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Pitha around the corners

IF you want to taste some mouth-watering pithas, this winter you can pop into some old and new pitha outlets in the city.

Bikrampur Pitha Ghor on Mirpur Road near Kalabagan is a wonderful place for pitha lovers. They have patishapta, maalpoa, bhapa, kola bora, kheer puli, narkel puli, chandra puli, shahi puli, chitoi, jamai pitha, bou pitha, dudh puli, dudh chitoi, surjomukhi pitha, phool pakan, nokshi pitha, lobongo lotika pitha and many other pithas.

Bhapa, dudh puli and dudh chitoi are especially available in winter. Dudh puli and dudh chitoi costs Tk 200 per kg and the cost of other pithas range from Tk 3 to 15.

Khabar Dabar Pitha Ghar, on Bangabandhu Avenue near GPO, has been selling pitha since the 1970s. It is a place for enjoying bhapa, patishapta, puli, poa, nokshi, Chandra puli and dudh puli. Chitoi and dudh chitoi are available in winter.

“We supply pithas on occasions of Pohela Boishakh to different shops who like to treat their customers with pithas instead of sweets. During wedding ceremonies we arrange the dala or wicker trays. For gaye holud we make pithas bearing the names of the bride and the groom,” said Rabiul Hossain, director of the shop.

Probortona Adda, on Mirpur Road near Aorangazeb Road, Mohammadpur, is another place for pitha lovers. They sell sundori nokshi pitha, patishapta, shobji puli and narkel puli. The prices range from Tk 10 to 15. The winter additions are shiddho puli, bhapa and teler pitha.

Ambala Sweets (beside Adda) sells sundori nokshi pitha, patishapta, maalpoa, long pitha, narkel puli and teler poa pitha at prices ranging from Tk 6 to 20.

Pithaghar at Bailey Road also sells an assortment of delectable winter delights at reasonable prices.

By Durdan Ghias


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