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Saint Martin: Honeymooners' Paradise

Most couples of Bangladesh, seeking the perfect honeymoon destination, want an idyllic and romantic location, with privacy, fine food, good weather and a picturesque surrounding. Saint Martin's Island scores high on all of the above. Blessed with a tropical climate with year-round balmy temperatures and numerous easily accessible beautiful beaches, it truly offers newly-weds the perfect location to relax and soak up some sun.

Fish and coral lovers will be happy to learn that there are some good restaurants throughout the island. While price levels in general are low, one doesn't have to compromise on quality. Saint Martin's restaurants offer traditional Bengali food, fish, succulent lobster and seafood.

Saint Martin has long been known as the only 'Coral Island of the Bay of Bengal', and driving around the island one comes across spots of breathtaking beauty. Beyond the beaches there are numerous attractions for couples to explore. The proper arrangement for snorkeling and scuba-diving in the cool-warm waters of the Bay of Bengal will be a definite attraction; the setup of dive shops may offer fully accredited dive courses and recreational scuba-diving day trips.

A choice of chic hotels and secluded luxury guest houses cater to couples seeking privacy during their honeymoon. Couples who just want to laze about, can stay in-house and pamper themselves with a traditional two hour massage or organic beauty treatment by hired therapists from Cox's Bazaar.

An ideal location for couples new and old, Saint Martin's Island has a diverse range of activities for everyone.

By Mohammad Shahidul Islam



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