children's part can and does make life a little easier for the parents. And there is also the issue of self-respect and vanity, if you may. Asking for money every single day even for the slightest of matters can be demeaning for the children and a burden to the parents.

We are in the process of accepting that even the smallest of jobs deserve respect. Make an effort, be a salesperson in a boutique or the bookshop. Contribute to a newspaper if you have the knack for writing. Venture out and make yourself independent. You owe this most of all to yourself, and of course to your parents.



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