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a curve family living

MODERN day family life revolves around the open space- the family lounge, where living, dining and family spaces are generally placed. Sometimes, people prefer to separate the 'formal' living space with partitions or folding doors, while others love a long, spacious open space.

Even an open kitchen is in fashion these days. Children, teenagers and older members gather in the 'family' room, making it a focal point for the entire home. The best family rooms are ones cosy enough for lazy holidays and chic enough for homely entertainment.

Today, we are focusing on a curved family space, beside the dining area. We made a curved line to demarcate the area. To maintain symmetry, we placed a curved false ceiling. The room was paved with a wooden floor, 6” higher than the rest of the apartment. We made a glass punch in the floor and covered it with tempered glass for security. Glass snails were placed in boxes and kept within the floor.

Of all the furniture in the house, only a sleeping mattress requires to be more comfortable, than the seating arrangement in the living. Thus, lounges, armchairs and other forms of seating used in the family must offer comfort and support.

Seating will also be subject to considerable wear and tear over time, so it makes good sense to spend as much as the budget will allow, prioritising the expenditure here rather than on storage cabinets or decorative accessories.

Members of the family play a vital role in selecting the furniture. The family we dealt with was small and we arranged four single, love sofas and a square coffee table. A rocking chair was also placed in a corner of the room.

The television and music system was the focal point. We hung a plasma TV on a wooden panel. A small cabinet under the TV was kept for storage. Furniture was used sparsely to make the area seem less cluttered.

Accessories always help in providing a warm touch. We placed three art works on the wall. Colour is the key in a room for refreshment. We used lemon and yellow, which always brings the high spirits.

Windows are practical necessities, but they also offer an essential finishing touch. They also add a dimension to any room. Windows are a natural focal point. It should be airy and open or dramatically draped. Here we chose a treatment keeping in mind the aura of the room. We used light lemon sheer and drapes. The curtain material is convenient for viewing and also maintaining privacy.

At the end we can say, sometimes an unusual shape and form, a curved line or zigzag pattern creates a dramatic effect. Curved or zigzag lines are ideal for the area designated for family involvement. Your family space can also be equally interesting with fun and style.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks to Kamrunnesa Mazed


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